Advantages of investing within residential complexes in Istanbul

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Advantages of investing within residential complexes in Istanbul

All you need to know when living in residential complexes in Istanbul

Advantages of investing within residential complexes in Istanbul
13th July 2022
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Istanbul ranked ninth in the world as the best real estate investment destination at all, as a natural result of the many privileges it offers to the investor that we cannot count.

One of the most prominent advantages of the real estate market in Istanbul is that it witnesses a great diversity that meets different tastes, requirements and budgets .

If you want to see the dimensions of real estate investment in Istanbul within the residential complexes, we advise you to follow the following article, which will be comprehensive about it.

We wish you an enjoyable read.


What is meant by residential complexes in Istanbul?

At the outset, we must note that residential complexes are a modern idea in the Turkish real estate sector and its existence has not passed for a long time, but it is the first choice for many who wish to own real estate in Turkey due to the many advantages it offers them.

Residential complexes are a number of high-rise buildings surrounded by an external wall, which makes them somewhat isolated from the external surroundings, i.e. more like a small city that shares a number of service and recreational facilities.

You should know that the prices of real estate or apartments that are located within these complexes are higher than apartments that are located in separate or independent buildings, despite that, the demand for them is very large, and this was announced by a report issued by the Turkish Statistical Directorate.

In this context, it is necessary to point out a very important thing, which is that as a result of the increasing demand for apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul, construction companies compete with each other to construct the largest possible number of these complexes in order to meet the desires and create a balance between the volume of demand and supply.


The importance of housing in residential complexes:

Have you ever wondered the reasons why many foreigners and Turks choose residential complexes in Istanbul for residence over other types of real estate despite the availability of many other types of real estate.

Through the following paragraphs, you can see the most important and most prominent motives behind the choice of the majority of its buyers:

1- Distinguished strategic location:

Construction companies are keen to choose strategic locations in order to build residential complexes so that they are suitable for real estate investment. It should be noted that they have a distinctive view that may be on green spaces and parks and may be on the sea, as well as there are many complexes that have an internal view of the city, taking into account To be distinct and different.


2 - International specifications:

In building these complexes, international standards are adopted internationally, where they are resistant to earthquakes, and construction companies are keen to use the most quality building materials, not to mention innovative and modern engineering designs that suit all tastes and desires, and do not forget that they are built at the hands of the most important designers and architects with experience and high efficiency .

In this regard, it is important to note that these complexes are designed to be sound and heat insulation, and this gives their residents a lot of comfort and tranquility.


3- Security and protection service:

The management of residential complexes in Istanbul provides a superior security and protection service throughout the day and night, and this is represented by several things, including:

1-Surveillance cameras distributed everywhere to monitor any movement taking place.

2-Security guards at the main gates until the identity of everyone who wants to enter them is ascertained.

3-Alarms scattered all over the place.

4- Recreational and service facilities:

These complexes do not lack recreational facilities that provide residents with a different lifestyle, which varies between:

Various playgrounds suitable for all ages, young and old, and others.

Green spaces / gardens.

Walking paths / cycling paths.

Open and closed pools.

Sauna rooms / steam rooms / Turkish bath.


Places for family gatherings.

Children's play areas.

In this context, it must be noted that in many residential complexes you will find a school / shopping center / mosque / shops / and thus the residents have met all their needs without exception without having to leave them to secure their requirements. Do not forget that near it you will find public transportation which makes it easy to access and easy to navigate.

Also, the available services and recreational facilities that are found in residential complexes in Istanbul are not fixed in all complexes, but rather differ from one complex to another, but in general, the established companies are keen to compete with each other to always provide the best and work to provide the best to attract the largest number of investors and tenants and to achieve a high sales rate in a short time.


Prices of apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul:

It is not possible to provide a specific price for these apartments, as they differ according to many reasons and factors, which are as follows:

1 - The location of the complex, as this plays a major role in determining prices. The more distinguished the location, the higher the prices.

2 - The services that are provided in the complex, management, organization and speed of response to the requests of the population and work to solve their problems

3 - The view that the complex enjoys, as the more distinctive the view, the higher the prices of apartments within the complex.

4 - The number of rooms / the area of the apartment / whether the apartment is furnished or not / the modernity of the engineering design must be taken into consideration.

In this context, it must be noted that you will find a lot of installment offers available , and this is what makes the matter of buying an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul very easy and far from all the difficulties, the construction companies are keen to provide offers, discounts and facilities that make the turnout increase on buying it.


The importance of investing in residential complexes:

The importance of real estate investment in apartments in residential complexes in the city of Istanbul cannot be overlooked, as this guarantees the investor to obtain a lot of profitable returns, especially during the tourist seasons and in light of this large population inflation and the high number of foreign arrivals to Turkey throughout the year, whether tourists, immigrants or students .

It should be noted that the prices of apartments in residential complexes are constantly rising, and this is due to several things, including:

great demand for it.

The high level of luxury and modernity that characterizes it.

The high level of luxury it provides to the residents.


Where to look for housing complexes in Istanbul?

Istanbul is characterized by its distinguished geographical location, which extends over two continents at the same time (Europe and Asia). Although the size of its extension on the continent of Europe is small, it cannot be denied the importance that this city has gained thanks to it. At the same time, this geographical diversity made those looking for real estate for sale in Istanbul in front of many and multiple options, especially if they are looking for excellence such as residential complexes.

First: Beylikduzu District:

 If you want to buy an apartment in Istanbul within a residential complex, but your financial budget is not large, or you are looking for an apartment with a suitable price, you should choose the Beylikduzu area, where prices are moderate and appropriate. Despite all the manifestations of modernity and development, real estate prices are cheaper than The prices that you will find in the nearby areas, but this will not last long, as it is likely that prices will rise in the coming period as a result of the increasing demand for buying real estate in it on the one hand, and as a result of its proximity to the most important strategic projects in the city. 


Second: Basaksehir area:

This area is located on the European side of the city and has gained its investment importance as a result of its proximity to the most important strategic projects in the city, such as the new Istanbul Airport, the new water canal, and others. It is a safe haven for many of the most important luxury residential complexes with a wonderful and modern architectural style.

Basaksehir is one of the most organized areas of the city at all, and many Arabs chose to live in it until it was called the region of the rich Arabs. From that, after the completion of the construction of some projects close to it, such as the Istanbul Water Canal.


Third: Esenyurt region:

This area is also located on the European side of the city, and although it is popular, it has recently witnessed many urban transformation projects that have been organized to replace old projects with modern and high-end ones, and this will affect the importance of real estate investment in the area on the one hand, and its prices on the other hand, real estate experts and specialists are expecting a significant increase in prices in the coming period, after the completion of the new metro line that is under construction.


Fourth: Bahcesehir Region:

This area is administratively affiliated to the Basaksehir district and won the title of the Garden District because of the large spread of green spaces and parks in it, as well as the new heart of Istanbul. Construction companies have worked to build many modern  and high-end real estate projects in it. As for real estate prices, they are rather high, which made it a haven for the rich men and everyone looking for excellence and sophistication.

The real estate category prevailing in Istanbul in general is the residential complexes, and this is what makes it available in its various regions and not in those areas mentioned above, most notably Basin Express, Kagithane and Avcilar.


In your opinion, are the residential complexes in Istanbul more spread on the European side or on the Asian side?

In fact, its spread is greater in the European part of the city, but construction companies are currently working on the construction of many distinctive projects on the Asian side, which made real estate experts in Turkey expect that Asian Istanbul within a short period will be a major destination for real estate investment, especially as it is a top-class tourist destination as a result of its many, distinguished and famous historical tourist attractions.

(If you want to buy an apartment in one of the luxury residential complexes in Istanbul, you can contact our experts at Binaa Real Estate Company to present you with the most available and appropriate offers to achieve your goals. Our relationships with the most important construction companies guarantee you to get the perfect apartment you dream of at the right price for you).

A distinctive idea is to buy an apartment in Istanbul within one of its residential complexes for real estate investment. Real estate prices in that city, despite their high compared to real estate prices in other Turkish cities, are considered cheap if compared to the prices of similar apartments in terms of luxury and importance in other cities in Europe.

You have to bear in mind that real estate prices in Istanbul in general are likely to rise significantly during the coming period, and this is another indication of the necessity of real estate investment in it. that you want to access.



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Binaa Real Estate offers you a lot of distinctive real estate options and within the most important high-end residential complexes that live up to your ambitions. You can follow our website to see the latest news of the real estate market in Istanbul and do not forget to contact our real estate consultant and tell him about your desires to help you provide them.

The real estate market in Turkey is full of various options. Determine your goal, study your financial balance, and start searching now to get the best apartments suitable for you.


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