Features of Living in Smart Apartments in Istanbul

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Features of Living in Smart Apartments in Istanbul

Smart apartments in Istanbul, what are they and their features

Features of Living in Smart Apartments in Istanbul
16th August 2022
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Have you ever heard of the term "smart apartment"? Istanbul, Turkey, is unique in the presence of apartments known as smart apartments, and this is within the development and modernity witnessed by Turkish real estate, as real estate investment in Turkey has become the strongest and best ever among all other investments, and our article today deals with the features of housing within smart apartments in Istanbul, and everything you are looking for in this command.


An introduction to smart apartments

Smart apartments are apartments or residential units that rely completely on modern technology, where all home devices and systems can be linked together so that the owner of the apartment can control all devices remotely, and this is done through screens installed on the wall or mobile devices such as phones or iPads . The astonishing scientific progress witnessed by most countries of the world has greatly affected all aspects of life in the Turkish state.

From this point of view, scientific and technological progress has intervened in people's homes and houses, and the idea of ​​smart apartments has emerged, which has become available to those who wish to buy or rent in Turkey. It is worth noting that a large percentage of the leading real estate investment companies have become very interested in Turkish smart apartments, which reflects their importance to the real estate market in Turkey now.


When was the first smart apartment built?

The world's first smart home was built in Germany in 1991. By the end of 1995, smart apartments occupied 5% of all homes and apartments in Germany. Nowadays, smart apartments are abundant in most Turkish states such as Istanbul, Bursa and the Turkish capital, Ankara. These types of apartments were built as a result of artificial intelligence and smart devices, and because these devices have become an essential part of our daily lives, the idea of ​​smart apartments and homes arose, and it was a reason to bring luxury and comfort, and smart apartments became in line with the modern contemporary lifestyle that man enjoys in our time. It is worth noting that smart apartments rely entirely on modern technology, as all apartment devices can be controlled, whether from inside or outside other through the internet and mobile phone applications, and these apartments have become widely available in the Turkish city of Istanbul.


Features of living within smart apartments

These smart apartments have many special specifications that make them stand out from others with a huge list of advantages, we mention to you those features as follows:

-You can automatically turn off the lights in the apartment while leaving the smart apartment, and the place can also be lightened as soon as you enter the smart apartment.

-You can add special lights to the apartment, to be suitable for creating parties, etc., and this is, of course, at the push of a button.

-The possibility of closing and opening the door of the smart apartment by fingerprint, or through a card designated for this purpose.

-The possibility of controlling the temperature of the apartment via the phone, at all times and from all places.

-The security of the apartment can be controlled, by sending alerts to the owner of the apartment when an attempt is made to penetrate it.

-The ability to send alerts when any emergency situation occurs, such as a gas leak or fire, and the police and firefighters are called immediately and automatically.

-The ability to open and close the windows automatically during the day and night.

-The possibility of having speakers throughout the smart apartment.

-The possibility of controlling the water temperature in the apartment's kitchen and bathroom.

-The possibility of monitoring for elderly people inside the apartment, which means that they live safely and without fear, and they do not need to move to the nursing home to provide them with the necessary care.

-The possibility of remote control of the pumps that are located in the garden, which means checking the levels of dew or water in the plants in the garden, with the ability to send alerts when they need to be watered.

-The ability to remotely control the connection and disconnection of electricity to any electrical device or tool in the apartment.

-Possibility to feed and take care of a pet in the apartment.

-The possibility of saving energy consumed and reducing material cost to the consumer, by organizing everything to work only when needed.

-The possibility of installing cameras in all rooms of the apartment, which means that you can monitor children at any time.

-The smart apartment sends alerts to its owner if food that has been placed in the apartment refrigerator has spoiled.

-There is a smart apartment doorbell feature, which takes pictures of everyone who knocks on the apartment door or rings the bell.

-The presence of smart cleaning devices, and they are linked to the means of controlling smart apartments


What does the smart apartment system in Istanbul mean?

The smart apartment system in Istanbul is a system based on the use of modern and advanced technological techniques, so that the owner of the apartment can control with one click of a button all the devices of the apartment, and this is through Android applications that are downloaded to the phone, while you are outside your smart apartment in Istanbul, you can control all devices via the internet, so that you can run the washing machine, for example, while you are outside your apartment, and as soon as you return, you will find that it has finished its job.


Smart services provided by smart apartments in Istanbul:

If we are talking about a smart apartment or a smart home, this means that the owner of this apartment can control everything related to it via the phone, or via a central control device, and the following is a comprehensive explanation of the services provided by smart apartments in Istanbul:

-TV remotes

Through which the TV can be turned off and on while you are outside your smart apartment in Istanbul.


-smart cleaning devices

Cleaning is one of the most important services that smart apartments have provided, which means that there is a smart cleaning device similar to a vacuum cleaner, that can clean the house without human intervention, and these devices have a remote working mechanism, so that you can clean your smart apartment while you are out.


-Intelligent electrical control

Electricity control is also one of the most important services of smart apartments, and one of the tasks that those who want to buy a smart apartment in Istanbul are looking for, and controlling electricity in a smart way means having a smart electrical socket, which allows you to connect or disconnect electricity from the apartment through a mobile phone.


-Smart apartment security devices

We are talking here about the security devices in the smart apartment, where smart apartments have a smart lock in the apartment or house, so that you can lock the apartment if you forgot to lock the door with the key, that is, the possibility of closing the door remotely.

This is in addition to fire, smoke and gas detectors, which are used to detect fire or smoke early, such as alarms, and these devices give an early warning of the cause of smoke to be able to stop it.


-Cameras in smart apartments

Here we are talking about cameras that are installed for the purpose of external surveillance, to monitor outside the apartment, in addition to cameras suitable for monitoring inside the house, that is, you can monitor your children in the apartment while you are outside.


-Smart doorbells

With smart doorbells in the apartments we are talking about today, you can take a photo of the person who rings your apartment bell as soon as he presses it, and this method allows you to know who has rang your apartment bell even if you are not at home.

One of the advantages of smart doorbells is that it is water- and dust-resistant, and has a 160-degree angle of view, not to mention its facial recognition capabilities. And with smart door locks, you don't have to worry about your apartment or house when you are outside, because you can at any time via the Internet make sure that the doors are closed and controlled with a single click.


What are the advantages of buying a smart apartment in Istanbul?

There are many advantages of buying a smart apartment in Istanbul, and we have already mentioned the modern technical advantages of the system of these apartments, and here we talk about other advantages of buying a smart apartment in Istanbul:

First: lower property taxes

Where the low taxes in Turkey are among the most important decisions that make the real estate investment sector in Turkey very distinguished and superior to others, and this reflected positively on motivating and attracting foreign and Arab investors to buy real estate in Turkey, and this contributed to the recovery and popularity of the real estate market, and tax cuts include exempting the foreign investor from value added tax.


Second: real estate residency

Obtaining real estate residency is the most important thing that foreign investors are looking for in Turkey, and it is a preferred and popular residency, as it is renewed annually for the duration of the property ownership.

Real estate residency is granted to the investor or the owner of the property, in addition to the wife and children under the age of 18.


Third: Buying an apartment in Istanbul is an ideal option

Whereas, real estate investment in Turkey is generally considered the cheapest among all European countries, and it can be confirmed that real estate in Istanbul is similar in modern technologies and strong infrastructure to real estate in Europe, although it is much cheaper than the European real estate market.


Fourth: Ensure a high profit return

Where real estate investment in Turkey or buying real estate in Istanbul is the project that guarantees you a profitable return on investment, and this is due to the economic activity and the distinctive urban development witnessed by these properties, in addition to that Turkey is a first-class tourist country, and because of this feature, tourists come in thousands during the tourist seasons.

From this point of view, it can be confirmed that your property or apartment will always have a tenant during those seasons throughout the year, which means that real estate investment in Istanbul or Turkey in general provides you with a high profit and a distinguished return on investment.


When did the smart apartment system start in the world?

This project began to launch for the first time in the nineties, and Germany was the first country to launch the smart apartments system, and after its launch from German homes several years ago, a large percentage of German apartments are working with this modern system. In the second millennium, all German homes are running the smart apartment system, and this is due to the high level of comfort and luxury that this system provides, making the residents in a state of complete satisfaction.

In addition, the smart apartments system provided a huge saving in energy consumption, so that the energy savings amounted to nearly fifty percent, which is a great achievement that is unparalleled. After Germany, this wonderful and advanced system began to enter all countries of the world, and there was a global welcome for it, and of course the state of Turkey was one of the first countries that opened the door to this system wide, with the state preserving the traditional type of apartments in Turkey.


What is the mechanism by which Turkey smart apartments work?

We mentioned earlier that apartments or smart homes depend entirely on modern technologies, and one of the most important tools for the work of smart apartments is the buttons technology, which you can control through with the click of a button, and among those devices are the lighting device, TV, cooler, curtains Which you can open or close with a single click.

This is in addition to kitchen utensils, all of which rely on modern technologies for smart apartments, where you can control all kitchen appliances remotely, and of course, this technology is impressive, especially for housewives. Not to mention the smart apartment’s external windows, which can be controlled remotely, so that when you turn on the air conditioner, the windows close automatically, which means that they are automatically connected to other devices in the apartment. This is in addition to the security and protection system enjoyed by smart apartments in Turkey, which makes striking sounds for your attention if any emergency such as a short circuit or fire occurs, and through the smart system you can disconnect the power from the apartment.


Are there other details of smart apartments in Turkey?

Of course, there are several minor but very important details, and they are as follows:

-The surveillance cameras in the children's rooms, which gives you the opportunity to monitor your children while you are outside the house.

-The sensitive lighting devices that work only when you are inside the apartment and turn off when you go out.

-The fingerprint system or the card in the apartment door, which means that you do not need a key.

-The possibility of communicating with the apartment while you are abroad via text messages.

-The technical system in the refrigerator in your smart apartment, which sends you an alarm when the food in it spoils.

-The devices send you an alert if you neglect green plants in your apartment.


Are there pros or cons to smart apartments in Turkey?

Of course, the advantages of smart apartments or their unique nature cannot be denied, noting the amount of smart services that these apartments provide to their owners, which is expected to increase in the coming days, but are there negatives or drawbacks to the smart apartment system in Turkey?

Of course, there is no system without any flaws, but the disadvantages or negatives of smart apartments in Turkey are few, and they are as follows:

-The possibility of penetration of the house through the internet, and this depends on the Internet.

-The relatively high cost of smart apartments is the main disadvantage, but this negative can be overlooked if you have more money.


 Smart apartment's costs in Turkey

Of course, the many advantages that smart apartments have will make their cost higher than regular apartments in Turkey and the world in general and it is likely that the cost will increase or decrease, this depends on the features that you choose inside the house.

It is worth noting that you can reduce some of the features of the smart apartment, but there are important elements that must be provided, such as the apartment heating system, energy saver, alarm, and security locks in your smart apartment.

At the end of our article, we have explained to you the importance of smart apartments, and how amazing they are in all respects, and make their owner live in absolute luxury, reassuring his home or apartment from any damage, and we hope that we have provided a full explanation and counted the advantages of housing in the smart apartments in Istanbul.



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