Ispartakule region and its investment importance

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Ispartakule region and its investment importance

Advantages of housing and investment in the Ispartakule region

Ispartakule region and its investment importance
20th February 2023
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The Ispartakule region is known for its investment importance, as it is an observatory and a home for major businessmen as long as it provides all the ingredients that any investor looking for in real estate investment in the region and settle in a comfortable and quiet place, as the region is proud of its strategic location that distinguishes it from other neighboring regions. .

In our article, we will highlight the importance of investing in that region, and how to exploit investment opportunities there.


Information about the Ispartakule region

The region is located in the European section of Istanbul, bordered to the north by Lake Kucukcekmece.

It is located at the entrance of Bahcesehir, and close to the Istanbul Canal project. It is very likely that a metro station will open soon. You can have direct access from the area to the highway via a special bridge connecting them.

The area overlooks the Sea of ​​Marmara and wide green spaces, although it is in the center of Istanbul, it is far from the traffic jams and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Minutes away, separating the area from the future metro station, connecting Bahcesehir area with Mecidiyekoy area and various areas of Istanbul.

The area includes 6,000 homes, extends over 60,000 square meters of residential buildings, and more than 500,000 square meters of green spaces.


The importance of real estate investment in Ispartakule 

  1. The area is considered one of the major investment areas, as it includes new residential projects.
  2. The buildings in the area are of high heights, which enable excellent views to be overlooked.
  3. The real estate market in Ispartakule is characterized by being thriving and diversified, including all types of real estate such as: villas, penthouses, and duplexes.
  4. The region has a strong infrastructure, with great transportation, good schools and universities.
  5. Investors can take advantage of generous tax incentives.
  6. The area is characterized by low levels of crime, which provides businessmen peace of mind and reassurance when investing.
  7. It provides distinct rental returns compared to other areas, which makes it a great investment destination.
  8. Its climate is mild all year round, which makes it a great place to live or vacation.
  9. Living in Ispartakule is cheap and affordable compared to other parts of Europe.
  10. Properties in the area are mostly affordable, which makes it easy to invest in real estate without hesitation.
  11. It has a diversified transportation line of metrobus, ferries and taxis.
  12. It contains famous hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies.
  13. The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth 400 thousand US dollars and granting it to all family members.
  14. Possibility of obtaining real estate residence.
  15. The area is safe, especially since the crime rate is almost non-existent, which makes it an area where one can settle without fear or anxiety.
  16. Apartments can be purchased in high-rise buildings in order to have a wonderful view that reveals the sea and the distinctive green spaces.

Educational facilities in Ispartakule

The Turkish government is investing heavily in the education sector in the region, providing a variety of options for students for various stages of study, whether primary, secondary or even university, from high-level universities to specialized technology academies, to vocational schools, traditional schools, and private primary and secondary schools, even the high-tech institutions located in Ispartakule.


Means of transportation in Ispartakule 

Getting around the area is easy and convenient, especially with the public transportation system, through which you can travel to different destinations within the city. In addition, the area is connected to the local bus network in neighboring cities. In addition, ferries operate between the European side and the Asian side, where you can move from one state to another without difficulty. There are also plenty of taxis for those who prefer privacy when moving around.


Health facilities in Ispartakule

The region works to provide high-quality medical facilities and health centers, containing a variety of medical needs, including the best hospitals in the world equipped with experienced doctors and nurses.

It includes various treatments and surgeries, moreover, it contains general practitioners to specialists, to home medical services.


Is real estate ownership in Ispartakule profitable?

Investing in real estate in the region is a rewarding project, as the region offers a suitable location for all your needs and budget, and easy access to transportation, restaurants and cafes. Moreover, you can rent the property in the tourist seasons if you do not want to live in it, which makes you earn great returns and huge financial profits. In the long run, especially since the region is home to foreign tourists from all over the world.


The future of real estate investment in Ispartakule 

The future of real estate investment in Ispartakule is promising, especially since the region is characterized by its strong economy, and includes many famous tourist attractions and distinctive areas that are a focus for tourists and investors, in addition to that, its proximity to the Istanbul Canal project made it a distinctive point, and access to international airports and ports.

In recent years, the region has witnessed tremendous growth in residential complexes, commercial and industrial sectors, all of which have contributed to the growth of the region's economy.

The region is expected to attract millions of tourists and investors wishing to diversify their portfolios.


Buying an apartment in Ispartakule under construction

In the event that you want to buy apartments in Ispartakule in a more flexible way, there is no doubt that investing in off-plan apartments is a right decision for investors wishing to make the region their future home, but before making the final decision, you must search in more vital areas to be closer to the center of the region. , and its public services and facilities, to make it easy for yourself to access all facilities without effort.


Apartments for sale in Ispartakule suitable for Turkish citizenship

The region offers a diverse real estate market, as it includes villas, penthouses, duplexes, and hotel apartments. If your goal is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property, it is better to buy apartments that suit your budget and with the Turkish Naturalization Law, as the law stipulates that you can obtain Citizenship by purchasing a property worth $400,000 or more.


In conclusion, to learn more about the Ispartakule region and its investment importance and other regions, you can visit our website, and you can also now communicate with a group of our specialized consultants to help you in real estate investment in Turkey and how to find apartments in that region, and answer all your questions and inquiries.


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