Buying a house in Turkey quickly

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Buying a house in Turkey quickly

Here are all the steps to buying a house in Türkiye quickly and without having to wait

Buying a house in Turkey quickly
03rd May 2023
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Buying a house in Turkey is considered one of the most profitable real estate investments at the present time, and it attracts many people who are looking for good investment opportunities, obtaining permanent residence in Turkey, or obtaining Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport and through our blog, we will guide you to your future home in the fastest and safest way, so continue reading on.

How to buy a house in Turkey quickly?

If you want to buy a house in Turkey quickly, you can follow these steps:

  1. You must select the area in which you want to buy the house, and check the real estate prices in that area.
  2. You can look for a reliable real estate broker to get help in the home buying process, the real estate broker can provide you with detailed information about available properties in the area you want and negotiate on your behalf with the seller.
  3. You must check the identity papers of the property and make sure that there are no legal problems related to the property before purchasing.
  4. After agreeing on the price and terms, the contract will be signed and the agreed amount paid and you must ensure that the contract contains all details related to the deal, including the purchase price, terms, dates, and any additional terms.
  5. After signing the contract and paying the agreed amount, the property will be registered in your name in the Land Registry.


Advantages of buying a home in Turkey

  1. Turkey is a popular destination for tourism and real estate, but compared to many other countries, real estate costs in Turkey are relatively cheap and this means that a large house or spacious apartment can be purchased for less than it would cost in other countries.
  2. The country follows high international building standards, which means that the buildings are of high quality and durability and the necessary security measures are also provided to ensure the safety of the residents, which means that the properties enjoy high levels of safety and comfort.
  3. If you buy a house in Turkey, you can enjoy the new residence according to Turkish real estate laws and this means that foreign buyers can obtain residency in Turkey and live there permanently.
  4. Turkey is an attractive destination for investing in real estate, where buyers can get good investment returns, and Turkish real estate is booming rapidly, which means that the value of real estate may rise significantly in the future.
  5. The country has a rich culture and long history, and is home to many scenic areas and beautiful beaches.
  6. The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a house worth 400 thousand US dollars and granting it to your wife and children under 18 years old.
  7. You can obtain real estate residence when buying a house in Turkey at a value of $75,000, provided that you undertake not to sell or dispose of it for a period of three years.
  8. Obtaining a Turkish passport after acquiring Turkish citizenship, and enjoying ease of movement and travel to more than 100 countries without a prior visa.
  9. The country includes many private and international schools, universities, and educational institutions, which makes you reassured about the future of your children in case you intend to settle in Turkey with your family.
  10. There are a variety of commercial centers and public facilities that any human needs.
  11. It includes a wide network of transportation of all kinds, such as: metrobus, dolmus, and ferries.
  12. Turkey is distinguished by the presence of many hospitals that provide the best services, in addition to the presence of many clinics, local pharmacies, and government clinics.
  13. You can buy a house with a wonderful view of the Bosphorus, away from the noise of the city, if you prefer peace and quiet.
  14. Turkish society is very close to the Arab community, which makes you feel as if you are in your country of origin.


Is it recommended to buy a house in Turkey by installments?

Buying a house in Turkey by installments can be a good option for some people, but you must ensure that you adhere to your payment obligations and understand the full details of the installment process before making a decision and if you have the ability to pay the full amount for the purchase of the house, then this may be the best option, as you will be able to close the deal quickly and without debt or interest.

However, if you do not have the full amount to buy the house and want to pay in installments, you should search for suitable financing options and make sure that you understand all the details, including the loan term, loan interest and other terms and conditions, before signing any agreement and you must also consider your ability to bear the debt and pay the installments periodically, and ensure that you do not fall into other financial problems because of the debt.


Buying a house in Turkey under construction

It is possible to buy a house in Turkey under construction, and this includes buying an apartment, villa, or other house in a project under construction, and this option may be good for some people who want to buy a new house in a specific place, and they do not mind waiting until the completion of construction.

But you must ensure that the construction is done in the appropriate manner and that the real estate developer responsible for the project has the correct licenses and legal papers, you must also ensure that the project is in line with local and national building and construction requirements, and there can be potential risks in buying a house under construction, such as: delay In the completion of construction, change in the agreed specifications, or increase in costs, so all details and conditions related to the project and the sales contract must be verified before purchasing.

You should also ascertain the project schedule and make sure it is in line with your needs and schedule and you should also make sure that you have a competent lawyer who can help you understand all the details related to purchasing a home under construction and maintain your rights as a buyer.

Common questions

Which is better to buy a house or a villa in Turkey?

Buying a house in Turkey is less expensive than buying a villa, especially since the Turkish real estate market provides the various needs of investors to meet their different budgets.

Is buying a house in Turkey a right decision?

Certainly, Turkey is distinguished as one of the countries that has witnessed tremendous growth in the real estate sector, which makes it a suitable place for foreign investors.

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a house?

Of course, you can now obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a house in Turkey worth $400,000 and pledging not to sell for three years.


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