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Buying a Property in Turkey Online

How to buy a property in Turkey online in a guaranteed way

Buying a Property in Turkey Online
15th August 2022
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In our time, the idea of ​​relying on the Internet, and websites electronically licensed, which are prepared to provide all the correct data and information very accurately about real estate, has become one of the main reasons that led to the end of fraud and manipulation, and the exploitation of everyone who wants to buy real estate, thus preserving the real estate investors' money in all parts of the world, and to preserve their money, which was more than thousands of dollars, from fraud and theft, and from here the idea of ​​buying a property in Turkey via the internet has become one of the widespread matters, especially during the recent era, and this is what we will learn about in the following lines, so follow us.


How to buy a property online in Turkey

There are some steps that every person who wants to buy a property in Turkey via the internet must follow, in order to ensure the success of this matter, and these steps came as follows.

First: It is necessary for the investor to collect all the important information related to the property he wants to buy, which is represented in the region, the area, the infrastructure, is it developed or not? the available health and treatment services, the transportation network, hospitals, universities, markets, places of entertaining and excursions, in addition to the price of the property, and is this price commensurate with those specifications or not?

Second: The person wishing to purchase real estate of all kinds (apartment, land, shops, offices, lands) must carefully follow all the things that were accurately photographed, which explain the property and its specifications in detail from inside and outside, so that the person becomes familiar with all the details of the property, in addition to this, these recordings spare the person who wants to buy the property from making a field visit to the property, it is possible that the buyer lives in another continent, and it is difficult for him to go to Turkey.

Third: In the case that this property is still under construction, it is necessary for the real estate company to send the shop drawings to the buyer via the way he wishes (e-mail or social media) so that the buyer is sure of the credibility of the project, and that it is a real project on the real land, not a scam.

Fourth: The process of buying a property via the internet is also a legal process, governed by many laws and controls, and it also guarantees the buyer the legitimacy of the investment, and through it all legal procedures are identified, after referring to the Turkish embassy, ​​which is located directly in the investor's country, and then conducting an official power of attorney for the real estate company with which the buyer communicates in order to carry out all the legal procedures related to the process of completing the sale and purchase.

Fifth: It must be agreed with the real estate company via the Internet, about the price of this property to be purchased, in addition to the desired payment method, and how much is the initial payment for the property? When will the remaining payments be made? and at what time will the buyer receive the property.

Sixth: The buyer is required to open a bank account in order to send the price of the property through a bank transfer, and it is also possible that this process can be done electronically through the electronic platform associated with the bank.

Seventh: After the process of agreement between the two parties on all the details related to the property, the entire electronic contracts must be processed by the real estate intermediary company, and then sent to the buyer to sign them electronically, due to several reasons, including that the electronic signature has become an approved and official matter in electronic commerce.

Eighth: After the real estate company that the buyer has authorized, has completed registering the title deed in the name of the buyer, it must send an electronic copy to him.

Ninth: All electronic copies associated with official papers are considered indispensable copies, and like paper copies, and then all paper copies are sent through the official e-mail to the buyer's address, so that he can take these papers with him to Turkey, and be able to receive his new property.


Risks of buying a property online and ways to deal with it

It is worth noting that the process of buying a property in Turkey via the internet is not easy, as it entails many risks, resulting from the negative consequences that the property does not conform to the specifications that the buyer has seen through photos and videos, and this problem is one of the risks that result from the process of buying a property online.

Most of the time, some problems appear that are caused by some deception networks, where these networks photograph real estate that they do not own, and do not have a title deed for it, and sometimes they photograph a property similar to the one they want to sell to the customer.

For these reasons, we advise all customers who wish to buy a property online to be careful when buying a property from a distance, and to take into account the idea of ​​choosing real estate companies that have become famous in the real estate market, or that have a good reputation among real estate companies.

We also advise those wishing to buy real estate to choose to buy the property is ready to move in as much as possible, provided that all the spaces that have been mentioned in the building plan are completely identical to the correct spaces of the apartment visible by video technology, in addition to the need to ensure that this company has a documented bank account, in order to transfer the funds to it.

There are also many other risks that a person may face during the process of buying a property, and cause it to be obstructed and delayed sometimes, and these obstacles are represented in the errors in the power of attorney deed or official papers, especially errors related to writing personal names, or related to the apartment and building number and many other errors .

For this reason, we warn all our clients against dealing with unreliable real estate companies, with the need to investigate accuracy to avoid mistakes when writing the power of attorney deed at the consulate or embassy, ​​while working to match the information between the it the contract agreed upon to purchase the property.


About the web title deed "Tapu"

The Web "Tapu" is one of the new features associated with the "Tapu" system, whereby anyone can manage all their real estate properties from their home and online, with no need to visit the Land Registry or Land Registry office.

Also, any person can submit applications and documents related to all his real estate transactions, such as mortgage transactions, buying and selling, inheritance and many other things. It has become the right of a property owner to implement or prohibit the implementation of all his real estate transactions, remotely, without going to the registry, which provides him with protection against fraud and deception.

Anyone who owns title deeds has the right to access all information related to his property, and he can also extract the mortgage document and the official title document, as well as the title deed form through the website, without the need to go to the Land Registry Directorate.

It has become the right of real estate owners to allow other people (buyer, or broker) to access information and details related to their properties.

Transactions that can be made within the web Tabu (Title deed)

Anyone can manage their real estate property, through the electronic system linked to the Turkish title deed, where they can apply for some important processes, which are:

-More than 46 title deeds (donation, sale, money transfer, and many more)

-More than twenty real estate registry operations.

- And also about two mapping transactions.

-In addition to more than five operations of ancient log documents, and Ottoman documents.

-With the ability to enter information and attach documents to operations that have been performed.

-Authorizing real estate companies or third parties, in addition to confirming documents, in order to carry out these procedures.


Learn about the advantages of buying a property in Turkey online

Although there are many problems that occur while buying a property online, we cannot forget the amount of advantages that accrue to everyone who wants to buy through websites, there is nothing simpler than sitting on the sofa inside your home, and then drinking your favorite drink, and browsing the distinguished real estate offers, so that you can choose from them, so that your dream becomes a reality without feeling stressed or anxious, while you are sitting at the top of comfort and relaxation!

The purchase of real estate in Turkey via the Internet has recently become a matter of saving time and effort spent during travel to reach Turkey. There is no doubt that the specialized website provides a lot of virtual tours in Turkey, in order to choose the real estate that suits you at any time that you yourself determine in proportion to your daily life.

This site also facilitates for the buyer transactions and payments, and one of the most important things that helped facilitate and simplify the use of this service is the application of the official departments in the Turkish state, in addition to the management of real estate services for real estate transactions and all matters related to the General Directorate of Land Registry, through a system called "Tabu" web system.


  What are the success factors of online deals?

There are some things that must be followed in order to be successful in searching and completing deals online, which are as follows.

-You must first start defining the type of property you want to buy or rent, and then you must determine the nature, shape and division of that property and all other details that you wish to achieve in your home, and all this by identifying the various areas and all the specifications available in the markets, with a comparison of the available offers.

It is also necessary to determine your purchasing power, after determining the type of property you want and the specifications. Each property has a different price, and you must know first, are you able to pay this amount in full, or do you want to pay it in monthly payments, the payments are determined in agreement with the seller or the lessor, and then you must present the financial offer you want to the seller in order to be discussed, and to identify ways to achieve it so that the sale process takes place in a way that is convenient for both parties.

After agreeing to your financial offer, you must make an appointment with the seller to make a visit to the property, and then check all the services available in this property, in addition to making sure that these features are mentioned in the advertisement are correct, with the need to ensure that this property is free of problems such as cracks in the walls, heating or water leakage from the ceilings, and the quality of the insulation.

There is no doubt that this process is very important, through which the buyer can reach the final decision regarding buying or renting the property, and this stage is certainly considered a very sensitive stage. You have to ask one of the experts to carry out this process, in order to avoid making mistakes, and this is due to several important reasons, namely that the details in the photos differ from the reality.

From here, we have reached the last step, which is the stage of completing the transaction, and at this stage, it is necessary to ensure that all documents are legal and that the financial agreements have been made in a correct manner, all in accordance with the laws and legal procedures of the state, which is carried out through the official government departments.


Reasons for increasing real estate sales online

There are many things that have caused reliance on the internet to complete real estate sales, and this is what we will explain to you in the following lines, so follow us.

-There are some preventive measures, represented in limiting the spread of the Corona-virus, which have caused the suspension of many flights to and from Turkey, with a lot of restrictions on institutions and companies due to work to combat the spread of the emerging Corona-virus.

This prompted construction companies in Turkey to move towards real estate sales via the internet, but while maintaining the provision of all reassuring guarantees to customers, in addition to the transformation of all transactions related to the process of real estate ownership within the real estate registry departments in Turkey to work online, as well as the advertising and media power that real estate in Turkey enjoys, with the ease of sending the price of the property and transferring it to a bank, in addition to the ease in the process of sending documents and ownership papers to the buyer in his country.

It is worth noting that the costs spent in completing the online purchase process are much lower than the costs of real estate purchase directly, or through government places through which sales and purchases are made, in addition to the fact that there are no travel costs or hotel reservation costs, or other costs.

There is no doubt that the process of buying real estate via the internet is a safe process, and preserves investors' money, coinciding with what happened in hundreds of thousands of investments around the world, that stopped suddenly, which made real estate investors have a strong desire to own real estate.

It is natural that any person or investor, wishing to buy a property, seeks access to a safe haven and a reliable real estate company, which has a prominent position within the state of Turkey, so that he can send his money to it while being assured that the purchase will be made credibly, without any differences in terms of specifications, or the nature of the internal and external property, and this is what we have explained to you through our article in which we told you about buying a property in Turkey via the internet, and we hope that we have helped you with what we have provided to you.



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