Renewal of real estate residence in Turkey 2023 AD

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Renewal of real estate residence in Turkey 2023 AD

Steps and procedures for the renewal of real estate residence in Turkey

Renewal of real estate residence in Turkey 2023 AD
14th November 2022
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One of the common topics among foreigners in Turkey is obtaining a real estate residence permit, which is one of the most important types of residence permits, given the many advantages it provides its holder, as well as the ease of renewal, and due to its great importance, we have chosen in this article to answer your various questions about it.


How to obtain real estate residence in Turkey?

There are three conditions that must be met to obtain a real estate residence document in Turkey:

- The property must be located within the borders of Turkey.

- The property must be owned by the applicant.

- The property must be specifically suitable for housing.

- The price of the property should not be less than 75 thousand US dollars.

- Extracting the real estate appraisal document that sets the price of the property.

- The property should not be within a security or military area.

- The foreigner should not hold the nationality of one of the countries prohibited from owning property in Turkey.

(In this context, it is important to point out that the presence of any defect in the aforementioned conditions will make the property unsuitable for applying for real estate residency. For example, if the property is for commercial business, it will not comply with the conditions).


How can the real estate residence permit be renewed in Turkey?

It is very easy to renew your real estate residence permit in Turkey as you only need to collect all the required documents and send them to the Immigration Department. The documents include a copy of the property title deed, a copy of your passport, and a health insurance policy for the entire period of residence. Once submitted, you will be able to set an appointment to renew your residence.


Papers required to obtain real estate residency

- It is important to note that the minimum acceptable property price for real estate residence is $75,000 in major cities.

- In order to obtain this residency, the owner of the property must bring the following:

 1- Title deed (Tabu) in the name of the owner.

 2- In addition, the passports of the investor and his family must be valid for a long period of time and finally, the application paper must contain general and personal information of the investor.

3- Among the information that must be referred to in this context is that if the investor and all members of his family wish to apply for it, each individual must submit a separate file from the other, and they must be children under the age of eighteen, because if they are older than that, then they will have to search For another residence that suits their residence status, it may be tourist or student, if they are students.


Advantages of applying for real estate residence

The advantages of real estate residence in Turkey are many, the most important of which is the right to enter Turkey at any time without the need to obtain a visa, and the possibility of permanent renewal as long as you own the apartment and without having to renew it every year. Also, the real estate owner and family members can enjoy all the rights of residence and living in Turkey, including This includes health insurance and education, and do not forget that the price of buying a property in Turkey to obtain a real estate residence permit is affordable for everyone, as the minimum amount of real estate for which you can obtain a real estate residence permit is $75,000.

The cost of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey

The cost of real estate residence in Turkey is very reasonable, especially when compared to other countries. For example, the cost of real estate residence in the United States is much higher. In addition, its average fee is about 100 USD, and the fees certainly vary due to the price of the property.


Student residence in Turkey

 With this permit, you will be able to stay in Turkey for the duration of your studies and secondly, obtaining a student residence document also allows you to open a bank account in Turkey and this is important because it will allow you to receive scholarships and other financial aids from your country and finally, obtaining a student residence document also facilitates finding housing in Turkey.


Tourist residence in Turkey

One of the main advantages of obtaining tourist residency in Turkey is the freedom of movement that it provides within Turkey, and residents can move between Turkish states without any restrictions, whether by car or any other means of transportation, and this is a great benefit for those who want to explore all that Turkey has to offer.

This document allows residents to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days and is an official document issued by the Immigration Department. Moreover, living and residing in Turkey legally has many other benefits, such as not being subjected to violations and entry bans.


Humanitarian residence in Turkey

A humanitarian residence document is a document issued by the Turkish government to certain groups of people who are not citizens of Turkey but live in the country. The document allows for short-term residence and provides certain benefits, such as the ability to study in public schools and universities, receive medical treatment, and obtaining a residence document can be Humanity is a life-saving opportunity for the many people who are unable to stay in their home countries due to conflict or persecution.


Reasons for refusing to grant residence to a foreigner in Turkey

The following are the reasons for refusing to grant residence to a foreigner in Turkey:

  1. The foreigner does not have a valid passport or travel document.
  2. The foreigner committed a crime in Turkey.
  3. The foreigner is considered a threat to national security.
  4. The foreigner is involved in terrorist activities.
  5. The foreigner is involved in activities harmful to public order or morals.



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