Kuwaiti investments in the Turkish real estate sector

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Kuwaiti investments in the Turkish real estate sector

The most important real estate investments for Kuwaitis in Turkey

Kuwaiti investments in the Turkish real estate sector
09th October 2022
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Turkey has become a destination for real estate investment for various investors of the world in light of all the elements it possesses and the freedom to choose from the various properties it owns, as well as the ease of taking all these steps, and according to statistics issued by the official authorities, the Arabs are among the most buyers in this sector for many reasons, the most important of which are holders of Kuwaiti nationality, what are the reasons in your opinion that made them choose Turkey over other countries in the world?

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Why do Kuwaitis continue to invest in Turkey real estate?

Turkish real estate has become a popular investment destination for Kuwaitis in recent years and there are a number of reasons why Kuwaitis continue to invest in Turkish real estate, including:

- Relatively low cost of the house compared to other countries.

- Strong rental market, which provides good returns on investment.

- The growing economy and tourism industry, which attracts more people to the country.

- The political stability of Turkey compared to other countries in the region.


Steps for Kuwaitis to own real estate in Turkey

There are many fixed steps that everyone who wants to buy real estate in Turkey must follow in order to complete the transaction in a smooth and hassle-free manner, the most important of which are:

- Find a good real estate agent: You can find the list of agents on search engines where you can search for agents by city.

- Get in touch with the agent: Once you have found an agent, reach out to them and ask about properties for sale and be sure to ask about the price, location and any other relevant details.

- Choose your property: Once you have selected a property, the agent will help you with the paperwork and finalizing the sale.

- Once you get the residence permit, you can open a bank account and apply for a mortgage from a Turkish bank.


Real estate that a Kuwaiti buys in Turkey

Kuwaitis go to specific options of real estate in Turkey to buy. In light of the great diversity of real estate in that country, they choose many different types, the most important of which are:


There are many reasons why Kuwaitis buy apartments in Turkey and some of the main reasons include:

- The climate in Turkey is more temperate than in Kuwait, which makes it a desirable holiday destination.

- The cost of living and real estate prices in Turkey are much lower than in Kuwait.

- There is a wide range of properties available for purchase, from small apartments to large villas.

- There are many beautiful places to live in Turkey, from coastal towns to bustling cities.

- Turkish citizens are eligible for a visa-free travel agreement with Kuwait, which facilitates travel between the two countries.



There are many reasons why a Kuwaiti may buy a land in Turkey and some Kuwaitis may have family ties to Turkey, while others may see it as a good investment opportunity as Turkey has a rapidly growing economy and has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, therefore, buying real estate there may be a wise move in terms of real estate investment.



Kuwaitis buy hotels in Turkey for a number of reasons. Some Kuwaitis view hotels in Turkey as a good investment, while others enjoy the luxury and facilities that these properties provide, and still others appreciate the ability to vacation in their own hotels when they travel to Turkey. There is no doubt that Kuwaitis play an important role in the active tourism seasons in Turkey.



There are several reasons for Kuwaitis to buy restaurants in Turkey. The first reason is that Kuwaitis have a strong preference for Turkish cuisine and the second reason is that the cost of living in Turkey is relatively low, which makes it an attractive option for Kuwaiti investors. Finally, Turkey offers a number of tax incentives to Kuwaiti investors, making it a more attractive investment destination.


Important tips when buying a property in Turkey

Whatever your deep experience and extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Turkey, you need a set of important tips and advice that you should take into consideration, the most important of which are:

- Get to know the real estate market well and the most important investment areas in Turkey, in order to choose the best place for your home or second investment.

- Be sure to deal with a reputable real estate company, registered in the Turkish Federation of Real Estate Investment Companies, to avoid fraud and to ensure its credibility.

 Learn about the stages of ownership in Turkey, and make sure that all documents are in order, so that there are no problems after buying the property.

- Choose a unit that suits your needs and budget, whether it is an apartment or a villa, taking into account its location near the services and facilities that are important to you.

- Check the prices of similar properties in the area you want to buy in, in order to compare and make sure you get a good deal.



The future of Kuwaiti investments in real estate in Turkey

The number of Kuwaiti investors coming to buy real estate in Turkey has increased in recent years due to the fact that Turkey offers a number of advantages to Kuwaiti investors, and in addition to this, the Turkish government has implemented a number of reforms in recent years to facilitate foreigners' purchase of real estate in Turkey and these reforms have made Turkey an attractive investment destination.


The Emiratis, holders of Kuwaiti, Jordanian, Iraqi and other Arab nationalities, have all taken the Turkish state as a destination to implement their investments and to obtain wonderful and distinguished results through it, after the many experiences made by other investors over the past years. What can be said in this regard is that the opportunity is still Available for everyone to seize and for a profitable golden investment opportunity crowned with high returns, do not hesitate now, contact our real estate advisor to see a list of the most important options available.


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