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Beylikduzu District

Find the best apartments for sale in Beylikduzu through a variety of distinctive options

Beylikduzu District
05th May 2024
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Beylikduzu District

The Istanbul Beylikduzu area is characterized by beautiful landmarks and high-quality facilities and services, entertainment, health, and education, in addition to being one of the areas with reasonable prices, due to the modern buildings and residential towers equipped with amenities and luxury.

This article discusses the features of the Beylikduzu district, and the reasons why it is one of the best places for those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey.


Where is Beylikduzu located and what are the most famous landmarks?

Beylikduzu is located in the western part of Istanbul, surrounded by the Sea of Marmara and the areas of Esenyurt, Avcilar and Buyukcekmece, which are famous for their tourist attraction. Thanks to the district’s sea view, attractive sandy beach has been beautifully exploited. Also, Istanbul airport to Beylikduzu is only 30 km away, as Beylikduzu is an important industrial area in Istanbul

How far is Beylikduzu from Taksim?

Beylikduzu's location is relatively far from the city centre and Taksim Square, as the distance is estimated at 38 kilometres, and it takes about an hour to reach Taksim by car.

Beylikduzu district

Infrastructure and transportation in Beylikduzu

Living in Beylikduzu is associated with utilizing the finest recreational and sports facilities, and benefiting from the best educational and medical services, with beautiful nature making it a destination for people looking for apartment for sale in Beylikduzu Istanbul

The district has ten highly organized neighbourhoods tempting visitors to see them, including Adnan Kahwaci, Dere Agazi, Buyuksehir, Barış, Marmara, Gurpinar, Yakuplu, and Kavakli, all of which have a modern and contemporary architectural style, as you would never see any collapsing buildings in any place there.

Beylikduzu is still famous for not being affected by the earthquake that struck Istanbul in 1999, which increased confidence in the design of the buildings and enhanced real estate investment there.

Beylikduzu residents enjoy easy transportation and have access to public transportation, primarily thanks to the Metrobus Istanbul line, as it operates around the clock.

Metrobus stations extend from the Sogutlu Cesme area on the Asian side of the city, passing through the Bosphorus Bridge, all the way to Beylikduzu.

Buses also provide another easy option for transportation in the district, for the proximity to the E5 highway, one of the most important highways in Istanbul.

There is a plan to build a new metro line between Incirli in Istanbul and Beylikduzu, which will certainly raise real estate prices in the area.

beylikduzu area

Health services and hospitals in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu includes a number of excellent medical and healthcare facilities, covering the needs of the district, the most important of which is Beylikduzu Hospital, which provides quality health care for patients coming from inside and outside the country, with modern technologies and distinguished medical staff, especially in the fields of neonatal care and heart surgery.

MediLife Beylikduzu Hospital and Medicana International Hospital are also famous for their distinguished services.

Educational services in Beylikduzu

This district attracts students from various parts of Turkey, beginning from school age to higher education, due to the presence of many high-quality universities, institutions and educational schools, including branches of international schools, such as Tulip International Schools (Beylikduzu branch) approved by the American Accreditation Commission, the Palestinian Al-Fanar School, and the Yemeni School, in addition to more than 30 governmental schools with excellent standard.

In terms of universities, Beylikduzu includes a campus of Beykent University, which is described as the most prestigious in Turkey, there is also Beylikduzu University close to some of the most important and desirable residential projects in the area.

beylikduzu bazaar

Beylikduzu District markets

Due to the proximity between the Beylikduzu and Esenyurt areas, residents of the two locations often use the shopping centres in Esenyurt, the most famous of which is “Marmara Park,” contains about 200 stores dedicated to selling household appliances and clothing, especially famous brands such as “Zara,” “Benetton,” and "Cotton".

There is also Akbati Mall, which offers a collection of the best brands of fashion, electronics and sports equipment, as well as entertainment venues for families, cinemas, restaurants and cafes.

The area is also famous for the Beylikduzu Bazaar, which is open to visitors for free on Sundays and Tuesdays, between eight in the morning and six in the evening.

beylikduzu park

Recreational facilities in Beylikduzu

There are a variety of entertainment complexes in the area, including cafes and restaurants, the aforementioned shopping centres, and prestigious sports clubs, as well as breathtaking facilities on the sandy beach. Below are the most important of these destinations:

  • Gur Pinar Beach, the best in Beylikduzu, suitable for relaxing at the sea and practicing water sports. The facilities include a rope dance floor for those who enjoy watching acrobatic performances. One of the most famous cafes in this place is Yesham Cafe, with pleasant atmosphere suitable for meeting friends and drinking coffee and tea.
  • Yakuplu Entertainment Complex, characterized by wonderful green garden and cool weather, is one of the best nightlife options in the district.
  • West Marina, or Western Marina, is one of the best places for beach recreation in Beylikduzu and Istanbul in general, and winner of the prestigious Mavi Bayrock Award in 2014, which is given to beach resorts that meet the highest standards, especially for practicing marine and beach sports, or spending a day sunbathing, or have a seafood meal with the family.
  • Antique stores in Beylikduzu, for those interested in ancient and archaeological artifacts, and buying souvenirs.
  • Beylikduzu sports facilities, which are the most prosperous in Istanbul, especially in the neighborhoods near the beach in the district, and include walking and cycling roads, along with the best sports equipment.

beylikduzu postal code

Beylikduzu neighborhoods and zip code of the area

The postal code of Beylikduzu is 34520. Below is a table of the ten neighborhoods in the area:


Location within Beylikduzu

Approximate population density


east and north

57 000 people

The coast

the Sea of Marmara

6 000 people



31 000 people



58 000 people



55 000 people



23 000 people



58 000 people

Adnan Qahwaji


58 000 people



19 000 people



21 000 people

Concluded from the table above, it is clear that Beylikduzu is one of the most popular areas in Istanbul. Due to the presence of good facilities, a green environment, and an easy transportation network.

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