Tips when renting apartments in Turkey 2023

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Tips when renting apartments in Turkey 2023

If you want to invest in real estate in Turkey by renting it, or want to rent an apartment or real estate, follow these tips

Tips when renting apartments in Turkey 2023
25th April 2023
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Renting apartments in Turkey after purchasing them is one of the most important ideas that can be bought in real estate investment to achieve profits and high returns, but how is your project achieving high profits? What advice should I take into account? In this article, you will have the full details.

The best tips when renting apartments in Turkey

Here are tips that can help you rent apartments in Turkey with ease.

1 - Searching online is one of the first steps to take when looking for apartments for rent in Turkey and you can use free advertising websites or realtors' websites to get a list of apartments available for rent.

2- You can contact local real estate agencies in Turkey to get more information about apartments available for rent and this will help you understand the real estate market in Turkey and get better options.


3- You must inspect the apartment before signing any rental agreement and this is to ensure the condition of the apartment and its conformity with what was previously agreed upon.


4- You must read the contract carefully before signing it, and make sure you understand all its terms and conditions as it is also preferable to consult a legal lawyer specialized in this field to ensure the protection of your rights.


5- The price can be negotiated before signing any lease agreement, in order to obtain a suitable and competitive price and some other terms can also be negotiated such as the rental period and payment method

6- You must check the facilities available in the apartment and the building in which it is located and for example, you must ensure the availability of water, electricity, and communication lines, in addition to the existence of a security system that guarantees your safety and the safety of your property.


7- The owner's reputation must be confirmed before signing any rental agreement, in order to avoid future problems and it is also preferable to obtain reviews from previous tenants to ensure the quality of service and the landlord's commitment to the agreed terms.


8- The necessary procedures for terminating the lease must be ascertained before signing any agreement and for example, you must know the period of notice to the owner to move out of the apartment and the way to recover the amount deposited as a guarantee.


9 - All documents related to the lease must be kept well, in order to keep them as evidence in case of any problems in the future.

10- The legality of all measures taken must be ensured, in order to avoid any legal problems in the future.


How to invest in apartments in Turkey by renting them?

We will outline some important tips to keep in mind to achieve the best possible returns.

First, the investor must select the area in which he wants to buy the apartment and he must choose an area that enjoys popularity and high demand for residential rentals as tourist and commercial areas are usually the best for investment.


Secondly, the investor must ensure the quality of the apartment, its location, and the level of finishes available in it as apartments with luxurious finishes and a prime location enjoy the highest rental demand, which leads to higher returns.

Thirdly, the investor must specify the rental price he wishes to charge for the apartment and the rental price is usually determined based on the value of the apartment, its location, and the level of finishes available in it, in addition to the area in which it is located as the rental price must be suitable for the local market, so that the investor can rent the apartment quickly and achieve the best possible return.


Fourth, the investor must ensure that all basic services are available in the area where the apartment is located, such as transportation, ATMs, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and shops and the areas that provide all these services are popular and have the highest rental demand.

Fifth, the investor must ensure that a professional real estate management company is chosen to manage and rent the apartment and these companies guarantee the investor to obtain the best possible return, in addition to providing all the necessary services to manage the apartment effectively.


Investing apartments in Turkey through resale

One of the most important investment opportunities in Turkey is to invest in apartments by reselling them after a period to take advantage of the price difference between the buying and selling phases and this means that the investor buys an apartment at a low price and resells it at a higher price after a specified period.


However, this type of investment requires a good study of the real estate market in Turkey, as the investor must choose the appropriate area and the appropriate apartment that can be easily resold at a higher price in the future.

The investor must also choose a real estate broker who helps him in the process of buying and selling, as the broker must be highly experienced in the Turkish real estate market and be reliable.


The investor must take into account that this type of investment requires patience and a large amount of risk, as a change in the value of the apartment may occur due to changes in the real estate market or because of changes in the economy.


But if the right area, the right apartment, and the right real estate broker are chosen, investing in apartments in Turkey can be a very profitable investment opportunity and there is no doubt that Turkey is an ideal investment destination for investors who want to invest their money in real estate.


Common questions:

  1. What are the basic tips for renting an apartment in Turkey?

- The validity of the contract and the details mentioned in it must be confirmed, and the reputation of the owner or broker must be verified.

- It is recommended to visit the apartment before signing the contract, and to ensure its condition and the level of cleanliness and maintenance.

- The rental price and payment terms must be negotiated before signing the contract.


  1. What are the most important areas for renting apartments in Turkey?

- Istanbul includes a wide range of different regions, including Taksim, Besiktas, and others, where apartments for rent can be found at different prices.

- Antalya is famous for its historical streets and wonderful beaches, where apartments can be rented with stunning sea views.

- Bodrum is one of the most popular areas in Turkey for renting apartments, where luxury apartments can be found in popular tourist resorts.


  1. What are the expected prices for renting an apartment in Turkey?

- The price of renting apartments in Turkey varies according to the region, the condition of the apartment, and the period for which it is rented.


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