Istiklal Street.. the most famous street in Istanbul

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Istiklal Street.. the most famous street in Istanbul

Istiklal Street is one of the most prominent streets in Istanbul, and it is considered the first destination for tourists

Istiklal Street.. the most famous street in Istanbul
22nd February 2023
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Istiklal Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, as it is an observatory for millions of tourists and foreign visitors, especially Arabs, especially as it includes many monuments, tourist places, restaurants and cafes, in addition to that many musical performances are held in it, which makes you not feel bored or the like, in addition to the presence A lot of recreational activities, so a street is one of the most important tourist destinations in Istanbul. In our article, you will learn about the most important information and tourist attractions that may help you when touring the most famous streets in the European  side of Istanbul.

Information about Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street is located in the city of Istanbul on the European side in the Beyoglu region and starts from Taksim Square to Karakoy. After the War of Independence, a street was given this name with the founding of the Turkish Republic in 1923 to commemorate the victory in the War of Independence, and is visited annually by nearly 3 million foreign tourists. It is 1.4 km long, in addition to that it contains many monuments and archaeological buildings, in addition to the presence of embassies and consulates.

You can reach Istiklal Street easily, either by using public transport buses, the M2 subway that departs from Yenikapi Station, or by taxi.

It is 8.8 km from the Fatih area, which is approximately 29 minutes by car.

It is 40.7 km away from Istanbul New Airport, or approximately 47 minutes by car.


Recreational activities on Istiklal Street

The street is known as home to many recreational activities as long as it is a popular tourist destination in Istanbul, so when you visit the street you can enjoy the following activities:

  1. Walking down the street at night is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do.
  2. You can take the old red electric train (subway).
  3. Buy some souvenirs from the shops scattered in the streets.
  4. Visit many archaeological museums and art galleries.
  5. You can enjoy eating various types of Turkish and European food, as the street is characterized by the presence of various types of restaurants.
  6. Visit the Dervishes Museum, which was built in honor of the dervish ceremonies, as this art began in Turkey in 1491.
  7. You can visit the historical buildings dating back to the late Ottoman era (19th and early 20th century).

After your knowledge of the recreational activities, we have provided you with the most prominent names of the tourist attractions on Istiklal Street.


Tourist attractions on Istiklal Street

The street includes many historical monuments that date back to the Byzantine era, in addition to the presence of monuments dating back to the era of the Ottoman Caliphate, and it is an observatory for tourists who are interested in the architecture of the three civilizations that succeeded in the country, and immortalized the most prominent monuments on Istiklal Street, the following are the most prominent monuments:

  1. The street includes the historic Galatasaray Bath, whose construction dates back to 1481 AD during the reign of Sultan Bayazid II.
  2. For those who prefer reading and books, there is the Pandora Library, which includes many rare books, in addition to maps and travel books, in both Turkish and English.
  3. The street is distinguished by the presence of the famous wax museum known as "Madame Tussauds ", which includes wax statues of various world and Turkish celebrities.
  4. For those interested in the French style, there is no doubt that you should visit the French street, which is built in the French style, and is characterized by its narrow alleys, sidewalks, and architectural and terraced buildings.
  5. You can also visit the fish market, which contains a variety of shops selling fresh fish, in addition, there are many restaurants specializing in cooking fresh seafood.


  1. Do not hesitate to visit the flower corridor, or what is known as "Jigjik Pasaji", which dates back to 1879 AD, and it is a corridor in which there are many restaurants, flower shops and luxurious Turkish dishes.
  2. It has religious places such as the very famous Hussein Agha Mosque on Istiklal Street and the domed church.

There are also archaeological museums, and one of the most famous art galleries in the city is the Al-Bira Museum.


Istiklal Street Restaurants

After completing roaming on Istiklal Street in Istanbul, it is necessary to eat in one of the restaurants, especially since there is a chain of international fast food restaurants or from local restaurants located on Istiklal Street, including:

  1. Cavite Restaurant.
  2. Maihan Restaurant.
  3. Madina Restaurant, which is one of the most famous restaurants and is very popular, due to the presence of the most famous chef in it, Chef Burak. In addition, Madina Restaurant offers a range of Lebanese and Turkish food.
  4. 360 Istanbul Restaurant, which works to serve all international and European dishes, and is distinguished by its presence inside an ancient building dating back to the nineteenth century.
  5. Taksim Sotis Restaurant, which includes the most famous Turkish and oriental food, in addition to that it contains various types of fresh juices.
  6. In addition, the presence of the Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta restaurant, which is known for its specialty in Turkish food.
  7. Bazlama Kahvalti Restaurant, one of the most famous restaurants specializing in preparing breakfast meals, in addition to that, it has a stunning view of the Bosphorus.


Istiklal Street hotels

There are many famous hotels, you can make your stay in the city unforgettable when you choose one of the following hotels:

  1. Villa pera suites hotel.
  2. Away hotel.
  3. The Marmara Taksim Hotel.
  4. Occidental The Public Hotel.


Istiklal Street at night

Istiklal Street is known at night as one of the most visible places of movement. It is also known to be one of the most bustling streets until late at night. Many bands and street artists can be seen spreading along the street and on its sides at the beginning of the night. In addition, you can explore many recreational activities, rest in various famous cafes and restaurants, and enjoy delicious Turkish and international cuisine and dishes.

In the previous lines, we have tried to answer your inquiries that center on Istiklal Street, and for more topics, you can visit our website frequently, through which we monitor many real estate and tourism issues related to Turkey.



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