Latest updates on Turkish citizenship and real estate residence

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Latest updates on Turkish citizenship and real estate residence

The latest amendments to the laws of Turkish citizenship and real estate residence in Turkey

Latest updates on Turkish citizenship and real estate residence
18th May 2022
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If you are interested in the issue of Turkish citizenship, you must have known that the Turkish government has issued some amendments to the law on obtaining it and the law on obtaining real estate residence as well.

The editorial team at Binaa Real Estate chose to tell you in a lengthy report about everything related to Turkish citizenship laws and the latest amendments to them through the following article, as well as we will shed light on the real estate residence and everything new related to it.

We wish you an enjoyable reading.

Amendments to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship:

On April 12, 2022, the Turkish government issued a decision to raise the minimum for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment from two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars to four hundred thousand dollars, but according to what was announced, the decision will not enter into force until after it is issued in the Official Newspaper.

On May 12 of this year, the decision was issued in the newspaper to be implemented one month later, i.e. on June 12, and this is an indication that the opportunity is still available to obtain it according to the old price because the decision, as we mentioned, has not yet been implemented.

It is worth noting that everyone who submits an application for naturalization before the mentioned date, the new decision is not comprehensive, so real estate experts and specialists advised to move in the current period to take advantage of the opportunity, but after purchasing a property worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, an application must be submitted and anyone who does not submit an application will not be allowed to do so after June 12.


Turkish citizenship laws:

What you should know is that the Turkish government is not the first time that it issues amendments and updates to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship, but it periodically issues decisions that correspond to the interests of the country on the one hand and at the same time do not have a negative impact on the investor or the foreigner.

1 - At the end of 2018, decisions were issued to reduce the minimum amount of real estate investment suitable for obtaining citizenship from one million dollars to two hundred and fifty only.

2 - Among the other amendments that were made is that it reduced the amount required to obtain it through financial investment from $2 million to only five hundred thousand dollars.

3 - As for those who wish to obtain it through a bank deposit, he must have an amount of five hundred thousand dollars instead of three million previously.

4 - There has been an amendment to the law on obtaining it by employing Turkish people and reducing the required number from 100 to 50 employees.


The most important general conditions for obtaining citizenship:

There is no doubt that obtaining Turkish citizenship is easy to obtain, especially with the many facilities that the Turkish government offers to those wishing to acquire it, unlike many European countries that impose many arbitrary conditions.

- The foreigner must be over the age of eighteen.

- To be of full mental capacity (ie, not suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease).

- To provide evidence confirming the sincerity of his intention to settle in Turkey permanently.

- To reside for a continuous period of five years without any interruption.

- Not suffering from any disease that poses a threat to public health, such as communicable or contagious diseases.

- Not to be involved in a judicial crime that threatens the security situation in the country.

- To have a sufficient source of income for himself and his family.


The most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship:

Among the most important advantages that make this citizenship distinctive and important at the global level is that it can be obtained by several means and methods. If you look closely, you will find that this is one of the set of facilities that the Turkish government is keen to provide to foreigners.

First: Through real estate investment:

It is noted that the last amendment that was issued was for those who wish to obtain it through real estate, as it is the most important and fastest method, as it does not take more than three months from the date of submitting the application.

There are many conditions that must be met by the property in order for it to be suitable to apply for this citizenship, which are.

1 - To be kept for a period of no less than three years.

2 - It should not have been used earlier to obtain it.

3 - The property must be purchased exclusively from a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company.

4 - The price of the property must be paid through a Turkish bank.

You may wonder, what if the previous four items were not complied with, i.e. it was sold before the lapse of the three years, or if it was paid for in cash, or if it was purchased from a foreign citizen, or if citizenship was previously obtained through it? It will definitely not be appropriate to apply for Turkish citizenship, but then you will be able to benefit from it in real estate investment or housing.


In the context of talking about obtaining this citizenship through real estate investment, it must be noted that it is easy to find a suitable property for it, because construction companies are working on building projects that conform to the conditions for obtaining it, in response to the desires of many foreigners to do so.


Do you think that when buying a property in Turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, the capital will freeze during these three years in which it is prohibited to sell or dispose of the property? This is absolutely inaccurate. One of the points that you should take into consideration is that real estate prices in Turkey have increased significantly, meaning that when you want to sell it, you will benefit greatly from the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages.


Second: Through financial investment:

Many foreigners choose to obtain Turkish citizenship through an investment of at least five hundred thousand US dollars or when buying bonds or shares, provided that they are not sold before three years have passed.


Third: When making a bank deposit:

One of the most common ways to obtain that citizenship through this method is the commitment not to withdraw any part of the amount before three years have passed since the date of its deposit.


Fourth: Marriage to a Turkish citizen:

Did you know that marrying a Turkish citizen gives the foreigner the right to apply for Turkish citizenship easily after three years have passed since the date of marriage, in order to make sure that the purpose of marriage is stability and the establishment of a family, not just obtaining it, and it is required that the foreigner does not pose any danger to the general  security in the country.


Fifth: Through adoption:

Any foreigner who has not reached the age of eighteen can directly obtain Turkish citizenship when adopted by a Turkish family, provided that he does not pose any danger to public security in Turkey.


Sixth: Proof of Turkish Origins:

Among the most important ways that allow you to obtain this citizenship is to prove your Turkish affiliation or origins by providing evidence and proofs that confirm this.


Learn about the importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

The choice of foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship over other nationalities around the world was not a random choice, but rather a natural result of all the privileges that the holder can benefit from and obtain.

Through the following paragraphs, we will talk in full and in detail about all the advantages of obtaining this citizenship, so you can follow.

1 - Strong relations with important countries:

If you think that the Turkish state belongs to the Asian continent, you are in a big mistake, as nearly 23 years ago it was accepted to join the European Union and thus this led to the strengthening of relations between them.


2 - Applying for a Turkish passport:

Among the set of privileges that a foreigner will obtain when obtaining this nationality is the Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most important passports in the world, and according to the platform specialized in evaluating passports in the world, in the current year it ranked (37) and it is also expected to achieve great progress during next period.

This passport allows you to travel to many countries of the world with many facilities, the most important of which are:

- More than 61 countries without a visa requirement.

- More than 45 are granted an automatic visa upon arrival.

-  8 countries grant the holder of this passport an electronic visa.


3 - Full Turkish citizenship rights:

Whoever obtains that citizenship is treated as a Turkish citizen completely without any prejudice or racism, and one of the most important of those rights he will obtain.

- Benefit from medical and educational services.

- Participation in political life and voting in elections.

- Take advantage of the many facilities offered by the Turkish government.

- Obtaining the best job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

- Practicing professions that a foreigner is prohibited from practicing, such as (veterinary medicine - pharmacy - customs clearance).

- Receiving treatment in the most important Turkish hospitals and centers at discounted prices and for free.

- Enrollment in the most important schools and universities.

- Benefit from the retirement law for people over the age of 65 years.


4 - Granting Turkish citizenship to the family:

Nationality for all family members (wife and children who have not yet reached the age of eighteen), but what should be noted in this regard is that children who are over the legal age can obtain it if they have special needs.

However, in the event that the foreigner is married to more than one woman, only one wife can obtain it and after obtaining the permission of the other wife.


5 - Granting relatives a transit visa to Turkey:

Whoever holds that nationality will be able to invite his relatives to visit Turkey to spend a special time together and visit the most important tourist, historical and archaeological places.


Important updates on real estate residence in Turkey:

Now we must talk extensively and in detail about everything related to real estate residency in Turkey, as it is considered one of the most important types of residency in Turkey, which prompted foreigners from different countries of the world to be a target for them.

Earlier, obtaining it did not require any conditions related to the property except that it was intended for housing, while a few days ago the Turkish government issued an amendment to the law on obtaining it stipulating that the property or apartment must have a specific price (75,000) dollars at least, and therefore we have two conditions that must be adhered to.

It should be noted that there are no other conditions related to the area or specifications except that it should not be within a security or military area, as it is forbidden for a foreigner to own property in an area bearing one of these two characteristics.

Add to your information that the foreigner must have a stable source of income of at least five hundred thousand US dollars in order to secure a decent life for him and his family.


Advantages of obtaining real estate residency:

Those who hold this residency can obtain a set of important benefits, which were the first motive that encouraged the foreigner to obtain it, most notably.

1 - It is obtained by all family members without exception, but the children must be under the legal age.

2 - It is possible to benefit from the various privileges that are provided to the Turkish citizen, such as medical and educational services.

3 - To move freely between the Turkish states without the condition of observing any restrictions.

4 - Travel outside Turkey without the condition of obtaining a travel permit.

5 - It is a short-term residence, but it can be renewed annually as long as the foreigner owns the property.


Documents required to obtain residency:

If you wish to obtain this residence, there are a set of papers and documents that must be prepared and they are as follows.

- A form that must be filled out and signed by the property owner or the person acting on his behalf.

- The original copy of the Turkish passport of the property owner.

- The tax number that can be extracted from any tax department in Turkey.

- Personal Photos.

- Valid health insurance.

- Real estate valuation report.

- Earthquake insurance policy.


How to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey?

Certainly, among the questions that you have is about how to obtain this residence permit, and this is what we will answer in the following paragraph.

- Visit the website specified by the competent authority.

- Click on the link dedicated to those interested in obtaining it for the first time.

- You must fill out the form with the required personal information.

- Book and make an appointment to go to submit the file as soon as possible.

- Start preparing the required documents mentioned above.

- Pay the required fees and receive a receipt.


We are pleased to have provided you with adequate and comprehensive answers to all the questions and inquiries that concern you, whether regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship or real estate residence..


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