Buying an apartment in Istanbul near public transportation

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Buying an apartment in Istanbul near public transportation

Buying an apartment in Istanbul near public transportation is a great opportunity for investment and profit

Buying an apartment in Istanbul near public transportation
04th March 2023
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Buying an apartment in Istanbul near public transportation has become common among many businessmen interested in real estate investment in the Turkish real estate sector, especially tourists wishing to spend their tourist holidays in Istanbul near vital centers, which are close to public transportation for easy movement between tourist areas and monuments

So, in this article, we tried to show you the most important advantages of buying apartments near public transportation, and what are the most famous transportation lines that Istanbul is proud of.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Istanbul near transportation

There are many advantages to buying an apartment in Istanbul near public transportation links and the most important advantage is that you will have access to more amenities and if you live in a neighborhood that is not well connected to public transportation networks, you may find it difficult to commute and reach the grocery store, malls or places of necessity. other.

If you live near the metro station, you will have easy access to all the amenities you need whether you are a visitor or an investor wanting to invest in real estate in Turkey with the aim of settling and living, in addition to that you will be able to save time and money in transportation and with the new metro lines access has become To Istanbul is more convenient, making it easier for people to move around.


Types of public transportation lines in Istanbul

Istanbul includes a variety of public transportation lines, let's get to know them through the following points:

First, the Dolmus 

Dolmus is the most popular and common shared taxi service in Istanbul. In addition, it is an inexpensive and convenient way to get around the city as it operates on fixed routes and you can get off at any stop along the way.


Secondly, the metro bus

It is a double-length and wide bus, and it is known as being independent from the rest of the public transportation in Istanbul. It guarantees back and forth trips without being completely affected by the dilemma of traffic congestion. In addition to that, there is a machine at each metro bus station to fill out the transportation card, or known as the Card of Istanbul, so that passengers can recharge their balance with ease while on the go.

In addition, the metro bus is the most important investment in the transportation sector recently, especially as it is one of the fastest, longest and most vital transport lines, linking it between the farthest point on the European side all the way to the Asian side.


 Third, the subway

It is one of the public transportation lines in Istanbul, which is characterized by the speed and ease of movement in the city, in addition to that it is characterized by the high accuracy of its departure times, its arrival and its distance from congestion, especially that the Istanbul municipality works to develop the infrastructure of railway lines, through the use of trains that operate without a driver.

In addition, more than 18 new metro lines have been constructed in Istanbul, and it is expected that the total length of metro lines in Istanbul will reach 1,000 kilometers by the end of 2023.

The following are the most prominent metro lines in Istanbul:

  1. The M1 metro line connects Yenikapi Station and Ataturk International Airport Station.
  2. The M2 metro line connects Yenikapi and Haci Osman.
  3. The M3 metro line connects Kirazli and Olympiat stations.
  4. The M4 metro line connects Kadikoy and Tushhantepe.
  5. The M5 metro line connects Levent and Bogazici University.


Fourth, the tramway

The tramway is characterized by the presence of 4 lines, which transport thousands of passengers between the city’s neighborhoods daily, operating through a railway network, by means of electric power, in addition to that, it helps tourists to reach the most important modern areas, neighborhoods and historical monuments in Istanbul, the following are the months Tramway lines in Istanbul:

  1. T1 tram line connecting Kabatas and Bagcilar.
  2. T2 tram line connecting Taksim and Tunal.
  3. T3 tram line connecting Kadikoy to Mutachari.
  4. T4 tram line connecting Topkapi and Al-Salam Mosque.

Fifth, the phrases

It is one of the means of marine transport that is characterized by its wide importance in the city of Istanbul, in addition to that, these means link the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, and there are 5 ports on the coasts of the European section, and they depend on specific paths for their movement and they also stop at stations designated for them, the following are the most important Stations in the European and Asian side:

  1. Kabatash.
  2. Besiktas.
  3. Yanni Capi.
  4. Avcilar.
  5. Kadikoy.
  6. Uskudar.
  7. Haydar Pasha.
  8. Bostanci.

Areas close to public transportation in Istanbul

The following are the most prominent areas located near the famous means of transportation in Istanbul:


Basaksehir area is known as one of the most popular areas by real estate investors, based on important factors, such as: its proximity to public transportation, as it is one of the richest areas in the presence of a large number of public transportation networks, in addition to its proximity to vital projects such as the central square of the municipality. , and the botanical garden.

Basaksehir is located in the European side of Istanbul, and it is bordered to the north by the Arnavutkoy region, to the northeast by the Eyup region, Sultangazi and Esenlar to the east, to the south by the Bagcilar region, and to the southwest by Esenyurt.

In addition, it is one of the most attractive regions of Istanbul for investors due to its infrastructure, social, cultural, health and educational facilities, and it is located within a point very close to the new Istanbul International Airport. It also contains the largest artificial valleys in Istanbul, surrounded by large areas of gardens.



Beylikduzu is witnessing a huge urban development, compared to other areas of Istanbul, and it is characterized by the quality of organization, and the presence of apartments for sale in Beylikduzu has made it the focus of attention of investors in the real estate sector, especially after eliminating the transportation problem in it, and linking it to the city center via the rapid bus line "Metro bus". In addition to the spread of international schools and universities in the region, shopping centers, factories, new real estate projects, and transportation routes, all of this contributed to the increase in the importance of the region.

Beylikduzu is located west of Istanbul, bordered by Avcilar to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Büyükçekmece to the west, and the Sea of ​​Marmara to the south. In addition, the region witnessed an unparalleled prosperity in the field of real estate investment of high quality.


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