The future of the lands adjacent to the new Istanbul airport

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The future of the lands adjacent to the new Istanbul airport

Benefits of buying land near Istanbul's new airport

The future of the lands adjacent to the new Istanbul airport
13th February 2023
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Did you know that investing in lands near the new Istanbul airport is an investment opportunity that does not disappoint, and the results that can be achieved are high because we are talking about an area with a vital strategic location that is in great demand and as a result of the great urban growth in it, the increase in real estate prices is guaranteed?


How will the future of lands near the new Istanbul airport be?

The future of lands near the new Istanbul Airport is full of potential, with the construction of the largest airport in the world, there are many opportunities to create new businesses, residential developments, and other projects that can help the local economy. This will help create jobs and generate revenue for both the city and its surrounding areas. In addition, as one of the major international transport hubs in the region, this part of the city has a great opportunity to become an important economic center in Turkey.


The most important areas of Istanbul near the third airport

Basaksehir, Arnavutkoy, Beylikduzu, and Kucukcekmece are four of the most important areas near Istanbul Third Airport. These neighborhoods offer many convenient facilities and services for travelers to and from the airport. They are home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, as well as easy access to amenities. Public Transportation thanks to its proximity to the airport, these neighborhoods provide an ideal base for business and leisure travelers alike.


Important information about the new Istanbul airport

The new Istanbul Airport opened in October 2020 AD and became the largest airport in the world and is designed to accommodate up to 90 million passengers annually, and includes six runways, four terminals, and a huge shopping center, in addition to extensive commercial and entertainment facilities. Construction began in 2015 AD and it is expected that The new airport will greatly boost Turkey's economy and provide a great boost to the tourism seasons.


The impact of Istanbul Airport on the Turkish economy

Istanbul Airport is expected to have a positive impact on the Turkish economy as it is estimated that the airport will create up to 90,000 new jobs and contribute an additional 1.5% to GDP growth, as well as bring in an additional $3 billion in foreign direct investment each year. The airport is expected to increase tourism, boost trade, and improve the country's infrastructure, all of which can help stimulate economic activity. In addition, it will provide a major boost to aviation, with more flights taking off from Istanbul and more passengers traveling through. Overall, Istanbul Airport enjoys the potential to be an important engine for Turkey's economic growth.


Important information when owning real estate near the new airport

Real estate prices near one of the most important infrastructure projects may be high compared to other locations, because the demand for them is greater than others.

The future of investment for these properties is very guaranteed and prices are likely to rise, especially after the final completion of the airport and the completion of work on building the new Istanbul Canal.

The impact of the new airport will be overwhelming for the city of Istanbul as a whole, but it will focus in particular on those close to it, such as Basaksehir, which is one of the closest areas to it.

These areas are easily accessible due to the development of public transportation, bus and metro lines, and the abundance of taxis.

Close to the airport, all buildings are of a high standard of quality and distinction, as they are in a system of luxurious residential complexes with charming views that are at sea at times and green spaces at other times.

Near the new airport, there are dozens of real estate projects that are still under construction and are being built in the current period, which confirms that the opportunity is still available for you at the present moment in order to buy, own and start your investment project.

There may be a high demand for purchase in these areas, and therefore there must be a specialized real estate company that follows up and supervises the matter and helps you to reach the unique opportunities that deserve to be seriously considered.

If you bought a project under construction, after the completion of the construction work, you will find that your apartment has increased in value significantly, which confirms its position on the investment level.


Advantages of land investment in Istanbul

Investing in land in Istanbul can be a great opportunity for investors as the city offers a wide range of investment options, from residential properties to commercial real estate. With its thriving economy and growing population, the city has witnessed impressive growth in the real estate market, which makes it an attractive option for investors and this growth is set to continue with the government's commitment to infrastructure development and modernization of the city. In addition, the city is home to some of Turkey's fastest growing industries such as finance, technology, tourism, and manufacturing. These industries provide additional potential for investors to benefit from the rising real estate value.


Is owning property in Istanbul an ideal idea?

Buying real estate and real estate investment in Istanbul is an ideal and safe idea, especially in light of the current time, where prices are somewhat moderate and real estate options are many, while with the progress of time you will find that prices take an upward curve due to the great demand for them and the noticeable population density, not to mention the high development in the infrastructure that Making it one of the most important competitors for the European Union countries, and in the context of talking about real estate investment in Istanbul, you must know that it is smart to own property when prices are low or moderate and to sell when they rise again to achieve a noticeable profit between the buying and selling stages.


Benefit from Binaa exceptional services to its clients

We are keen to provide our customers with a wide range of important services that help them choose correctly and appropriately, and we recommend appropriate investment opportunities for them to achieve high profits through them, such as those located next to thriving infrastructure projects such as the new Istanbul Airport, which is considered one of the most prominent airports in the world, and our journey continues with them beyond This is where we follow all other routine and official procedures and verify the legal status of the property.


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