How To Buy An Apartment in Dubai

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How To Buy An Apartment in Dubai

Steps and conditions for buying an apartment in Dubai

How To Buy An Apartment in Dubai
10th May 2024
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Living in Dubai provides a wonderful combination of entertainment, cultural and professional exposure, as well as a basic safety factor for all those looking for a place of long-term stability and work. Therefore, this emirate has become a preferred destination for living for many people from different parts of the world, and the project of buying an apartment in Dubai has become their top priority.

What are the requirements and procedures to buy an apartment in Dubai, whether for housing or investment purposes? What are the pros and cons of this step?


Real estate investment opportunities in Dubai

The real estate market in Dubai is one of the most active sectors in the world, thanks to the diversity of luxury and mid-range options that are also characterized by high quality, which provides unparalleled investment opportunities. Here are some of the advantages of this market that will make you think about buying an apartment in Dubai:

  • Diversity of real estate offers, from luxury apartments in Burj Khalifa to breathtaking villas on the beaches.
  • A flexible investment environment, as the Dubai government provides laws and legislation that enhance real estate property rights and protect investors.
  • The availability of freehold areas for foreigners in Dubai, such as Dubai Marina, Downtown, Al Barsha, Jumeirah, and Business Bay, in addition to new developed residential communities.
  • Providing ownership of real estate for foreigners under free contracts, which still attracts many international investors.


How to look for apartments for sale in Dubai

Technology and the electronic system in Dubai allow you to search for apartments for sale online in the easiest ways at reasonable prices. You can find cheap or higher quality apartments for sale in Dubai through these sources:

  • Online real estate advertising sites, which show you apartment options and prices up to date, according to a smooth and fast browsing system.
  • Real estate agencies, you can contact them to request assistance in searching for an apartment that suits your budget requirements.
  • Mobile applications such as Airbnb, and other easy-to-use applications, which keep you updated on offers and preferential rates.
  • Social networking sites: There are many real estate promotion pages on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms that display properties to suit all tastes.
  • Traditional advertising sites, such as newspapers and magazines. Many people like to search this way for what they want

Procedures for buying an apartment in Dubai

Buying apartments in Dubai requires several steps in advance, as you must first search for the apartment that suits your needs and financial savings.

Then seek the help of a licensed real estate agent who will help you find your need, with a thorough study of the method of payment, whether it will be made in one payment or whether there is a possibility of installments.

After that, a purchase offer is made and the contract is signed, along with paying a deposit to reserve the property and starting to complete the required legal and financial documents.

In the next stage, the remaining amount is paid and the official registration process is arranged at the Dubai Land Department.

All previous stages must not be without a lawyer specialized in real estate to ensure the integrity of the procedures and their compliance with the laws of the emirate.

A deal like this requires precise knowledge of local procedures and legislation, so it is important to obtain appropriate professional advice beforehand.

Advice when searching for apartments for sale in Dubai

When looking for an affordable apartment in Dubai, it is a good idea to check the available facilities and conditions associated with rent, and check the reputation of the landlord or real estate agency before making a purchase decision.

buy an apartment in dubai

Apartment prices in Dubai

Apartment prices in Dubai are naturally different depending on location, area, facilities available in the residential community, and other factors.

Here are the general frameworks for apartment prices in some famous areas within the emirate:

Number of Rooms Area (Square Meters) Approximate Price (AED) Featured Areas
1 Bedroom 50 - 70 400,000 - 700,000 Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai
2 Bedrooms 80 - 120 800,000 - 1,200,000 Al Barsha, Jumeirah Lakes, Al Quoz
3 Bedrooms 120 - 180 1,300,000 - 1,800,000 Business Bay, Al Barsha, Dubai Land
4 Bedrooms 180 - 250 2,000,000 - 2,800,000 Jumeirah, Business Bay, Jumeirah Beach Residence
More than 4 Bedrooms More than 250 Varies based on location and facilities Emirates Towers, Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Garden City

You should know that these prices are changing according to many external factors that lead to price fluctuation. Keep in touch with a local real estate agent to get up-to-date and detailed information about prices in the area of interest to you.

The best places to buy an apartment in Dubai

Dubai's reputation is known for the quality of the buildings and the innovative designs of the diverse residential projects. You will be amazed by the facilities in these beautiful complexes in areas such as:

  • Burj Khalifa, it is not just a symbol of Dubai, but one of the most famous residential towers in the world. The apartments here offer stunning views of the city and the sea.
  • Dubai Marina, where the most beautiful luxury residential towers provide high-quality facilities and stunning views of the marina and the city.
  • Business Bay project, famous for the modern design, including high-end apartments and facilities.
  • Jumeirah, another example for the best luxury residential complexes, such as Jumeirah Beach Residence and Jumeirah Emira.
  • The new Sheikh Zayed project, here you will find a variety of residential units and high-end facilities, suitable for varying budgets.

Where can I find cheap apartments in Dubai?

As mentioned earlier, apartments are available at different prices in Dubai depending on location, unit size and available facilities. Here are some places where you may find apartments at relatively lower prices in Dubai:

  • New emerging areas, such as Dubailand and Dubai South, where residential projects are being constructed at relatively lower prices compared to other major areas of the city.
  • Lower-rise residential complexes, as you will find here buildings with lower floors that many people prefer, instead of luxury residential towers.
  • The northern and eastern regions. Apartments in the northern and eastern regions of Dubai are often more modest in price compared to the western and southern regions.
  • Projects that have not yet been completed, as you may find some apartments at low prices in these real estate projects, but you must be careful and verify the credibility of the developer, which applies to the quality of construction and services.

Is it possible to buy real estate for sale in installments in Dubai?

You will definitely find an apartment for sale in Dubai in installments. Many real estate developers offer flexible payment plans to buyers wishing to purchase real estate. These plans vary in payment terms, such as down payment and monthly installments, and can span different time periods, up to years.

installment options can be available to buyers in new residential projects or projects under construction, as well as used properties. You can view real estate advertising sites or contact real estate agents to obtain information about apartments available for installments in Dubai.


Can foreigners get a loan to buy an apartment in Dubai?

The conditions for obtaining a housing loan for foreigners in the UAE may differ between banks and financial institutions, but in general, here are some general conditions that allow this category to buy an apartment in Dubai depending on a loan:

  • Providing proof of a stable monthly income, and it is often required that the monthly income be high enough to cover the monthly payments.
  • Some banks require borrowers to have a specific residence history in the emirate, in order to be eligible for a housing loan.
  • Banks are different in their requirements for the age of the buyer.
  • Identity, legal residence visa, and a copy of the passport may be requested, in addition to the salary certificate and bank account statement.

  A certain percentage of the property value that people can borrow is determined, and the percentage varies according to the bank’s policy and real estate market conditions.

It is preferable to check the conditions directly with the bank or financial institution you wish to apply for a housing loan in Dubai, as conditions can change between different financial institutions according to their policies and requirements.

buying apartment in dubai

Advantages of buying an apartment in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai attracts the visitors to invest, seeking an excellent business environment in all sectors, to be located close to it, in addition to the excellent infrastructure that meets the needs of luxurious modern life, such as main roads, public transportation, and communications, which facilitate transportation and enhance comfort.

. Here are more of these advantages:

  • The property laws that Dubai provides, including an open investment environment with attractive ownership laws, allow foreign investors to own real estate in different areas.
  • High return on investment, as the real estate market in Dubai provides good returns to investors, whether the goal is investment or permanent housing.
  • Cultural diversity, thanks to a diverse and multicultural urban environment, which makes Dubai a preferred living and investment destination for those who love an open life.
  • Attractive tourism, which attracts visitors from all over the world, which positively affects real estate growth and the buying and selling market, enhancing demand for real estate and increasing the value.
  • The safety factor that provides a stable environment for living and working, making it an ideal choice for individuals and families.
  • Diversity of residential options that meet different needs and budgets, starting from luxury apartments in residential towers to luxurious villas in gated communities.
  • High-quality facilities and services surrounding residences, such as schools, hospitals, stores, restaurants, parks, and entertainment facilities, which make life comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Proximity to the most important cultural and entertainment events, as Dubai has many cultural and entertainment events throughout the year, including festivals, artistic performances, exhibitions, and sports festivals, which adds to the attractiveness of life in the emirate.


Are there any downsides to buying an apartment in Dubai?

There is no doubt that some see a number of potential negatives to buying an apartment in Dubai, including the high costs of living and maintenance, ownership restrictions for foreigners, fluctuations in real estate prices, and the impact of economic conditions on the value of real estate.

Those wishing to buy will also notice some side costs that will result from the deal. These fees amount to 4% of the value of the property, in addition to title deed issuance fees, management fees, and mortgage fees for those wishing to obtain a housing loan, all of which are amounts that must be paid before completing the property purchase transaction. 

While the benefits of well-being and happiness are all around you, this generally comes at a high cost. Do not forget that some of the cities of this country are among the most expensive regions in the world, especially the Emirate of Dubai. So be sure of your ability to adapt your income to the various requirements of life there, such as transportation, education, treatment, etc.

Real estate prices in Dubai may also be affected by several factors, such as changes in demand and supply, local and global economic developments, government policies related to real estate and investment, in addition to other factors such as urban developments and new projects.

However, there has been stability in prices in recent years, according to the experience of researchers wishing to buy an apartment in Dubai.

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