How to obtain a Turkish passport?

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How to obtain a Turkish passport?

The mechanism of obtaining the Turkish passport and its most prominent types with the features of each

How to obtain a Turkish passport?
28th May 2022
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Have you wondered how to get a Turkish passport? about its features? Steps to get it? The reasons that made it the choice of every investor without other types of passports in the world?

Do not search for answers far, as the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company has prepared the following report for you, which will include talking about all aspects related to this passport, and we hope through it to answer your various questions.


See how to get a Turkish passport:

One of the most prominent advantages of this passport is that it can be obtained through many means and in more than one way, and this is what made it the choice of many foreigners and Arabs in particular.

Through the following paragraphs, we will talk in detail about all the ways and methods that can be followed in order to obtain it.

1 - Through real estate investment:

One of the most famous and most important ways to obtain this passport is real estate investment, but some conditions must be met in it in accordance with the laws set by the Turkish government, which are:

- The property value shall not be less than four hundred thousand US dollars.

- Not to be sold before three years.

- Extracting the real estate appraisal document.

- The property must be new and not have been used previously in order to obtain it.

- It must be purchased from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company.

- Pay for it via a Turkish bank to the seller's account.

In this context, it should be noted that a few days ago, the government issued an increase in the value of the property suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship to four hundred thousand, after it was only two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and this decision has not yet come into force and will be implemented on the 13th of next June.


2 - When investing:

Foreigners can obtain a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship through several investment methods, and here are the most prominent ones.

- An investment of at least five hundred thousand US dollars for a period of three years.

- Buying five hundred thousand dollars in bonds and not selling before three years.

- Employing at least fifty Turkish people after establishing a business or company.


3 - When making a bank deposit:

One of the common ways to obtain a Turkish passport is to deposit at least five hundred thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank with a pledge not to withdraw it before three years have passed.

What you do not know is that the amount required before the amendments issued in late 2018 is 3 million US dollars.


4 - By marrying a Turkish citizen:

In the event of the marriage of any foreigner to a Turkish citizen or vice versa, any foreign marriage to a Turkish citizen, it is possible to apply after three years of marriage to obtain citizenship.

As for the reasons that make you wait until the three years have passed to apply for it, they are two reasons:

- Verify that the purpose of marriage is stability and to form a family.

- Ensure that the foreigner does not pose any threat to national security.


5 - By Turkish assets:

If you can prove that your assets extend to the Turkish state, you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship directly, but this must be proven with documents and evidence.


The most important general conditions for applying for a Turkish passport:

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can directly apply for this passport, but first you must meet some of the conditions stipulated by the Turkish Constitution, which are:

- The applicant must be over the age of eighteen.

- Not suffering from any mental illness such as Alzheimer's or dementia.

- That he has a job or sufficient source of income for himself and his family.

- Not to be a carrier of any disease that affects public health.

- To be of good morals and good reputation.

- He must be well versed in the Turkish language.


The most important advantages of the Turkish passport:

When we talk about the Turkish passport, we are referring to one of the most important passports in the world at all, and according to another passport assessment platform (Passport Rank), the Turkish passport is ranked 20th in the world this year.

The Turkish passport allows its holder to enter more than 77 countries in the world without the condition of obtaining a visa, and also more than 44 countries grant the holder an automatic visa upon arrival, and 8 countries grant an electronic visa.

In your opinion, will the progress of the Turkish passport stop at this point only? Certainly not, according to many experts and specialists, in the coming days it is expected that more progress will be recorded, given all the manifestations of development and modernity that Turkey is witnessing.


Advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport:

Whoever holds this passport will enjoy a variety of important advantages, which we will talk about in detail in the following paragraph.

1 - All rights and privileges obtained by a Turkish citizen can be used by the holder of this passport.

2 - This long-term passport is valid for ten years.

3 - The Turkish passport can be renewed for life.

4 - The holder of a Turkish passport can retain his original nationality without having to give it up.

5 - Benefit from free medical and educational services in the government sector, and when you choose private centers, prices are reduced.

6 - The foreigner will not wait long before obtaining the passport, as it does not take more than thirty days as a maximum.

7 - Benefit from the retirement program for the elderly (over the age of sixty-five).


Add to your information that the privileges did not end here, but there are many other motives that are considered among the important basic factors, and through the following paragraphs we will highlight them in details:

First: All family members are granted:

It is not only the foreigner who will obtain this passport, but all members of his family, i.e. the wife and children who have not reached the age of eighteen only, but it should be noted that if the foreigner is married to more than one wife, only one can obtain it.


Second: Turkey's strategic location:

It is difficult to find a country other than Turkey that is characterized by this distinguished strategic location in the middle of three continents in the world (Asia, Europe and Africa), which has given it many characteristics and various qualities. And add to your information that it extends over the European and Asian continents at the same time, and despite the narrowness of its presence in Europe, this has made it a lot of importance.

Turkey is particularly close to the Arab world, which has made it a destination for many Arabs. There are those who choose it for stability and others for investment, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions and political collapse in the countries of the Middle East.


Third: A developed economic country:

Surely you have heard about the great development that the Turkish economy has been able to achieve, as it is today ranked thirteenth at the global level, and in addition to this, it is expected in the coming years to be ranked fifth in the world, surpassing many important countries. This is due to two things:

- Young demographics While many European countries suffer from significant demographic aging.

- The important strategic plans developed by the Turkish government that contribute to its steady growth.


Fourth: Advanced Infrastructure:

It cannot be overlooked about the importance of infrastructure in Turkey, as the Turkish government attaches great importance to this aspect because it is fully aware of its positive impact on the state, society and life in Turkey what you do not know is that this huge strategic structure and projects owned by Turkey were a major reason for attracting foreign investments and large capital owners.

The infrastructure in Turkey is the first supporter of real estate investments in Turkey, as it contributes to the constant and periodic increase in real estate prices, and therefore the investor will ensure that he obtains abundant profits permanently.

You may be wondering whether the impact of these projects will be on the real estate sector in Turkey as a whole, or will some parts be affected without the other part?

In fact, it is undeniable that the entire real estate sector in Turkey has been affected by these projects, but the greatest impact has been on the nearby areas, so the real estate investor is always looking for properties for sale in Turkey near these projects.

Today, Turkey has a distinguished group of infrastructure projects that have taken a great position globally and not only at the level of Turkey, as follows:

- The new Istanbul Airport, which was opened in 2020, is one of the largest and most modern airports in the world.

- The new Istanbul Water Canal that is currently being built.

- Basaksehir Medical City, which ranked third in Europe and first in Turkey.

- The modern and integrated transportation network, which was a solution to get rid of the problem of congestion.


Fifth: An environment suitable for stability:

All indicators confirm the importance of choosing Turkey for permanent stability. All the elements of life are available in it without exception, as:

- Advanced schools and international schools.

- The best universities in the world and degrees recognized everywhere.

- Political stability and economic recovery, unlike what many countries of the world suffer from.

- The cost of living is low in addition to its high quality.

- The possibility of buying and owning real estate very easily and without waiting for security approval.


The most popular Arabs to obtain a Turkish passport:

According to studies and statistics, Arabs are the most likely to obtain a Turkish passport among foreign nationalities, due to a number of reasons and motives that we will refer to in the next paragraph.

- Turkey's location is close to the Arab world, which made it easy to travel and move around.

- The similarity of many customs and traditions in addition to the common Islamic religion.

- Ease of integration with Turkish society, in contrast to European societies because there are many differences.

- The possibility of learning the Turkish language easily, it does not take more than six months only.

- It provides a lot of job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

- Practicing professions in which a foreigner is prohibited from working, such as pharmacy and law.

- The many facilities that the Turkish government is working to provide.


Check out the types of Turkish passport:

Among the information that you may not know about this passport is that it consists of four types, and each type is granted to a specific category of people, and they are as follows:

Ordinary passport:

It is distinguished by the red color and is granted to all members of Turkish society and also to foreigners who have obtained Turkish citizenship, and those who hold it can benefit from all the advantages and positive aspects that we mentioned above.


private passport:

As for this passport, it is distinguished by the green color and is granted to a specific group of Turks, who are state employees and holders of prestigious and important positions such as former ministers.


Stamped passport:

This passport is distinguished by the gray color and is granted to Turkish employees outside Turkish territory, such as embassy employees, consuls, and others.


Diplomatic passport:

As for this type of Turkish passport, it is black in color and is granted to some people only, namely the Turkish president, his family, the president's secretary, ministers and members of the Constitutional Court.

The cost of obtaining a Turkish passport:

The cost of obtaining this passport is not fixed, but rather varies according to the period during which you want it to be valid. Here are the full details.

1 - If it is valid for 6 months only, its cost is 309 TL.

2 - If the passport is valid for one year, the cost of obtaining it will be 450 pounds.

3- A passport valid for two years and its cost is 738 Turkish liras.

4 - If it is valid for three years, its cost is 1048 Turkish liras.

5- As for the passport, valid for four years or more, the cost of obtaining it is 1478 Turkish liras.

(What can be concluded is that the longer its duration, the higher the price with it, but most people choose to extract it for four years or more, as this is among its many advantages).


Countries that the Turkish passport can enter without a visa:

As we mentioned above, this passport enters many countries around the world without the requirement of obtaining a transit visa, and its number has reached more than 61 countries, and through the following paragraph we will indicate the most important of them.

Iraq - Jordan - Qatar - Palestine - Morocco - Libya - Lebanon - Syria - Tunisia - Oman - Argentina - Albania - Chile - Herzegovina - Bosnia - Colombia - Costa Rica - Dominica - Georgia - Ecuador - Haití - Kosovo - Mongolia - Montenegro - Peru Philippines - Uruguay - South Africa - Russia - Thailand - Ukraine - Serbia - Singapore - Panama - Japan - North Korea - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan - Honduras.


Countries that grant automatic visa to Turkish passport holders:

Also, there are many countries that give Turkish citizens the right to obtain an automatic visa upon arrival, most notably.

Armenia - Uganda - Zambia - East Timor - Azerbaijan - Togo - Comoros - Sudan - Mauritania - Kuwait - Bahrain - Cambodia - Guinea - Indonesia - Maldives - Azerbaijan - Nepal.


Countries that grant Turkish citizens an electronic visa:

Among the most important countries that grant the holder of a Turkish passport an electronic visa are Mexico - Myanmar - Rwanda - Senegal - Sri Lanka - Australia.


Which is the best way to obtain Turkish citizenship?

There is no difference that each method has several importance and advantages, but the focus of foreigners and investors is more focused on real estate investment, and according to a statistic announced by the Directorate of Real Estate Survey in Turkey last year, more than forty percent of those who went to real estate ownership in Istanbul only aimed to obtain Turkish citizenship.


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