The most important successful projects in Turkey

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The most important successful projects in Turkey

You can find many successful projects in Turkey, follow this article and find out the full details

The most important successful projects in Turkey
14th June 2023
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Turkey is one of the successful and prosperous countries in the Middle East, as it enjoys economic strength and an encouraging investment environment and Turkey is witnessing many successful projects that have contributed to achieving progress and development in various sectors, whether you are an investor or interested in investing in Turkey and knowing the leading successful projects can provide you with a deeper understanding of the investment opportunities and promising sectors in the country, so continue read on for more details.

The most prominent successful projects in Turkey

Learn about the most famous successful projects in Turkey:


The construction industry is one of the most important sectors in Turkey and is a major factor for public and private investments in the country and although there are many construction companies in Turkey, there are still great infrastructure needs in the fields of environment and energy.


Thus, investors have huge opportunities to work in the construction sector and if you have a strong background in engineering or construction, you can easily start working in Turkey, in addition to that you can also set up a business that sells raw materials used in the construction industry.

This means that by investing in the construction sector in Turkey, you can take advantage of the great growth opportunities and constant demand for services and raw materials in this sector and the Turkish market also allows you to expand and build a wide customer network, both locally and internationally.



Although the percentage of car ownership among the population in Turkey is only 25%, the size of the consumer middle class in the country has been increasing since 2000, and an exponential growth in car use is expected at the local level based on this trend and in addition, the auto

Based on these conditions, you can make huge profits if you can start a business in the field of selling cars or spare parts in Turkey and there is a growing need for auto suppliers and suppliers in this growing market, you can exploit the gaps in the spare parts sector and meet the needs of local customers.


In addition to the business opportunities available in the Turkish car market, the possibility of expanding across borders and exporting products to other markets should also be considered and Turkey is strategically located between Europe and Asia, which enhances international trade and export opportunities to neighboring countries and other global markets.



Thanks to the various measures taken by the Turkish government in recent years, Turkey has become an excellent investment destination in the energy sector and particular focus has been placed on deregulation and privatization, as well as strategies to increase domestic demand for certified energy.


Many measures have been taken to encourage investment in various fields such as solar energy, wind, water, natural gas and coal and these measures include providing legal and financial facilities to investors, in addition to developing the necessary infrastructure and improving the business environment

Thanks to these reforms and improvements, the energy sector in Turkey is expected to witness sustainable and tremendous growth and the country has rich natural resources and is located in a strategic geographical area that offers promising opportunities for investment in renewable energy and other fields.

Office for booking and renting real estate for tourists

If you want to get a share of the profits from tourism in Turkey, you can set up a company for booking and renting apartments for holidays, by building a good reputation for your company and offering affordable apartments, there is no doubt that you will attract enough customers.


Hazelnut cultivation and export

Statistics recorded that Turkey is responsible for manufacturing and exporting about 80% of the world's hazelnut production and Hazelnuts are a delicious nut with a sweet flavor that thrives easily on Turkish soil and if you intend to start a successful business in Turkey, here is an ideal opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector, specifically in the cultivation and export of hazelnuts, as Turkey has excellent lands suitable for growing these high-quality nuts.


Real estate company

Turkey is witnessing great activity in the real estate market, as there is a constant demand for residential and commercial real estate, and this provides ample opportunities for real estate companies to provide their services and make profits, in addition to that, Turkey pays great attention to infrastructure development and this means the availability of investment opportunities in real estate projects related to infrastructure, such as residential complexes, commercial centers and tourism facilities.

The Turkish government provides a legislative environment and regulations that encourage investment in the real estate sector, and provides financial incentives and facilities in licensing and administrative procedures, which makes the process of establishing and operating the company easier, in addition to that Turkey enjoys a great diversity in real estate offers and where affordable residential homes, luxury apartments, commercial offices, industrial buildings and land for development can be found, this allows real estate companies to meet the diverse needs of their clients.


Features of opening projects in Turkey

  1. Turkey is located in a strategic location between Europe and Asia, which makes it a meeting point for global trade and investment, and Turkey occupies a privileged position to reach the markets of the Middle East, North Africa and Russia.
  2. Turkey's economy is enjoying strong and sustainable growth, as great developments have been achieved in recent decades, and great opportunities are available in various sectors such as industry, agriculture, tourism and technology.
  3. The Turkish government provides an encouraging and stimulating investment environment for foreign investors, and enjoys supportive and encouraging policies such as financial incentives, low taxes, and facilities for obtaining licenses and permits.
  4. Turkey has a large and active internal market, with a population of millions of people, and this provides ample opportunities for marketing and distributing your products and services within the country.
  5. Turkey has a skilled and educated workforce, which facilitates the operation and management of the business and Turkey has good education and high-quality educational institutions that provide specialized training and education in various fields.


Common questions

What is the importance of infrastructure in successful projects in Turkey?

The advanced infrastructure in Turkey is one of the main factors for the success of projects, as it supports the development of various sectors such as real estate, transportation and energy.


What are the main sectors witnessing successful projects in Turkey?

Turkey features diverse sectors with successful projects, including real estate, tourism, energy, technology, agriculture and industry.


What are the promising investment opportunities in the real estate sector in Turkey?

Promising investment opportunities in the real estate sector in Turkey include the construction of residential complexes, commercial projects, tourism facilities, and infrastructure development projects.



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