Turkish Citizen Rights

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Turkish Citizen Rights

The rights that the Turkish state is committed to towards its citizens

Turkish Citizen Rights
05th November 2022
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Turkish citizens have many rights in Turkey, all of which are positive, and the Turk rarely finds negatives in his life on that land. This aspect concerns many people who are interested in living and settling in Turkey or aspiring to obtain citizenship, and therefore this matter prompted us to prepare this report to talk about it. We hope you have an enjoyable reading.


The most important rights of Turkish citizens

Turkish citizens enjoy a variety of rights that are protected by international law and these rights include the right to vote, the right to be elected, and the right to engage in political activities. Turkish citizens also enjoy the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of association. In addition, all Turks are entitled to services free or paid within the country. Finally, Turkish citizens have the right to freedom of movement.


The right to reside in Turkey and benefit from various services

Turkey offers citizenship to foreigners who buy real estate in the country or are married to a Turkish wife, which makes it a desirable destination for many. The right to reside in Turkey and benefit from various services makes it an attractive option for those looking for a safe haven for their hard-earned money. This means that Turkey is a suitable environment. for investment.

The right to receive medical services in the most important hospitals

Turkish citizens have the right to health care. Turkish government hospitals and primary care centers cover all cities and towns. Moreover, these medical services can be provided to both Turkish citizens and those who have obtained Turkish citizenship.


The right to stand for election, to vote.

All Turkish citizens have the right to vote, run for elections and participate in political activities where the Turkish passport holder enjoys full Turkish citizenship rights, from owning in Turkey, running or voting in elections.


The right to obtain employment opportunities in the public and private sectors

All Turkish citizens have the right to free or paid services within the borders of their country and this right extends to business opportunities in many sectors, including the public and private sectors. Only foreigners wishing to reside in Turkey will be obligated to apply for a work permit.


The right to obtain a Turkish passport

Turkish passport holders have many rights and privileges and can travel to 111 countries without a visa and can also obtain an American E-2 work visa and give you Turkish citizenship and also the right to permanent residence in the country. Passports in the world at all and it is permissible on a very advanced rank, bypassing many important passports.


The right to own and buy real estate in Turkey

As a Turkish citizen, you have the right to own and buy real estate in Turkey and you can buy real estate anywhere in Turkey except for the military prohibited areas and there are no legal restrictions for foreigners regarding the purchase of real estate and you can buy residential real estate or land where construction is allowed and other other options.

One of the rights that the Turk has is the possibility to visit many beautiful historical and tourist places, as well as the fact that it contains many recreational destinations that are worth visiting, as they are not only places of entertainment but also a place to learn about the cultural side of that country.


Duties of a Turkish citizen

A Turkish citizen has a number of duties that he must abide by in order to be a valid and law-abiding member of society. One of the most important duties of a Turkish citizen is to respect and adhere to the constitution and laws of the country. In addition, every Turkish citizen must serve in the army for a certain period of time and this is an important duty because it helps Furthermore, Turkish citizens are also required to pay taxes in order to support the government and various public services. Finally, it is important that Turkish citizens respect each other and show tolerance towards different cultures and beliefs.


Disadvantages of living and residing in Turkey

There is no doubt that choosing to settle in Turkey is completely positive in light of all the advantages that can be obtained, but this does not mean that there are no negatives or shortcomings that must be considered in order to have the ability to overcome them quickly or correct them, the most important of which are:

The cost of living in Turkey is relatively high, especially in major cities like Istanbul and this can be a deterrent for expats looking to relocate to the country. In addition, while Turkey’s healthcare system is good, it can be difficult to navigate if you don’t You speak Turkish and there can also be culture shock when moving to Turkey, as it is a very different way of life than many Westerners or other expatriate people are accustomed to.


Why do foreigners choose to live and settle in Turkey?

Turkey is a popular destination for foreigners, especially from Europe and the Middle East as the country offers a unique blend of eastern and western cultures, its people are known for their hospitality and also has a strong economy and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination.

There are many reasons why foreigners choose to live in Turkey and here are some of the most common ones:

- The cost of living is relatively low, especially when compared to Western countries.

- The climate is temperate, with warm summers and cold winters.

- Turkey is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes ranging from mountains to beaches.

- Turkish food is delicious and healthy.

- Turkey's health care system is excellent and affordable.


All of these reasons and more are enough to make any foreigner think about it without other developed countries around the world. Indeed, you can see that the arrivals to it in recent years are no longer usual, as Turkey has become a global destination.

Learn more details about the Turkish reality by informing you about our various topics that we are keen to monitor through it, as well as you will learn about the most important aspects related to the Turkish real estate sector and you will have a clear picture of it.


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