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Turkish citizenship by property in Turkey | comprehensive guide

How to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate

Turkish citizenship by property in Turkey | comprehensive guide
14th July 2022
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You must have heard someone's desire to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey, and this is the best way ever.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property:

One of the most striking ways to obtain exceptional Turkish citizenship is through real estate investment, as under Turkish law, a person who buys a property in Turkey in accordance with the conditions obtains Turkish citizenship and obtaining it is a real gift and an added advantage over the total advantages that you enjoy. When starting to invest in real estate, this contributed to accelerating the pace of foreign investors, especially Arabs, to own property in Turkey.

The way to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is one of the best and best ways, but why? For several reasons, we will mention the most important ones to you as follows:

_ Turkish law does not provide for the purchase of a property or a group of properties with certain specifications, but rather opened the door of the Turkish real estate market wide to all investors and provided them with various options that suit the investor's needs such as housing, land, commercial buildings and many others.

_ Once the investor obtains Turkish citizenship, his family also obtains it more easily than in other ways, but the only exception to this are his children who are over eighteen years old.

_ The facilities provided by the Turkish state had a significant role in making this method highly desirable. There is no longer a need for the investor to submit the title deed, as it is no longer a condition for deciding on the application for Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, as a contract for sale resulting from the sale is sufficient. The procurement process is based on the engineering plan or from projects under construction.

_ We do not lose sight of the role of the Turkish lira in this matter, as the gradual decline in its value led to a decline in real estate prices in Turkey, which gave foreign and Arab investors opportunities for profitable real estate investment in the future, while obtaining the Turkish percentage as a result of these investments under Turkish laws.


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property:

Although obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is one of the easiest and most secure and safe ways, there are some conditions that you, as an investor, are going to take this step, which are as follows:

First - the seller:

The purchase of real estate is limited to a Turkish person or a Turkish construction company only. It is not permissible to buy from anyone who has the same nationality as you or any other foreign or Arab nationality.


Second - the price of the property:

To obtain Turkish citizenship, the price of the property you purchased must have reached four hundred thousand US dollars or more, or even the equivalent of this amount in Turkish currency according to the exchange rate during the sale. As for other details related to the property such as its area, location, and the like, these are not Things are necessary and there are no conditions for them on the contrary, as you can buy the property with the specifications you want.

In this context, we must tell you that it is not required that the required amount be for one property in Turkey. Rather, more than one property can be purchased, with the required amount, while fulfilling the conditions in all properties in order to be compatible with the exceptional Turkish citizenship.


Third - Real Estate Valuation:

Foreign investors must have a real estate appraisal report from a company specialized in this matter, provided that it is approved by the Turkish government. It is known in Turkey as the real estate appraisal document, as it includes all detailed information about the status of the property to be sold in terms of determining the price of the property in the market, and there A period of time ranging between three days and approximately one week to obtain the real estate appraisal report document after submitting the application to the company, and it is valid for a period of three months from the date of its issuance.


Fourth - What is your mother nationality:

 The naturalization law in Turkey included all nationalities except for some of the nationalities identified by them, namely Syria, North Korea, Cuba, in addition to Cyprus and Armenia.


Fifth: The length of time the property remains yours:

The purchase of the property is required after its sale for a period of three years from the date of purchase.


Sixth: Dealing with Turkish banks:

To obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, the financial value of the property must be paid through a regular bank transfer.


Seventh - legally registering the property in the Title deed Department.

Documents required for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment:

Before we end this article, we must share with you the documents that are required of you when you go to the competent authorities and apply for Turkish citizenship, and these documents include:

_ Application form for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

_ A copy of your passport translated into Turkish and certified by a notary public, which is what is called in Turkey the name of the nut.

_ If the person is married, he must bring a copy of the passports of the wife and children who are not over eighteen years old, provided that this copy is certified and translated.

_ Providing a copy of the title deed document or what is expressed in the name of the title deed for the property that was purchased in Turkey.

_ When you wish to grant your family Turkish citizenship, the family book or the family statement must be among your papers, provided that it is translated into the Turkish language and also certified by the notary public.

_ You should bring a paper of disclaimer of judgments and precedents for you and your wife separately.

_ The real estate appraisal document, which is extracted within a short period of time, approximately one week.

_ Bring recent personal photos of all family members who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship, provided that they are not more than six months old.

_ Receipts for the amounts paid for the property or real estate and must be stamped by the bank through which the amount was sent.

_ Also, receipts from the seller of the property, whether it is a construction company or a Turkish person, and they must be sealed by the addressee bank.



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In this way, we have made clear to you the most important points about the issue of Turkish citizenship by buying a property within the borders of the Turkish state, which is what many foreign and Arab investors seek, in their desire to win Turkish citizenship, and then its advantages and all its advantages.

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