The Best Area to Buy Real Estate in Asian Istanbul

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The Best Area to Buy Real Estate in Asian Istanbul

Distinctive areas to buy real estate in the Asian side of Istanbul

The Best Area to Buy Real Estate in Asian Istanbul
15th August 2022
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If we talk about the city of Istanbul, which is located in the state of Turkey in general, we will find ourselves in front of a giant edifice of tourist and archaeological attractions, advanced infrastructure, and scenic views, as well as trees, gardens and modern airports, but if we talk about the Asian city of Istanbul in particular, there is nothing wrong with it.

In Asian Istanbul, you will find yourself in another world, due to the characteristics of this region, which made it occupy an advanced rank among the regions of Istanbul. The Turkish government has taken great care of it, and the manifestations of this are evident in the giant tourist density that flocks to this area throughout the year, so we decided to show you the best area to buy real estate in Asian Istanbul, through the following lines, so follow us.


Real estate buying areas in Asian Istanbul

There are areas that are classified among the best areas for housing in Asian Istanbul, and we must mention that on the Asian side of Istanbul there are many places of residence and the purchase of real estate and important tourist and urban places, and this is what we will talk about in this paragraph:

First: Where to buy real estate in Asian Istanbul

There are many places where all types of real estate are available for housing (apartments, villas, commercial apartments) in Asian Istanbul, which are as follows.

-Kartal District

Kartal is considered one of the high-end areas overlooking the sea, which is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, in addition to being adjacent to the coastal shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is worth noting that this region contains the highest peaks of Istanbul, which is the summit of Mount Aydos.

The Kartal region also includes many important facilities with which you can go to the Princes' Islands. It is also characterized by the educational services and health facilities, in addition to many of the ingredients that made it the most profitable area. It includes many universities, such as Suleyman Shah University and Ozcan Sabanci College of Health Sciences, and many hospitals and health centers in addition to the availability of transportation, and the presence of the E5 highway, which can connect between the European and Asian sides, up to the Bosphorus Bridge, and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. It also has two metro lines, namely the M4 line and the Marmaray line, as well as the coastal road extending to the Baghdad neighborhood.


- Umraniye area

Umraniye is one of the largest areas in the Asian side of Istanbul, with a population of 650 thousand people. This is due to several important reasons, including the large size and area of ​​this area, which led to its administrative division into several municipalities, in order to work on organizing and preserving them, and now it includes seven municipalities.

It has multiple advantages that attract many tourists and the attention of investors, as well as the spread of beautiful landscapes and green spaces, in addition to many ideal places to buy real estate and housing.


-Kuzguncuk district

The administrative division of this region follows the Asian section of Istanbul, and is also classified among the rich areas, as well as being separate from other parts of the city. Which helps to acquire a distinctive atmosphere filled with calm and tranquility, and completely different if compared to the noise of the city in addition to the spread of ancient houses that have a natural character, where the nature reserves and the green spaces available in them are noticeably different from other areas of Istanbul, which contributed to attracting tourists and visitors to it in all seasons of the year, wishing to enjoy the residence in this unique place.


-Uskudar Region

This area is considered one of the important areas in the Asian section of Istanbul, due to the availability of many factors, including the large population density, and the huge population of half a million people as well as being classified as one of the oldest areas in the Asian section, due to its being one of the residential areas that includes a lot of shopping areas, as well as recreational facilities, represented by restaurants and cafes that serve the most delicious traditional dishes available within Turkish cuisine, which is not possible to provide Anywhere else.


-Beykoz District

Beykoz has stunning views of the sea, due to several reasons, one of which is that it is only 270 m above sea level. In addition to the Bosphorus Strait in the direction to the west of it, and surrounded by a lot of beautiful forests causing it to have a very charming view.

The region of Beykoz overlooks many rivers, and is famous for the craft of making glassware, and the finest types of world-famous glass, which is called (Beykoz Ware) after the city of Beykoz.

It is also characterized by its fresh air and charming calm due to the nature of the Beykoz lands, which are considered nature reserves in addition to the urban development witnessed by the Beykoz region during the recent period, which has increased the attraction of tourists to it as well as containing residential complexes and archaeological villas near the Bosphorus, which the world's famous and wealthy go to in order to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. This area is located in the north of the Bosphorus, it is known as the city of rivers, which gives it an unparalleled splendor, as well as a distinctive view of the Black Sea and green forests.


- Çengelköy area

There are many advantages in this area, but what distinguishes it most is the world-famous small cucumber, where the growth of this type of cucumber led to the fame of this area, but now this area has developed and turned into a residential area, where there are luxurious palaces that are still in use today as well as romantic cafes, which provide an irresistible feeling while eating breakfast.


Second: Fun and tourist places in Asian Istanbul

There are many places that are distinguished by their tourist and archaeological nature, which many tourists around the world go to in order to enjoy their landmarks and stunning landscapes, for example the following.

-The Maiden's tower

A distinctive tourist attraction in Turkey, it carries many stories that tell us the ancient history of the city, and it is located in the heart of the Bosphorus, making it the ideal location, which has become one of the best locations for filming series and international films.

This tower was built in an octagonal shape, and it contains narrow spiral towers in addition to 6 floors, the height of each floor is approximately 23 meters.


-Baghdad Street

One of the most important streets of Istanbul, it is parallel in importance to Istiklal Street, located on the European side of Istanbul, and is located parallel to the coast of the Marmara Sea. It includes a large number of historical palaces and commercial markets that contain all kinds of products, in addition to places of worship and prayer places dating back to the Ottoman era, as well as many streets designated for running and directly overlooking the sea.


-Haydarpaşa station

It is one of the most beautiful classical buildings that were built in the modern eastern and western style, and its lighthouses imitate Western art, and the lines on it speak of the western side, and its domes were designed in the Ottoman style.

This station was built during the Ottoman era by German engineers, and later became the main railway station in Turkey. A memorial has been built documenting Turkish-German relations in the region. In this monument rises a tower above which there is a clock designed in the Baroque style, and the windows have been decorated to become a luxurious facade made of sandstone, and this edifice overlooks Kadıköy Bay.


- Çengelköy

It is a distinctive area, enjoying a high urban style located on the outskirts of the Bosphorus. This area is characterized by the historical tree called the Shenar tree which is more than 800 years old, and a historical park was recently established in it, in addition to many restaurants and cafes that attract tourists daily.


-Çamlıca, Brides hill

One of the favorite parks, and it is the tallest of the seven existing hills, you can enjoy the sunset in addition to the fresh air sent by the Bosphorus, which makes this place more wonderful and magical.


Advantages of buying a property in the Asian side of Istanbul

Despite the different forms and locations of Istanbul real estate, it is considered one of the best real estate in Turkey because of its components and advantages that made it the preferred choice for foreigners and Arabs, and among these qualities are the following:

- This section is called the green section, because it is the greenest section of the city, and it also includes many hills, which causes the properties that are located in this part of the city to enjoy the character of calm and tranquility.

-Due to its distance from the hustle and bustle of the city and at the same time its proximity to transportation, and transportation due to several reasons, including that moving to and from any part of the city of Istanbul is easy, as well as being excellently serviced, and has a developed infrastructure, and it also has many service facilities represented in universities, schools, hospitals, markets, amusement parks, game cities and many others.


Factors affecting apartment prices in Asian Istanbul

There are many factors that significantly affect the prices of apartments on the Asian side of Istanbul, and this is what we will learn about in the following lines, so follow us.

First, the location of the apartment

The location of the apartment affects the price, the more distinguished your apartment is, the higher its price, and the distinguished location means its proximity to vital projects, tourist attractions, transportation links, service facilities and many more.


Secondly, the distinctive look

There is no doubt that the more distinctive the view, the higher the price of the apartment, for example, there is a sea view and there is a distinctive view of the green spaces, and it is worth noting that each view differs from others in terms of the high price of the property, if compared to the prices of existing apartments within the city.


Third: the specifications of the apartment

The specifications of the apartment play a major role in increasing or decreasing the price, as the modern design apartments become higher in price than the old-style villas, and there is no doubt that the demand for them is somewhat higher than other apartments, and this confirms that they are the best option for investment.


Fourth: The type and nature of the apartment

The city of Istanbul is witnessing a great real estate diversity, and this has appeared and manifested in the recent period, which puts the buyer in front of specific options, and then prices vary depending on the type of apartment, and the evidence for this is that apartments in residential complexes are more expensive in terms of price than apartments in independent buildings.

Note: If we talk about the prices of apartments in Asian Istanbul, an important thing must be noted, which is that the prices you find in European or American countries are higher than the prices of apartments in Istanbul, and this was one of the main motives that encourage foreigners to prefer and choose Istanbul without other cities of Europe.


An overview of the future of real estate in Asian Istanbul

If you want to buy an apartment in Asian Istanbul, for housing, residence or real estate investment, then you should ask about the future of real estate in this region before making a decision. As for the opinions of analysts and real estate experts, they emphasized that this part is no less important than the other side of Istanbul. This prompted the construction companies to turn to it in order to build and construct the most important and huge real estate and investment projects.

The real estate sector within the Asian city of Istanbul is also witnessing a great urban development, in many areas that witness a huge real estate diversity. In addition to the old architectural style buildings, you will find modern complexes, with varying prices which are expected to increase by a large percentage,they may exceed fifty percent during the current year. If you are thinking of owning real estate, this is the right time at all, so that you buy at an appropriate price and sell at a high price after a period and then benefit from the price difference that will result from buying and selling.


Comparison between European and Asian Istanbul

Istanbul is the darling of foreign investors and other nationalities such as the Russians who invest their money in Antalya, and you will find that these invest their money in Istanbul as well. During the last five years, Istanbul managed to attract 40% of the total real estate sales for non-Turks, and the evidence for this is that foreigners have bought more than 61 thousand properties between 2015 and 2020.

The high demand for Istanbul real estate is due to it being the jewel of natural and tourist beauty, the country's economic pole and the link in domestic and international trade.

Istanbul is also characterized by its infrastructure, where there are a large number of hospitals and universities, as well as institutions, companies, bridges, and transportation networks as well as being divided into two parts by a strait topped by a bridge, on the tourist front of the city.

There are many who ask questions about: Which is better for real estate investment in Istanbul, is it the European part or the Asian part? But, the answer to this question is, that there is no preference, as each of them has its advantages that suit some and differ with others, and you can learn about that through what we have explained to you with information that was mentioned in this article.

From here, it becomes clear to us that Istanbul is a wonderful city that has a distinct position in Turkey. This position has made it a destination for many tourists, Arab and foreign investors, and everyone is asking about the best area to buy real estate in Asian Istanbul, and this assures us that there are those who prefer Asian Istanbul over European Istanbul, and there are those who prefer European Istanbul over Asian.



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