Tips when searching for offices for sale in Istanbul

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Tips when searching for offices for sale in Istanbul

Important instructions that will facilitate your search for an office for sale in Istanbul

Tips when searching for offices for sale in Istanbul
12th December 2022
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Many people think of looking for offices for sale in Istanbul in order to establish and establish a business or for real estate investment or for other reasons, but in any case there are many notes that must be taken into account in order to guarantee the results you are looking for.

The editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company chose through this article to inform you of many details related to this type of real estate, an enjoyable read.


Looking for offices for sale in Istanbul for investment

Istanbul is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. Investing in an office in Istanbul has many advantages, including a dynamic business environment, modern infrastructure, and access to a wealth of talent. With its expanding economy, low tax rates, and generous incentives for foreign investors, this city is an attractive option for those looking to invest in commercial real estate.

 Moreover, its strategic location between Europe and Asia makes it ideal for companies seeking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by both continents.

The city is well connected by air, sea and land making it easy to commute to and from it. In addition, the cost of living is lower compared to other big cities, so you can expect lower overhead costs for your business.



Notes when buying offices in Istanbul

When buying or investing in offices in Istanbul, it is important to consider the location, safety, and facilities in the area. Researching the local real estate market will help you find an area with high potential for growth and rental income. In addition, it is important to look for offices that are close to transportation networks and have potential access to essential services such as banks, schools, shopping centers and hospitals.

Consider the long-term stability of the area you're looking at; Look at growth trends and market indicators to make sure your investment will be safe and consider your budget. Office prices in Istanbul can vary greatly depending on their location and size.

 Be sure to consider factors such as location, condition, rental potential and future development plans. In addition, it is advised that you speak with a qualified estate agent or solicitor who can offer local knowledge and advice when making a purchase decision.

Office rental in Istanbul

Renting an office in Istanbul can be quick and easy. There are many online services available to help businesses find the ideal office space for their needs. In addition, there are many real estate agents who specialize in helping businesses find the best suitable deal, with a little bit of research and due diligence. Companies can often find a great office rental that fits their budget and location requirements in no time.


Offices for sale in Taksim

Buying an office in Taksim is a great opportunity for companies looking to expand their operations and reach new markets, as the district is located in the heart of Istanbul, and is one of the most popular and vibrant areas of the city and with its world-class infrastructure and amenities, provides easy access to international airports. Business centers, important government institutions, and excellent shopping destinations.

 It is well connected by public transportation such as metrobus lines, bus stops as well as highways that connect it to other parts of the city and buying an office in Taksim will also provide companies with access to some of the best restaurants, nightlife spots and cultural attractions that the city has to offer.


Offices for sale in Fatih

Fatih Istanbul is an ideal area for buying office space due to its convenient location, modern infrastructure and many amenities, with easy access to major transportation hubs such as Istanbul International Airport, and it is easy to move around the city and make connections with other companies as modern infrastructure allows companies The possibility of setting up a store and building fame quickly, so do not forget that this area is a main stop for all visitors and tourists coming to it.


Commercial real estate in Basin Express

A great choice for companies looking to purchase office space as the area offers easy access to major transportation routes, making it ideal for quick commutes and business meetings.

Add to your information that this area contains many luxurious and high-rise residential complexes and modern commercial complexes. Construction companies have focused on it, especially in the recent period after it was announced that work had begun on the Istanbul Water Canal, which is expected to increase the value of real estate in it.


Information about offices in Istanbul

Commercial real estate in Istanbul is generally more expensive and valuable than residential real estate or other options and this is one of the negative aspects as many people and investors do not have the ability to pay a lot of money.

There is a large group of investors who stay away from commercial real estate despite its various advantages, because sometimes it may be difficult to sell it when you want to, especially in the event that there are crises that the country suffers from, and therefore these properties will remain empty of tenants for long periods.

There is no doubt that there are aspects that some may see as negative, but the positive details are much greater, as their rents are high, and this is a high benefit for the investor, as well as the landlord will not have to deal with the tenants and their problems because they prefer to coordinate and equip their properties in a way that suits their work, and finally you, as a commercial real estate owner, will not suffer from the problem of delay tenants pay their rent.


You can get the best opportunities for real estate investment in Istanbul, whether it is offices, apartments, or villas, by contacting us. We put in your hands many special offers that you should consider, we provide you with appropriate consultations, we inform you about the pros and cons, and we answer your various inquiries about the real estate sctor in Turkey


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