Documents required to buy a house in Turkey

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Documents required to buy a house in Turkey

The most important documents you need in order to buy a house in Turkey

Documents required to buy a house in Turkey
16th July 2022
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The Turkish state has recently become one of the most powerful countries in all strategic, political and economic fields, and Turkey has developed amazingly in various investment fields, and real estate investment has become one of the most important types of investment that has witnessed prosperity and great development in the past few years, and many people began looking About the opportunity to buy a house in Turkey, and they are asking about the documents required to complete the purchase procedure.


The initial stages of buying a house in Turkey

In order to start the journey of buying a house or real estate in Turkey, you must go through several stages initially, where several important documents must be prepared, which we explain below:

You must first obtain a tax number document, which is easily extracted from the competent tax department. It is a document that is extracted free of charge. It is worth noting that this document does not obligate its owner to pay any specific taxes, but is a document that contains the tax number necessary for any official transaction. In Turkey, such as a passport or title deed (Tabu).

You must open an account in a Turkish bank, in order to facilitate the transfer of funds.

A contract called the primary contract is signed between the seller and the buyer, and a deposit is paid from the buyer to the seller.

It is necessary to prepare the most important document, which is a valid passport of the buyer, with its translation into Turkish, in addition to being certified by a notary.

Preparing 2 high quality personal photos for the buyer.

Obtaining a real estate appraisal report, in which the property specifications are written.


Important tips when buying a house in Turkey

When buying a house or property in Turkey, you should be careful and take care in some very important matters, such as the following:

You should be careful when buying a property without seeing it in person.

Do not sign any contracts without making sure that the information in them is completely correct and truthful, because once you sign the contract, you cannot withdraw.

Before signing a house purchase contract in Turkey, you must make sure that the signing takes place within one of the legal government departments concerned with this matter, because any contracts outside these departments are not recognized.

 Never forget to take a tour to see all the homes and properties available for sale.


Can foreigners buy a house in Turkey?

Many foreigners coming to Turkey aspire to buy a house or property, and there are many goals behind that ambition, as some of them want to obtain residence in Turkey, the so-called real estate residence, by buying a property with certain specifications at a certain price.

Some of them want to buy a property or house with the aim of investing, such as renting the property and profiting from it or selling it after a while when its price increases, and foreigners may want to buy a property or house in Turkey only for the purpose of spending a holiday and a happy vacation far from the requirements of work and life.


 Documents that a foreigner needs when buying a house in Turkey?

The foreign individual needs several papers and documents that must be available in order to be able to own a property or house in Turkey, which we present below:

The person must have a copy of his passport translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public.

Two recent photos of the foreign person wishing to buy a house in Turkey must be available.

A document stating the value of the property or house, which is a document obtained from the municipality of the area in which the property is located.

A contract that contains all the specifications and accurate information related to the property that the foreigner wishes to buy, in detail.

An insurance policy against earthquakes and natural disasters for the house or property.

An original copy of the power of attorney must be brought, certified by a notary public and translated into Turkish, in case the procedures for purchasing the property are completed through a legal agent.


What are the fees for registering a house or property in Turkey?

The general rule in all countries, including Turkey, is that all real estate sold from houses, villas, apartments, lands or shops, a fee is paid to complete the procedures for transferring ownership of the property or the house from one person to another, and these expenses are estimated at 4% of the property price Agreed upon, which is registered at the Real Estate Registration Office.

Recently, additional fees were imposed at the Tapu Department, and it is worth noting that these ownership transfer fees are paid on the same day of the transfer of ownership.

It should be noted that the value of the fees is divided between the seller and the buyer, so that each of them pays 2%, except for some cases in which the two parties agree that one of them pays the fees in full.


 How to pay property or house ownership fees in Turkey?

The procedures for paying the property fees are made through a bank transfer, where a text message is sent from the phone of both the seller and the buyer, and then each of them knows the value of the fees that they must pay, and this is done so that these fees are paid before completing the signing of the transfer of ownership between the two parties.

It is worth noting that the payment of title or title deed fees is one of the most important elements that must be taken into account when buying a house in Turkey. It should be noted that there is no clear legal text stating that the buyer pays these fees, but they are often collected from him.

In the last procedures, a real estate registry is organized, by clearly writing the owner’s name, detailing the condition of the property, and writing the serial number of the house or property, with proof of any modifications made in the house or property, if any.


Advantages of buying a house in Turkey

There are many unique reasons and advantages that make buying a property or house in Turkey an ideal choice for any investor or foreigner, some of which are presented below:

The stability of Turkish national security, and the excellent political situation that the Turkish state has been experiencing since 2018, after the elections that were held at that time, and the economic stability that followed.

Having a very distinctive investment environment, especially in the field of real estate investment in Turkey.

The Arabs' feeling of familiarity within the Turkish complex, due to the great similarity in the lifestyle between Arabs and Turks, where Arabs and Turks are similar in the aspect of religion and morals, as well as the details of daily life such as food and clothing, all of which makes the Arab investor feel while he is in Turkey as if he is in his mother country .

Preserving the Arab identity, as residency in Western or European countries poses a direct threat to the educational environment of Arabs.

The presence of a highly developed air transport network, which made visits between residents of Turkey and their families in the country of origin very easy.

Having a relatively low standard of living, you will not cost much money, effort and trouble when you reside in Turkey.


Problems that may occur when buying a house in Turkey

There are several risks and fears for foreign investors in the field of real estate investment, particularly those who are new to this field, and make them generally worried about pumping their money into Turkey. Below we explain the controversy over these important points:

The first problem: a change in the prices of the Turkish national currency and its decrease sometimes

It is one of the problems that occupy the minds of those coming to Turkey, which is the instability of the price of the Turkish national currency (the lira), against other foreign currencies, and despite this problem, the real estate investment market is in continuous prosperity and development, and is the most important sector that contributes to raising the status of the country economically.

It should be mentioned that some real estate analysts and economists consider the low price of the Turkish lira an opportunity to invest in real estate and buy a house or property in Turkey.


The second problem: fraud or real estate fraud by dealing with unreliable companies

As every foreigner coming to Turkey must search for reputable, famous and trusted real estate companies or offices, because some investors are not fully and sufficiently familiar with the Turkish real estate market, and this increases their chances of being exposed to fraud and commercial fraud.

There are several forms of fraud, for example, the fraudster may claim to be the real owner of the house or property, or someone claims to be a legal agent and responsible for the procedures for selling the property, and forges documents and papers while he does not have the right to sell the property in the first place.

Also, one of the most important forms of commercial fraud is the presence of some people who promote a specific property or house, without clarifying the condition of the house or the original property, and it is possible that the property has any legal problems such as a mortgage or that it is not registered in the real estate registry.


The third problem: lack of familiarity with the stages and procedures for buying and selling real estate in Turkey

Many investors face the problem of lack of experience or information about the stages and procedures of buying and selling, and therefore they must be well acquainted with real estate laws in Turkey.

But it should be noted that all these problems can be avoided very easily, by choosing a real estate company that is familiar with all the laws of the Turkish state in the field of real estate, and that the company is reliable, in order to accompany the investor in all steps of the purchase, and this reduces the effort in the stages of buying Real estate or house in Turkey.


About the notary in Turkey

The notary or the notary is the entity mandated by the Turkish government to authenticate and certify official papers and documents and to ensure the integrity of all documents, and to ensure the integrity of the signatures and seals on them.

Notar certification is the one that grants any papers and documents the status of accreditation and acceptance in the official authorities on Turkish territory, where the notar must match the seals and the validity of all papers and certificates submitted to it.

And then any document or document that has been certified by a notary becomes the legal document, and government departments do not have to prove the authenticity of those papers again.


The most important documents that require the seal of the notary or the notary

Translated official personal documents such as passports, personal identification cards, and a driver's licence.

University degrees issued by other foreign countries.

Marriage contracts, and guardianship of children.

Birth certificates.

Real estate lease contracts of all kinds.

All types of public and private agencies.

Partnership contracts.

All documents that need notarization with the Turkish government.

The contract for the sale of a future property (or what is known as a promise to sell contract), as well as contracts for the sale of cars.


Types of title deed (Tabu) in Turkey

In the following lines, we will explain the types of title deed in Turkey, and the differences between the blue and red title deed:

The Turkish title deed is the official document that proves someone’s ownership of a certain property, when buying a property in Turkey. The title deed document contains information and specifications of the property, house or house. The type and location of the property are precisely and detailed, its share of the building and its number, and this document is organized From the side of the Land Registry Directorate.


Information included in the title deed document in Turkey

The title deed is extracted from the land registry office or what is known as (the Turkish Tapu Department) and the following information is recorded in the title deed or the Turkish title deed:

Real estate address: where you specify the city or center in addition to the exact area and street.

A personal photo of the property owner.

Registration number for the land on which the building is located.

The type of land on which the property is located, valid or unsuitable for construction.


Title deed colors in Turkey according to the type of property

The colors of the student bond vary according to the type of property, and it is as follows:

First the blue title deed

It is the title deed assigned to all agricultural real estate, and the owner of that land has the right to carry out any agricultural work such as farming or raising poultry or the like.

It is worth noting that land real estate in Turkey is of two types, one valid for construction or not valid for construction, where the validity of the land for construction or not depends on the reconstruction plan of the competent authorities (the concerned municipalities), and this is extremely important, because it is not possible and illegal to grant a building permit Later on, unfit for construction in Turkey.

It should be noted that it is necessary to review the competent municipality to ensure that the land is not on a public road specific to the state or designated for a garden, for example, because in such cases the land is not used afterwards to build housing projects.


Secondly, the red title deed

It is one of the types of title deed or title deed in Turkey, and it is the title deed of the residential units within the city plans, such as the villa, house or office.


Notes on Title deed in Turkey

There are several notes regarding the title deed or title deed that you should know:

The title deed or title deed is only delivered to the legal owner of the property.

If the property or house is owned by more than one person, then only one title deed or title deed is granted, taking into account the decision on it, and clarification of the share of each of the owners of the property.

Tapu or title deed can be registered in the names of four partners.

The partners in the property or the same house are considered partners in all its divisions, as the partner in the property does not have a specific part of the property, but the partners share the entire property.


 Important points for those wishing to own an apartment in Turkey.

The foreign investor must take into account several very important points, in order to ensure a safe investment process, which we list as follows:

It is necessary to ascertain a very important matter, which is the eligibility of the seller (the owner of the property) or the person responsible for selling the apartment in terms of real ownership of the property or not.

It must be ensured that there is no other owner or buyer of the property.

Ensure that the apartment or property is free of problems such as mortgage, rental rights or any other legal problems.

An in-kind view of the property or house is required, in order to ensure its suitability for housing or investment.

It must be ensured that there is no form of transfer of ownership of the property.

It is necessary to verify the information in the title deed or title deed, by matching the registered area and specifications with the real reality of the house or property.

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At the conclusion of our article, we hope that we have provided a sufficient and comprehensive explanation and comprehensive information on the documents needed to buy a house in Turkey.


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