Earthquake resistant buildings...a new urban renaissance

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Earthquake resistant buildings...a new urban renaissance

Features of earthquake buildings in Turkey

Earthquake resistant buildings...a new urban renaissance
16th February 2023
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In light of the development in the real estate sector in Turkey, we have what is called earthquake-resistant buildings, whose existence is considered necessary in light of a number of earthquakes that struck the region during the past years, specifically this type of building began to be launched after 1999 AD, that is, after the Marmara earthquake, but what are its specifications? What principles are followed during the construction process? What is the benefit of an earthquake insurance policy? All these questions we will be keen to answer in this article.


What do we mean by earthquake-resistant buildings in Turkey?

In short, they are the buildings that were constructed in a deliberate manner to be resistant to vibrations and concussions resulting from the action of strong earthquakes and natural disasters, where reliance is placed on the most important types of building materials and the most high quality, as well as reliance on engineers with experience and long experience in the Turkish sector. Windows and doors are crack-resistant, and what must be said in this context is that adopting this type of building and welcoming its spread is not a protection for the buildings themselves only, but also for those who live in them.


What are the characteristics of anti-seismic buildings?

Earthquake-resistant buildings in Turkey have a number of specifications, including the following.

Buildings are constructed in such a way that they are able to absorb strong shocks and vibrations.

These buildings are able to maintain their balance during the earthquake internally and externally.

Soil conditions are being studied and analyzed to discover their hardness.

The more solid the soil, the greater the height of the building.

When the soil hardness decreases and its flexibility increases, care must be taken regarding the height of the floors.

Earthquake resistant buildings should not exceed fifty meters in length.

Walls and ceilings are connected to form a more solid mass.

The task of carrying the roofs is assigned to the concrete columns.

When adhering to all the recommended standards, we will have, in the long term, buildings that have the ability to withstand the seismic pressure and the vibrational shocks that result from it later, and thus all this leads us to less damage and more protection.


When did Turkey start making earthquake-resistant buildings?

The Turkish government put in place a lot of plans to construct earthquake-resistant buildings and projects, and that was after the 1999 earthquake, that is, after the famous Marmara earthquake that destroyed many cities, buildings and regions, and since then the control of construction operations has become more accurate.

Based on the new instructions, the competent authorities decided the need to conduct a comprehensive examination of the buildings, and they were classified into three types, the first is very dangerous buildings, the second is medium-risk buildings, and the third is low-risk buildings. The need for care and restoration of the other two varieties.


Can Istanbul be declared earthquake resistant?

Despite the spread of many earthquake-resistant buildings in that city, especially in modern and modern areas, this does not mean that when an earthquake occurs, none of the buildings will fall, as this matter specifically depends on the strength, intensity and depth of the earthquake, but in general with its presence it is considered The situation is highly safe and reassuring to the residents.


What is earthquake insurance in Turkey?

It is a document issued by the insurance companies and the concerned authorities that guarantees its bearer obtaining compensation for the losses resulting from the disaster. The annual fees for this insurance are paid by the owner of the property specifically that.

In this context, the fees are paid either at the bank or at the post office, and the third possibility is in the insurance companies. What you do not know is that the existence of this document is very important because it is not issued until it is confirmed that the building is built according to studied standards, resistant to earthquakes, and thus will ensure that your life And your family's life is safe.


What does earthquake insurance cover in Turkey?

The insurance covers material losses related to construction, such as elevators and stairs, as well as problems that may be caused by an earthquake, such as fires and explosions.


Buildings covered by earthquake insurance

The insurance covers commercial buildings such as offices and others, as well as buildings that are still under construction and the construction stages have not been completed.


Buildings not covered by earthquake insurance

Buildings under the authority of public services.

Buildings located in remote rural locations.

Buildings that were built without deliberate engineering plans, that is, in a random manner.

Buildings for which a demolition or removal decision was issued.

Abandoned buildings.

Buildings that are used for industrial projects.


Are foreigners and Turks compensated after the earthquakes?

When an earthquake occurs, the Turkish government spares no effort in saving what can be saved in terms of human lives. It also works to compensate those affected financially, whether the collapse of their buildings was totally or partially. In this, no distinction is made between a Turkish and a foreigner, but rather everyone is treated similarly, and then a number of measures are taken. To restore the disaster that befell, including the following:

Apartments and living quarters such as prefabricated houses are urgently provided.

The buildings are thoroughly examined by specialized committees, so that the dangerous ones are evacuated quickly.

Apartments for those affected are secured and rents paid.

The goal is to secure Turkish buildings against earthquakes

Preserving as much as possible the lives of the population.

Making the place safer to live and settle.

Minimizing damage and avoiding exposing citizens to material losses.

Reducing the burdens of repair, maintenance and material costs on the state if it undertakes to build again.


The costs of obtaining earthquake insurance in Turkey

It is not possible to be certain of a specific cost because this matter differs from one property to another, where the area it has plays an important role, as well as the type of building in which it is located, the geographical location within the city, and the age of the building, so is it newly established or old, but what can be said in this regard is that the annual fees do not exceed The 50 US dollars only.


The role of construction companies in creating resistant buildings

The construction companies are primarily responsible for building and constructing anti-seismic buildings in Turkey, and they are obligated to the buyer to explain to him the materials used in construction and the extent of their resistance to natural disasters. Infrastructure projects such as airports with a resistance rating of 9 on the Richter scale.

Binaa Real Estate is fully prepared to inform you of the latest events and developments that occur in the Turkish real estate sector by monitoring them in various articles and topics, and our advisory team is ready to answer various questions and inquiries at any time.


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