Highways in Istanbul and their great role

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Highways in Istanbul and their great role

Learn about the most important highways in Istanbul on the role they play

Highways in Istanbul and their great role
31st March 2023
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Among the beautiful and lively cities of the world, Istanbul stands out as one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey and the world as the beauty of Istanbul shines with its cultural diversity and rich history, as well as the multiple travel routes that make the city a magnet for tourists from all over the world and in this article, we will review together the most important highways in Istanbul that you should choose to explore the entire city in the best possible way.


The importance of highways in Istanbul

The highways in Istanbul are one of the most important factors in the economy, as they make it easier for investors, tourists and citizens to move around the city easily and smoothly, and the Istanbul municipality works to provide roads of great importance to facilitate movement for residents and make the city a better place to live and work and among the main highways in Istanbul, you will find the TEM highway, which has unique specifications and characteristics, as well as the E5 highway, which is vital in public transportation.


TEM Highway Specifications and Characteristics

The TEM highway is considered one of the most important highways in Istanbul, as it extends over a distance of approximately 70 kilometers, and connects the Esenyurt region with the Black Sea side as the road was designed in a way to facilitate traffic movement and reduce congestion, and it is characterized by inclined slopes, high areas, low areas, and zigzags.

The road includes many express lanes, diversions, tunnels and bridges, in addition to an electronic system that allows vehicles to move freely and without stopping as the road provides fast and convenient transportation between neighborhoods and the main areas of the city, saving time, effort and cost for travelers and property owners near it.


E5 highway details and importance in public transportation

The E5 highway is one of the most important highways in Istanbul, as it connects different districts to each other and is a major artery for traffic as the road is about 50 kilometers long, and the famous metrobus line that connects the European and Asian parts of the city passes in the middle of it, in addition to public buses that provide a convenient transportation service for citizens despite the traffic jams on this famous road, it is a starting point for many other means of public transport such as the metro, multi-numbered buses and school buses and therefore, the E5 highway is not only important in the daily life of the citizens of Istanbul, but also a major pillar in the city's public transportation system.


What is Basin Express and how does it work?

Basin Express is one of the modern highways in Istanbul that was built with the latest international specifications as its length is about 47 kilometers, and the main part of it consists of 21 kilometers as the road consists of 3 lanes and 4 lanes in some places, including a special entrance for buses and vehicles carrying passengers.

The road is characterized by the advanced technologies represented by the satellite system (GPS) and has the facilities and automatic detection of vehicles through the HGS system of expressway in Turkey.

The road is used to relieve traffic congestion witnessed by the E-5 main road and TEM road and connects to the north of Istanbul as it is equipped with a large number of tunnels and bridges, and this road is an ideal choice for those who want to quickly reach the city center.


Capabilities and Characteristics of the HGS Highway System in Turkey 

HGS Highway Traffic System in Turkey is an automatic propulsion system that allows vehicles to pass smoothly across bridges and highways as an electronic chip is installed on the windshield of the car under the mirror, and the HGS service can be accessed through the FastPass application on smartphones.

The system can record the tolls for every car passing through Turkey's highways, thus making traffic control in cities easier than ever before and of course, HGS provides the necessary facilities for car travel in Turkey, which enhances the speed and safety of transportation in big cities like Istanbul.

It contributes significantly to the promotion of fast and safe transportation in the city and increases the efficiency and speed of traffic movement as this is considered as one of the essential aspects that support sustainable economic and social development in Istanbul.


 The impact of highways on the economy in Istanbul

The highways in Istanbul are of great importance in advancing the economy and facilitating movement within the city, which positively affects the movement of trade and tourism as highways have contributed to improving access to industrial, commercial and residential areas faster and easier, which prompted more investments and economic activity in the city.

In addition, rapid means of transportation have become a great time and effort saver for travelers and citizens, which raises their confidence in economic life and motivates them to invest within the city thus, highways become a key factor in stimulating economic growth in Istanbul and making it one of the most important factors in economic development in Turkey and the world.


Highways and sustainable development challenges and responsibilities

These roads face many challenges in this context, including environmental, economic and social issues

Among these challenges, one can mention the negative impact on the environment and encourage the use of private cars, which contradicts the countries' commitment to the sustainable development framework and in addition, highways can divide cities and disperse populations, and there is a responsibility to provide basic services and sustainable urban development and therefore, it is important to strike a balance between transportation needs and sustainable development commitments in Istanbul, by adopting policies that promote public transportation and sustainability and support public and private partnerships.


The impact of highways on the real estate sector in Istanbul

These highways are known to play an important role in the real estate sector in the city, as they attract investors and increase the demand for real estate in the surrounding areas with many highways in Istanbul, investors can easily access the up-and-coming areas that are witnessing continuous growth in the real estate sector, which enhances investment opportunities and increases profits and therefore, highways are one of the factors that greatly affect the real estate sector in Istanbul, and encourage investors to enter this active and constantly growing market.

real estate sector in istanbul

Will there be more highways in the future?

After the great success of the highways in Istanbul, the Turkish government plans to develop more of these roads in the future, with the aim of improving access and transportation in the city as it is worth noting that in addition to improving access, highways will also help boost the real estate sector in Istanbul, by improving access and providing convenience for residents of the city.


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