Investing in new Istanbul apartments is a profitable opportunity

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Investing in new Istanbul apartments is a profitable opportunity

Learn about the benefits of buying new-build apartments in Istanbul for real estate investment

Investing in new Istanbul apartments is a profitable opportunity
25th April 2023
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Investing in new Istanbul apartments is a profitable opportunity for many investors, as these apartments are characterized by a privileged location, modern design, and luxurious services and in addition, the real estate market in Istanbul is stable and steadily increasing, which makes it an ideal choice for long-term investment and in this article, we will talk about the reasons for your investment in new Istanbul apartments and the factors that make it a profitable opportunity that every investor should consider.

Advantages of investing in new Istanbul apartments

new Istanbul apartments have several advantages that make them a promising investment opportunity for everyone as these apartments are characterized by their important and distinctive location, close to the vital areas of the city, thus achieving the desired returns, and many of these apartments contain modern and modern facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and beautiful gardens, and this attracts investors and buyers and in addition, the new Istanbul apartments provide the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship as well as enjoy real estate residence, which makes it a profitable opportunity for investors with high ambitions looking for a safe and profitable investment opportunity.


The steps to buy apartments in Istanbul

The steps to buy apartments in Istanbul come at the forefront of the most important things that investors must do and the first step begins with searching for available properties in high-end neighborhoods and areas suitable for real estate investment and you can take advantage of social networking sites and websites specializing in real estate to browse pictures and detailed descriptions of real estate.

A professional and reliable real estate agent is then contacted to solve the problems encountered during the purchase process and facilitate the procedures as the purchase of a specific property is determined based on the investor's budget and specific requirements.

The selected property is visited to inspect its condition and quality in an appropriate manner and to verify its suitability for real estate investment as the price and other details of the purchase are then negotiated with the seller.

Finally, the formal purchase and registration procedures are carried out with the authorized lawyer to ensure that the property is acquired legally as investors are obligated to provide all the required papers and documents to ensure the authenticity of the purchase and to facilitate the necessary procedures.

In this way, apartments in Istanbul are obtained easily, conveniently, and at an appropriate cost, and it is considered one of the best profitable real estate investments.

Where to find apartments for sale in new Istanbul?

Take a look at the most modern or modern apartments in Istanbul through these paragraphs.

Buying apartments in Basaksehir

Basaksehir is one of the best investment options in new Istanbul, as it has many features and services that make it an ideal area for housing and investment as the area includes many commercial and entertainment centers, in addition to the presence of many schools, universities and hospitals as Basaksehir is also distinguished by its strategic location near the new Istanbul Airport, Taksim Triangle and the city center and there are many high-quality residential properties in the area at affordable prices for investors, and it also contains many modern projects that are profitable and profitable investment opportunities and therefore, if you are looking for a successful investment opportunity in Istanbul, you should consider buying real estate in Basaksehir.


Buying apartments in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu in Istanbul is a profitable investment opportunity in the real estate market, as it offers many distinguished real estate projects that include luxury apartments within upscale residential complexes as the region has all the facilities and services necessary for modern life, in addition to its strategic location close to other areas in Istanbul and buying apartments in Beylikduzu provides an opportunity to obtain good income from real estate investment, especially since the region has witnessed an increase in demand for real estate in recent times and therefore, it is highly recommended that buying apartments in Beylikduzu be included in the list of desirable investment opportunities in new Istanbul.


Buying apartments in Bahcesehir

Buying apartments in Bahcesehir, Istanbul is a great choice for investors and families looking to live in an upscale and vibrant environment and this area has many wonderful features, such as its proximity to its residential complexes, its presence in a lively and modern area, in addition to its high level of interior and exterior design and not only is the property purchased for residence, but it can also be rented and receive monthly profits or resold in the future.


Buying apartments in Umraniye

Umraniye district in Istanbul is one of the popular residential areas, as it enjoys a strategic location close to the most important strategic projects in the city, which makes it an ideal area for investing in new Istanbul apartments as Umraniye apartments are distinguished by their unique urban splendor in their designs and high specifications, in addition to the high demand for them due to the population density in this distinctive area.


Are the prices of new Istanbul apartments high?

Although there are some differences in prices in different areas of the city, on average they range from $1,500 to $2,000 per square meter and prices can vary greatly based on the neighborhood, location, real estate event, and surrounding amenities.

Despite these disparities, new Istanbul apartments are very profitable for both investment and housing and some buyers and investors may find that the prices are a little high, but they understand that it is an achievement of the quality of the property and the services that are provided and buyers can get new build and luxury models for these prices and in addition, water, electricity and other services must be connected to the building, which increases the price of apartments and therefore, it can be said that the prices of apartments in new Istanbul reflect their due value.


new Istanbul apartments are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship

In addition to the financial advantages, the Turkish government announces the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property by foreigners, provided that the value of the property is $400,000 or its equivalent in Turkish lira and obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate is one of the preferred options for foreign investors, and for this reason it can be said that investing in new Istanbul apartments is a profitable opportunity that may open the door to obtaining Turkish citizenship with ease.


Common questions:

  1. What are the expected returns from investing in new Istanbul apartments?

The expected returns from the investment of new Istanbul apartments can range between 6% and 8% annually, depending on several factors such as the area, the size of the apartment, and the services available in the building.


  1. Can foreigners buy apartments in Istanbul?

- Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy apartments in Istanbul, provided that the area of ​​the apartment does not exceed 30 hectares, and foreigners must also register in the Land Registry Department.


  1. What are the best areas to invest in new Istanbul apartments?

Basaksehir, Esenyurt, and other new areas in Istanbul are among the best areas to invest in new apartments, as they are characterized by urban development, available services, and reasonable prices for investment

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