Pros of buying an apartment in Atasehir, Istanbul

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Pros of buying an apartment in Atasehir, Istanbul

Learn about the most important areas of Istanbul, Ataşehir, and its investment advantages

Pros of buying an apartment in Atasehir, Istanbul
07th April 2023
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Buying an apartment is the dream that many people around the world pursue, but when it comes to buying an apartment in a beautiful area like Ataşehir in Istanbul as it becomes a charming and irresistible dream, as the charming and attractive city attracts millions of visitors annually, and opens up great opportunities for investors and in this article, we will explore the pros of buying an apartment in Atasehir, Istanbul, which might make you think of achieving this amazing dream!

Advantages of real estate investment in Atasehir

The region enjoys its proximity to Istanbul's financial center, which attracts many investors.

It also has many necessary facilities such as schools, hospitals and shopping malls as it is also distinguished by the subway, which connects it to other areas in Istanbul easily and in addition, real estate prices in Ataşehir are lower than those of other nearby areas such as Uskudar, which makes it an economical option for investors wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul.


How do you choose the best apartments to buy in Atasehir Istanbul?

When searching for apartments in this area, several factors must be considered, including the size of the apartment, the appropriate price, the design of the apartment, and others as those wishing to buy large-sized apartments at reasonable prices should search for the areas closest to public transportation

All these and other factors must be considered before proceeding with the search for an apartment in Atasehir, Istanbul as it is advised to cooperate with local real estate companies that have extensive experience in this field, and information can also be obtained from websites and applications that help facilitate the search process.


Atasehir real estate prices and market trends

It has witnessed a significant rise in real estate prices in recent years, and the steady demand continues to be a reason for the price increase as a variety of properties can be found at reasonable prices, which makes it ideal for investors looking for good opportunities as this rise and the increasing demand for real estate in it is an indication of the strength of the real estate market in the region, and this economic recovery is evidence of a trend towards growth in real estate values ​​in general in Istanbul.


The most important recreational facilities in Atasehir Istanbul and the factors affecting them

Recreational facilities are among the basic elements that many people look for when buying real estate in Atasehir Istanbul, in order to provide an atmosphere of fun, relaxation and luxury for the residents and among the most prominent of these facilities, we can mention entertainment complexes, sports stadiums, fitness centers, museums, theaters, cafes and luxury restaurants as several factors also affect the level of availability of these facilities, including the high demand for real estate and the financial capabilities available to developers and investors, in addition to the distinguished location and other neighboring facilities, as well as government support and incentives provided by the government to stimulate investments in general.


How to get an apartment in installments in Atasehir?

The higher the real estate value in Atasehir, the greater the demand for apartments for sale in installments, as financing the apartment by installments is an important option for investors who want to purchase new housing at reasonable prices as experts point out that many companies and financial institutions provide this option, and therefore the buyer can get an apartment in installments in Ataşehir in a convenient way.


Investors must determine their budget and their ability to pay before purchasing, and it is advised to conduct the necessary research and review all available options and ensure that those responsible are inquired about instructions and conditions in a transparent and clear manner.


The financing should be approved in appropriate monthly installments that do not affect the daily life of the buyer.


The impact of the Istanbul financial center on real estate in Atasehir

Financial and economic factors greatly affect the value of real estate in Istanbul, and Istanbul's financial center comes as a factor affecting real estate in particular.

With the increase in the popularity of this region in recent years, financial companies began looking for investment opportunities in it, which prompted some of them to work on owning centers and real estate within the vicinity of Istanbul's financial center in Atasehir as there is no doubt that the presence of a strong financial center in this region increases its attractiveness to investors and raises the value of real estate in it, especially with regard to the return on investment.


Transportation lines in Atasehir

The Atasehir district of Istanbul is an important location for transportation, as it is located near the E-5 road, which provides quick access to many major areas of the city, including the main commercial center and in addition, there are bus and metro bus services available in the area, making the city center and other major locations easily accessible and thanks to this central location, buying an apartment in it gives you the possibility to enjoy convenient and easy transportation in Istanbul.


Residential complexes in Atasehir

Residential complexes in Atasehir are among the most important features that impose themselves when searching for apartments for purchase in the region, as these complexes are available in strategic locations within them.

In addition to the presence of many commercial, service and entertainment outlets in its vicinity, these complexes are characterized by the availability of all services and facilities that the residents need, including swimming pools, gyms, parks and recreational areas for children, which provides the residents with a comfortable and stable life.

Housing in residential complexes is characterized by safety, as it is equipped with a 24-hour security system, which allows residents to live in a safe and protected environment and in addition, the residential complexes in Atasehir are characterized by high architectural taste and modern designs, in addition to the continuous maintenance and operation of all its facilities and services.

This type of housing is very popular in family circles, as common spaces and social activities provide many interesting opportunities for children and adults.


Common questions:


1- What should you know before buying an apartment in Atasehir?

In 2008, this region gained complete independence and became one of the 39 districts of Istanbul.


2 - A comparison between the European and Asian side in Istanbul

The majority chooses the European side, but this does not mean that the Asian side in Istanbul does not have high privacy and great privileges



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