Differences between real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon

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Differences between real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon

Learn through this link about the differences between real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon

Differences between real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon
09th August 2023
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Are you looking for the ideal property on the territory of the Republic of Turkey? There are a lot of real estate investment options in Turkey, but searching for the perfect property can be a challenge and today we will talk about the differences between real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon and we will provide you with a clear picture of what the two different areas contain in terms of real estate and prices, so that you can choose the property that suits your needs and budget, so continue reading to know more details.

The reasons for the rush of foreigners to real estate in Istanbul

Buying a property in Istanbul provides the opportunity to obtain real estate residency, and if the required conditions are met, it is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship and this opens new horizons for investments in various forms, and allows entry to various countries of the world with a Turkish passport.


Istanbul provides the ideal environment for living, where all the educational, social and health components are available, and it also enjoys a variety of tourist attractions and archaeological sites, in which there are Arab and international schools and universities taught in English, which provides a variety of educational options.


In addition, the customs and traditions of Istanbul share a great deal with Arab customs, which facilitates adaptation for Arab residents and the city also has a strong infrastructure, which ensures the comfort of living and investment.


What are the advantages of buying real estate in Trabzon?

Buying a property in Trabzon is very popular these days due to many interesting factors and the city enjoys a mild climate and a distinctive strategic location, in addition to its picturesque nature and attractive coastline that extends across various areas of the city and other surrounding cities on the Black Sea coast.


Trabzon is also characterized by a wide and developed infrastructure, such as a network of highways, advanced hospitals, widespread schools, and luxury shopping centers, in addition to the presence of a modern airport that facilitates direct access to the city, in addition to the city enjoying a comfortable population density that suits its status as an important tourist destination.

From the economic aspects, real estate prices in Trabzon are acceptable compared to other tourist cities such as Antalya and Istanbul and these many factors come together to form an ideal and successful investment environment in Trabzon.


Promising areas to buy a property in Istanbul

The areas in Istanbul vary according to the type of property you want to buy and among the best areas to buy an apartment in Istanbul are the areas of Basaksehir, Beylikduzu, Sisli and Kagithane on the European side, and on the Asian side, Uskudar, Kadikoy, Sancaktepe and Beykoz are characterized by stunning sea views.

As for buying a villa in Istanbul, the areas of Beylikduzu and Büyükçekmece are considered among the best areas, as villas here enjoy wonderful views of the sea, and there are also Bahcesehir, Silivri, Catalca and Arnavutkoy, where stunning landscapes combine with urban development.


As for the purchase of land in Istanbul, the Silivri, Catalca and Büyükçekmece regions come to the fore, where agricultural and buildable lands are available and Beykoz, Tuzla and Cekmekoy are also good places to buy land on the Asian side.


Sisli, Bakirkoy, Besiktas, Taksim, Sariyer, Beylikduzu and Fatih regions top the list of the best areas for buying a shop or office on the European side.

The most popular areas to buy a property in Trabzon

The eastern Akcaabat region is one of the best and vital real estate investment areas in the city, as it extends over an area of ​​358 square kilometers and is about 14 kilometers from the city center.


As for the major suburbs of the city, the Ortahisar region stands out, which is characterized by its historical monuments and ancient monuments and there is also the Yomra region, which extends over an area of ​​​​207 square kilometers, and combines the blue of sea water with the greenery of pristine nature and this area is located close to Trabzon, which is only about 15 kilometers away.


In addition, the area of ​​Yalıncak is of great importance, as it is located near the airport and the city center, and there are also areas such as Arakli and Arsin with sloping terrain and Maçka, which is famous for the world-class Sumela Monastery.

The future of real estate investment in Istanbul

With the increase in real estate investments in Istanbul during the past few decades, the future of real estate investment in Istanbul looks very promising, due to several factors, including the rapid and steady population growth in the city, in addition to the increasing demand for luxury real estate in recent years.


The real estate market in Istanbul has many advantages, and the Turkish government has imposed several facilities for foreign investors to enter this market, such as tax incentives, obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate residence, and the real estate sector in Istanbul confirms that foreign investments in the real estate market in Istanbul contribute to Increasing the general economic development of the country and improving the living conditions of the population.


The future of real estate in Trabzon

The city of Trabzon in northeastern Turkey is one of the most important tourist and investment areas that are very popular with tourists and investors and it is expected that the future of real estate in Trabzon will witness great prosperity and development due to the many positive factors that have formed in recent years.

Trabzon enjoys a privileged geographical location, as it is located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and is surrounded by stunning natural mountains and the city also includes many tourist attractions, which are characterized by picturesque nature and various tourist places.

There is an active real estate sector in the region that includes many real estate companies who offer distinguished and high-quality real estate projects for investors and the city has many investment opportunities in the field of real estate, where it is possible to buy apartments, villas, and commercial offices in distinctive places at competitive prices.


In addition, the city of Trabzon is witnessing rapid economic growth, which enhances the possibility of investment success in this beautiful city and it is expected that the economic conditions in the city will continue to improve and the interest in tourism and investment will increase in the near future.

Differences between Istanbul and Trabzon real estate

Istanbul is the most vibrant and crowded city, and it is witnessing a great demand for real estate, which affects the prices, on the other hand, real estate in Trabzon is more available and its prices are relatively lower.


Istanbul features a wide variety of contemporary architectural styles and luxurious buildings, while Trabzon retains traditional elements and rural style in architecture.


Trabzon is characterized by its charming natural beauty, where there is the Black Sea, mountains and lush forests, on the other hand, Istanbul contains wonderful natural landscapes such as the Bosphorus Strait and the Sea of ​​Marmara.


Tourism investment is a good project in Trabzon due to its natural and historical tourist attractions and Istanbul, for its part, is a major tourist destination thanks to its famous landmarks and vibrant urban culture.

Common questions

What are the most prominent differences in prices between real estate in Istanbul and Trabzon?

Real estate prices in Trabzon are usually lower than Istanbul, as Istanbul is the most crowded and competitive city.

Are there differences in design and architecture between real estate in the two countries?

Istanbul and Trabzon are characterized by different architectural designs and structures, depending on the style and region, Istanbul provides a greater variety of contemporary architectural options, while Trabzon retains some traditional elements.

What is the population situation and population density in the two countries?

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey in terms of population, and it has a high population density, while Trabzon is characterized by a lower population density and a quieter nature.


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