How to Buy Apartments in Turkey

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How to Buy Apartments in Turkey

How to get the best apartments in Turkey

How to Buy Apartments in Turkey
08th July 2022
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Foreigners in Turkey have the right to buy apartments and own real estate. The Turkish government has provided them many facilities that encouraged this step. There have been many questions about this issue in the real estate markets in Turkey and the focus of many people's attention.

During the following article, the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate prepared this report for you, in which we will discuss one of your many questions (the method or mechanism of buying apartments in Turkey).

If this topic interests you, follow these lines to the end.


The law of buying apartments in Turkey:

Before anything, you have to read the laws on owning real estate in Turkey for foreigners, they are as follows:

- A foreigner is not entitled to own more than 30 hectares in various parts of Turkey.

-A foreigner cannot buy an apartment in an area where foreigners own more than 10% of the area.

- No foreigner can buy an apartment in an area a military or security area.

Note that the buyer has to make sure that he holds the nationality, which is prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey, and in general, it is recommended to see all the legal details in order to avoid getting into trouble and fraud or deception, because the immoral ones always take advantage of the opportunity to catch the inexperienced In Turkey, and if this is your first experience in the real estate market in Turkey, you should hire a successful and experienced lawyer.


Is it easy to buy an apartment in Turkey?

But if you are wondering about the ease of getting real estate in Turkey, it is very easy, as the Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities you are looking for abroad, and this appears in the large number of arrivals to Turkey and the increase in the number of sales significantly.

In 2012, the government issued a decision in 2012, in which the Reciprocity Law was abolished, which allowed all foreigners to own real estate in Turkey, with the exception of five nationalities: Syria, Armenia, Cuba, North Korea and Greek Cyprus, which are still bound today by some old and political agreements.


How long does it take to buy apartments in Turkey?

Do you think that buying an apartment in Turkey will take a lot of time, fatigue and effort?

It only takes three days after extracting all the papers and documents needed and paying for the property.

The speed of buying apartments in Turkey:

Do you think that buying an apartment in Turkey will take a lot of time, fatigue and effort?

What you do not know is that it will not take much time, as the whole thing can be done within only three days after all the necessary papers and documents are extracted and after the price of the property is paid.


The most important stages of buying a property in Turkey:

Below you can see in detail the stages that you must go through when buying a property in Turkey and that you must follow:

1 - A tax number must be obtained from one of the tax departments in Turkey, and this matter does not take much time and is also free, and its importance lies in the fact that it is required to make any official transaction such as birth registration or renewal of the Turkish passport and others.

2 - Extracting the real estate appraisal document, which is one of the most important official documents, which is extracted by one of the specialized companies that has a license from the Turkish government.

3 - A bank account should be opened in a bank in Turkey in order to transfer the value of the property to the seller through it, as this is one of the most important conditions for buying real estate in Turkey.

4 - In the fourth stage, the contract between the seller and the buyer must be signed within an official department (the Land Registry Directorate). It should be noted that if the seller is unable to attend in person, someone must represent him under an official power of attorney.

5 - A security approval must be obtained, which is required in order to confirm that the apartment is not located within a security or military area.

6 - After extracting the security document, you must wait between 30 and 60 days for the ownership of the apartment to be transferred to the buyer and legally registered.


Buying apartments by installments in Turkey:

One of the most common ideas in Turkey to buy apartments is to buy an apartment by installments, which is widely circulated among those interested in the real estate sector in Turkey, especially those who do not have the full value of the property to pay it once, or for those who believe in the principle of capital distribution to build wealth, or for those who prefer to invest in more project at the same time.

In Turkey, you are faced with a number of options to buy an apartment by installments, and through the following points you can view them in detail:

1 - Buying an apartment by installments through a bank:

In this case, the bank purchases an apartment from one of the construction companies and then sells it to the buyer after agreeing on the time of payment and the amount to be paid. It should be noted that the bank gives the buyer a longer period to finish paying the installments due.


2 - Buying an apartment by installments through a construction company:

Many buyers resort to buying an apartment by installments through one of the Turkish construction companies, as they offer a lot of special offers and high discounts, and the contract is signed between the seller and the buyer directly, through which all the agreed terms are determined.


3 - Buying an apartment by installments ready to move in:

It cannot be overlooked that there are offers of apartments by installments in Turkey that are ready for housing, but their percentage is rather small. If any, the contract is signed between the seller and the buyer, and then all terms are agreed upon.


Types of apartments in Turkey:

The real estate market in Turkey is very diverse, and this is what made it a safe destination for many people and investors around the world. Through the following paragraph, you can see the most important options available.

After you have fulfilled all the conditions required to buy real estate and apartments in Turkey, you should look at the available types, which are as follows:

1 – Apartments for sale in Turkey:

It is undeniable that the first option for real estate in Turkey is (residential apartments) available with several options. According to the statistics, the demand for them is very large, and the population's need for them is continuing, especially in light of the large population growth in Turkey and the influx of foreigners to it from all sides.

Apartments in residential complexes in Turkey are considered one of the most sought-after real estate options at all, because they provide the residents with a luxurious and elegant life, as the establishment companies work to be equipped with all the required service facilities such as green spaces, gardens that surround them, restaurants and cafes, not to mention the picturesque view.

Also, the available types of apartments: duplexes - triplexes - studios - penthouses.


2 – Villas for sale in Turkey:

A foreigner can buy villas in Turkey, where this type of real estate is available in abundance, as construction companies are working on the construction of many projects of this type in order to meet the rich class, money owners and businessmen.

It is worth noting that villas are in second place after apartments as the most in-demand real estate option in Turkey, especially that they can be invested in more than one way and with multiple ideas such as renting, where a high return can be made in the tourist seasons.

Since the prices of villas in Turkey are rather high, it is easy to get Turkish citizenship through them.


3 - Buying land in Turkey:

Many investors choose to buy land in Turkey, as it is suitable for real estate investment, through which it is possible to make a lot of profits, as its prices are constantly and rapidly increasing and allows its owner to implement many investment projects.


The most important cities to search for apartments for sale in Turkey:

Certainly, among the many questions that come to the minds of those who are looking for apartments and real estate for sale in Turkey are about the best Turkish cities suitable for buying and owning real estate in Turkey.

Through the following paragraphs, you can learn about the most important details in this regard:

1 – Buying apartments in Istanbul:

Returning to the reports issued by the official authorities, the city of Istanbul leads all Turkish cities in terms of real estate sales and apartments, which it registers each year from the total number.

Why Istanbul to buy apartments?

When we talk about a city, we are not referring to limited features, but rather it is an interconnected block that brings the investor a lot of benefit and distinction, and we single out the most important of them as follows:

- You can find apartments with a luxurious sea view for sale.

-Finding apartments overlooking the green spaces and parks.

-It is one of the densely populated cities, where many residents and foreigners go to live and settle.

-Istanbul is the economic and urban capital of the Turkish state.

- A tourist destination full of historical, natural and archaeological attractions that tourists come to from different countries of the world.

- One of the most important places around the world for real estate investment, and according to a global classification, it is ranked ninth in the world as the best destination for real estate investment.

- Do you think that real estate prices in that city are very high due to its countless advantages? Certainly not, as real estate prices in that city are very low compared to real estate prices that are found in other similar cities in terms of status and importance.

- It is characterized by having a sophisticated and modern infrastructure and many advanced strategic projects such as the new Istanbul Airport, the new Istanbul Water Canal and the Eurasia Tunnel.

This city is characterized by its wonderful location in two continents, where the largest part is located in the continent of Asia and the second in Europe, and this helped it to have the characteristics of each.


2 - Apartments in Antalya:

Immediately after Istanbul comes Antalya, which is the first destination for many world tourists as a result of its natural landmarks, attractive scenery, golden beaches, and historical and archaeological landmarks.

In your opinion, is it worthwhile to invest in real estate in Antalya? Certainly, and the reason behind this is the large tourist influx on it annually, which makes the movement of real estate in circulation. The demand for buying or renting real estate is large, especially those close to the tourist, historical or coastal attractions or real estate of a tourist nature such as restaurants - hotels - hotel apartments - apartments studio and more.

All previous experiences in real estate investment in the city of Antalya resulted in great success and resulted in a distinguished investment return, and it is expected that prices in it will rise during the coming periods, and this guarantees the investor to get a distinguished return.


3- Real estate in Ankara:

The city of Ankara is the political capital of the Turkish state and one of the first destinations in which the investor chooses to own real estate, whether as a result of housing and stability or real estate investment.

In the real estate field, we mention that the city of Ankara has many distinguished real estate and investment projects that guarantee you an abundant profit, and add to your information that it is rich in all kinds of service and entertainment facilities, not to mention its strong infrastructure.


4- Buying an apartment in Bursa:

Bursa is a destination for many real estate investors around the world, especially those who do not have a sufficient budget to buy an apartment in Istanbul or in Ankara, as real estate prices are lower, and the beautiful thing is that it occupies a distinguished geographical and strategic location, as it is in the middle of the economic and political capitals.

Bursa has a charming and beautiful nature that has given it a lot of investment importance. It also has a developed and modern infrastructure such as the public transportation network, which made moving between its parts very easy, as well as linking it with other cities.


Steps for buying apartments in Turkey:

Did you know that to buy an apartment in Turkey, you must go through many steps and stages?

Here are the most important actions that you should take when owning real estate in Turkey:

1 - First of all, you must specify the goal that you hope to achieve by buying an apartment in Turkey. Is your goal real estate investment, housing, residence, or getting Turkish citizenship?

2 - All taxes and fees associated with the purchase must be paid.

3 - It is necessary to seek the assistance of a specialized and experienced real estate company in order to help you find the right apartment for you.

4 - Make sure to sign all papers and contracts within an official department because any document signed outside it is considered unacceptable.

5 - Make sure that there is no problem arising from the property, such as the problem of mortgage or seizure that negatively affects the value of the investment property and makes it difficult to resell it in the future.

6 - One of the important information that must be taken into consideration is that any heirs or document must be attested by the notary public.


Tips when buying apartments in Turkey:

Before you buy apartments in Turkey, there is a lot of information and warnings that you should take into consideration, which are as follows:

- Find out the infrastructure of the apartment you intend to buy.

- Study the status of the apartment in terms of space and distribution of rooms, is it suitable for you or not.

- Study if there is a possibility to make some adjustments or not.

- Make sure to choose an apartment suitable for your goal and ambition.

- If you want to invest in real estate, you should choose an appropriate strategic location that contributes to increasing the price of the apartment.

-For a distinguished real estate investment, you must choose a wonderful view, such as the sea or green spaces.

-You must verify the integrity of the legal papers by a competent and successful attorney.

- You should check the service facilities surrounding the area.

-Beware of falling victim to real estate fraud.

- Avoid buying a very cheap apartment without checking it, as it may take you to pay a lot of money in the wrong place.

- You have to make sure that the possession title of the property is safe and that the information in it matches what is on real.


Binaa Real Estate Services to its valued clients:

All those in charge of the management of Binaa Real Estate Company offer a package of services to their valued clients:

1 - Our journey begins with you from the airport and we accompany you to get a distinctive and comfortable hotel stay.

2 - We offer our clients a range of distinctive real estate consultancy.

3 - You will be with us on field tours to visit the most important existing real estate projects that are suitable for you.

4 - We will organize a trip for you to visit many distinctive real estate projects.

5- Assistance in getting real estate residency.

6- Answer and clarify your various questions.

7 - Issuing Turkish citizenship and following up on all legal affairs.

8- Assisting in the preparation of all papers and documents.

9 - Assistance in furnishing the property and its decorations.

10 - Professionally managing real estate properties, renting them with the highest returns, and reselling them if desired.

You can visit our website constantly to see the most important information and details related to the real estate market in Turkey because we are keen through the articles that we constantly provide to you.


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