A tour of the Mall of Istanbul

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A tour of the Mall of Istanbul

Mall of Istanbul and its investment importance

A tour of the Mall of Istanbul
01st February 2023
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The Mall of Istanbul is one of the most important malls in that city. It has been able to achieve a lot of fame over the past years and compete with the most important malls in Europe in terms of architectural design as well as large spaces. Based on its wide importance, we will take you today on an introductory tour of it..we wish you an enjoyable reading.


Basic information about Mall of Istanbul

The total area of ​​this mall was about 156,000 square meters, and it consists of four floors, and each floor is characterized by its vast area. In this context, we must point out that the distinctive architectural design of this mosque was taken from the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, so you can see similarities and clear common points. As well as from Taksim Square and Yildiz Palace, and in general it can be said that the Ottoman architectural character is noticeably dominant.

This mall has many wide spaces that accommodate hundreds of visitors at the same time, and its ceilings are glass that allows the sun’s rays to pass through, giving the place natural lighting and warmth, and therefore it is possible to wander between the shops and enjoy because you are walking in a completely different environment than what you are used to in other malls.


Floors of Mall of Istanbul

We mentioned above that the mall consists of 4 floors; The first is residential and contains a large number of apartments, and the second is a hotel that hosts visitors and tourists coming from abroad who wish to obtain an integrated and distinguished residence. As for the third student, it consists of commercial offices, and the fourth is a variety of shops that are characterized by their presentation of the most famous and most important international and Turkish brands.


Mall of Istanbul stores

The mall includes more than 350 malls, each of which carries many famous products and brands that many people interested in quality and distinctive prices seek to obtain. Yes, the prices within the mall are appropriate, unlike what you might find in other malls around the world.

In fact, the shops in this mall put you in front of a different experience, where you can find clothes, electronics, food, restaurants, furniture, furnishings, and places for children to play while the parents shop, so all the family needs in one place.


The most important characteristic of the Mall of Istanbul

It is characterized by annually hosting millions of visitors from different countries of the world, hosting festivals and exhibitions of jewelry, paintings, handicrafts, and others.


Learn about the location of the Mall of Istanbul

This mall is located in European Istanbul within one of its most important, most famous and growing regions, which is Basaksehir, which is known for its stark urban growth that no other region has ever preceded, although it is newly established. And the most important public transportation lines and highways (Team), and it can be easily reached by public buses, taxis or private cars.


How can I reach the Mall of Istanbul?

- 28 minutes away from the mall from the new Istanbul airport.

An hour away from Sabiha International Airport.

30 minutes away from Taksim.

- 25 minutes away from Sisli.

(After you learned that it is close to the most important distinctive places in Istanbul, we think you know where it derived all that fame that it is known for today).


Amusement park in the Mall of Istanbul

Your children can have a valuable experience in the amusement park in the Mall of Istanbul, where you have a wide number of games that distract them for a lot of time, it may be hours. The largest entertainment cities in Europe in general, not only in Turkey.


Mall of Istanbul Awards

This mall won a number of distinguished awards, including international ones, being the best mixed-use integrated project, and also winning the award for the best shopping center development project in 2011.

In 2015, it won the award for the best shopping center.


The most prominent services provided by the Mall of Istanbul

The mall provides its visitors or residents with many special services that give them unlimited luxury.

Automated teller machines.

Maternity rooms for the mother to take care of her young.


Foreign exchange places.

Safe deposit boxes.

Information desk.

Car parking.


Band aid.

Parking lot.

Free internet service.

Places for indoor and outdoor sessions.


The decorations are modern and eye-catching.


The importance of malls in Istanbul

Malls play an important role in Istanbul's economy, culture, and lifestyle. As one of the most populous cities in the world, Istanbul is home to some of the world's most famous malls. These malls offer a variety of shops, restaurants, and leisure activities for locals and tourists alike. From traditional bazaars to modern shopping complexes, these malls provide a unique shopping experience to people of all ages. In addition to this, these malls provide job opportunities to many people and generate significant revenue for the city. Moreover, they also serve as major tourist attractions. It attracts visitors from all over the world.

In conclusion, the city of Istanbul is full of many important malls. Today we talked about the Mall of Istanbul and in other articles we will highlight other famous malls.

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