Tourist Residency and Real Estate Residency in Turkey

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Tourist Residency and Real Estate Residency in Turkey

All about tourist and real estate residence in Turkey and how to obtain each of them

Tourist Residency and Real Estate Residency in Turkey
06th July 2022
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Mostly, as in any country, travel to Turkey requires a visa from the foreign nationalities coming to the country, whether Arab or foreign, and since the entry visa is usually restricted to a specific period of 90 days, this requires foreign business owners and investors for a longer period to stay inside Turkey legally in order to facilitate their business, hence the role of the Turkish government in finding a solution for these investors.


All you need to know about tourist residency

In view of the high demand in Turkey of arrivals from some Arab countries such as Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Libya, with the aim of working and earning a living or as an alternative country for living and stability, given what the Arab countries have been exposed to in the past few years, the Turkish government has provided distinguished facilities for these arrivals And foreign investors, as short-term tourist residency in Turkey has become the legal haven for foreign expats to stay within Turkish territory.


What is the tourist residency in Turkey?

It is a flexible alternative legal solution, subject to cancellation or modification, granted by the Turkish government as an alternative to the entry visa restricted with a time limit of 90 days, in order to help the owners of capitals and foreign investors to continue their business and reside within the Turkish territory legally.


Who is granted tourist residency in Turkey?

Tourist residency is granted to those coming to Turkey for the purpose of scientific research, and it is also granted to foreigners arriving for the purpose of starting business and investment projects inside the country, and for those coming for treatment for a period exceeding 90 days.

It is also granted to arrivals for the purpose of tourism for a period of more than 90 days, foreigners for the purpose of learning the Turkish language or participating in educational courses, and finally foreign arrivals for the purpose of residence within the country.


Documents required to get a tourist residency?

  • A passport valid for a period of no less than 6 months.
  • Personal photos .
  • A tax number obtained from the state for free, and it is advised to keep this number to facilitate procedures related to state departments.
  • Health insurance for the entire family.
  • A copy of a lease contract signed by the property owner and certified by a notary public.
  • A certified copy of the family statement of the children, when they want to get the property for family.


Advantages of obtaining a tourist residency in Turkey:

The holder of a tourist residency in Turkey has many great benefits. These include the right to open a bank account in any Turkish or international bank, the possibility of owning real estate in Turkey, and the right to obtain a driver's license from Turkey. Also, it will provide your children with free education in all public schools and also allows you to travel to any Schengen country without a visa.


What are the steps for getting a tourist residence in Turkey?

  • First, you must book an appointment for an interview, through the website of the Turkish Immigration Department, and this appointment is set at the exact day and hour, after completing the form for the interview request.
  • Printing a copy of the required papers, and this copy must be signed by the applicant.
  • Paying the residency fees in the Treasury on the day of the interview, after completing the submission of all the required documents and papers to the concerned employee.
  • Waiting for a period of between 30 to 90 days after submitting the application papers until getting a tourist residency in Turkey.


How do I get an appointment for real estate residency?

You must first complete all the procedures, transactions and papers related to the purchase of the apartment or real estate, and then get the possession title of the new owner, and this title must be signed by the notary public.

Wait until getting an appointment through the official website of the country, which is affiliated to the Turkish Immigration Department, then comes the step of filling out the application for applying electronically.

After that, go to one of the government branches on the day of the predetermined appointment, with all documents and papers prepared upon completion of the application.

Finally, pay the fees for real estate residency, which range from 100 to 150 US dollars for each individual, and to be paid in one of the state offices, upon completion of all procedures legally during the deadline.

After that, the residency is sent as soon as it is issued through the country's mail, and this takes approximately one to two months.


What are the Advantages of Obtaining a Real Estate Residency?

Being eligible for real estate residency in Turkey means that it is possible to reside in Turkey legally without being subject to any violation or fine. You can renew your residency annually by submitting an application to the relevant authority. As well as moving between Turkish cities, this is easy and free, and you do not need a visa to do so.

You are also entitled to free educational and health services in Turkey. After 8 years of residence, you can apply for permanent residency.


Who gets real estate residency?

Real estate residency in Turkey is granted to the property owner, his wife and their children under the age of 18. As for a foreigner who is married to more than one woman, he will only be able to grant it to one and after obtaining the permission of the other. As for children over the age of eighteen, they can obtain it in one case, which is if one of them suffers from a special disease or a special health condition, but after 3 years have passed.

In the event that the wife is divorced, the residency will be withdrawn from her, and then she must apply for one of the other types of residencies, such as a tourist, and the same applies to children, where they must look for a residency that suits their residence status, such as a tourist, student, or others.


What are the conditions for getting a real estate residency in Turkey?

  • Health insurance for all family members.
  • A family statement for the children, and it must be attested by the Turkish embassy in the mother country.
  • Deed of ownership of the property purchased by the applicant for real estate residency in Turkey.
  • A passport valid for a period of no less than six months.
  • Seismic insurance for the property on which the real estate residency will be granted according to it.


What about buying a property in Turkey?

When a foreigner wants to buy an apartment or property in Istanbul or in any city in the Turkish territory, he only has to submit all documents and papers related to the property to the concerned authorities to get real estate residency, which facilitates all legal procedures within the Turkish territory for the foreign owner.

The Turkish government grants real estate residency to the foreign property owner, his wife and children, and the real estate residency period is usually one or two years, and it is renewable for the duration of the property ownership.

Accordingly, real estate residency has become an important incentive for investors, especially Arabs from Palestine, Syria and Iraq, to ​​buy a property in Turkey, with the aim of having a safe and stable alternative to the current conditions of their countries.


What is the difference between real estate residency and tourist residency?

The two residencies differ according to the goal that the expatriate or the foreigner seeks, as the objective of the real estate residency is to buy a property in Turkey, and the short-term tourist residency can have multiple objectives.

 Real estate residency is granted for an unlimited period, and there is no opportunity to cancel it for the duration of the possession of the possession title that proves ownership of the property, whether in Istanbul or in Turkish lands in general.

As for short-term tourist residency, it does not have fixed laws, but its laws change by the state, and it is subject to cancellation or modification at any time according to the conditions of the Turkish state.

Finally, the real estate residency requires a possession title deed for the property on which the residency will be granted. As for the short-term tourist residency, a rental contract is sufficient only within the papers submitted to get the residency.

It is worth noting that the state of Turkey is one of the leading countries in the real estate investment sector in the world, and it has become the destination for investors, whether foreign or Arab, especially after the Turkish state issued a law on foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey in 2012.

As the state of Turkey possesses many factors that made it compete with the largest countries in the world, in the tourism side, Turkey occupies a prominent position among the countries of the world, due to its distinct climate, stunning scenery, and historical and archaeological landmarks.



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we have provided to you through the following article important information about tourist residency and real estate residency in Turkey. We hope that you have had sufficient information and adequate answers about all your inquiries.


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