Turkey customs and traditions

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Turkey customs and traditions

Learn about the most famous customs and traditions in Turkey

Turkey customs and traditions
15th October 2022
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Each country has a wide range of customs, traditions and customs that it feels are constitutional laws for the population and members of society because they are prevalent and in circulation, and because the attention is directed towards the Turkish state. We have dedicated this article to shed light on some of the common Turkish customs. We wish you an enjoyable reading.


What are the most important customs and traditions in Turkey?

Have you ever heard of Turkish society? Are you thinking of living and settling in that country? So you have to get to know some of them so that you can quickly integrate with society:

1 - Always drink a cup of tea

- Turkish tea, or çay, is one of the most popular drinks in Turkey. It is usually served hot and strong with two sugar cubes. Drinking tea is a social activity in Turkey and it is not unusual to spend hours drinking tea with friends.

- Turkey is famous for its tea culture. Turkish people consume more tea per capita than any other country in the world and usually black and unsweetened tea are consumed.

- Drinking tea is a daily ritual and an important part of social life. Turks usually drink tea with friends and family, and refusing a cup of tea when offered is considered rude.

- Tea is usually served in small cups and it is customary to leave a little tea at the bottom of the cup, as this is a sign of respect.


2- A glass of water with coffee

The tradition of serving water with coffee is a tradition that dates back to the Ottoman Empire and in those days, coffee was seen as a luxury item and served only to the guests and water was served alongside the coffee to help the guests get rid of the strong taste.

Today, the tradition continues and it is not uncommon to see a glass of water served with a cup of Turkish coffee.


3- Take off your shoes at the outside door

In Turkey, wearing shoes indoors is considered rude because shoes are considered dirty and are not intended to be worn indoors.

If you are visiting a Turkish home, you will be expected to take off your shoes at the door and may be given a pair of slippers to wear indoors.


4- Putting carpets in all seasons

Turkey is famous for its hand woven carpets. The nomads of Central Asia introduced the art of carpet weaving to the Turks. Carpets are usually made of wool, and designs often feature geometric patterns.

Carpets are used for a variety of purposes, including flooring, wall hanging and prayer rugs. It is customary in Turkey to lay rugs in all seasons, and rugs are also used as bedding in some parts of the country.


5 - The blue bead

The blue bead tradition is a tradition that goes back to the Ottoman Empire and it is said that when a young woman is of marriageable age, her mother gives her a thread of beads and the number of beads on the thread depends on the wealth of the family. The richer the family, the more beads the young woman gets.


6 - Spray lemonade

Lemon is one of the most sought-after scents in Turkey. It is used to perfume homes, public places, and even clothes. Lemon is also a staple in many Turkish dishes. The lemon tree is native to southern Asia and has been cultivated in Turkey for centuries.

One of the famous customs and traditions in Turkey is to sprinkle lemon juice on the guests upon their arrival. This is done to welcome them and make them feel at home.


7 - salute

When two people meet, they usually do the following:

A man shakes a woman's hand. A woman may or may not reciprocate.

A man and a woman kiss each other on the cheeks three times and this is more common among friends and family.

If you are a woman, you must wait for the man to start shaking hands and kissing. If you are a man, you must begin these greetings with everyone except the elderly (parents, grandparents, etc.), whom you must greet with respect.


8 - Hand kiss for the elderly

The kiss of the hand is a gesture that shows respect for the elderly and the head of the family. It is a custom that has been around for centuries in Turkey, and is still practiced today.

To make this gesture, you approach the person you want to show respect and gently kiss their hand. You can also put your hand over your heart while doing this.


9 - sprinkle salt

A famous custom in Turkey is to sprinkle salt on the doorstep of a new home.

It is said that this will bring good luck and drive away evil spirits.


10 - Hanging the bread

Bread is a staple food in Turkey and eaten with almost every meal. Turks love their bread and there are many different types available, from traditional flatbread to stuffed and fried items.

One of the famous customs and traditions in Turkey is to hang bread on the walls and this is done as a sign of respect and appreciation for the bread, which is seen as a gift from God. The bread is usually hung over the doors of houses.

If you are visiting Turkey, be sure to try some of the delicious breads.


11 - Ramadan habits

In Turkey, as in other Muslim countries, Ramadan is a time of religious rites and meditation, however, it is also a time of celebration and feasting with family and friends.

Many businesses close early during Ramadan so that employees can go home to iftar with their families. Restaurants may offer special menus for iftar. Some hotels offer buffet-style meals. Families may also gather to watch special Ramadan programs on TV.


12 - Holiday Traditions

Turkey has many different customs and traditions that are celebrated on holidays.

Another tradition is to wear red underwear on New Year's Eve as this is said to bring good luck in love for the coming year.

Other customs include singing, dancing, and decorating homes with lights.

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