Reasons for the strength of Turkish citizenship

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Reasons for the strength of Turkish citizenship

What are the reasons that make Turkish citizenship superior to others?

Reasons for the strength of Turkish citizenship
04th January 2023
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Turkish citizenship is one of the strongest and most important nationalities in the world. It gives its bearer many positive aspects, and thousands of people of different nationalities seek to apply for it and meet its conditions.

The editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company chose in this article to shed light on the most important details related to this nationality and the dimensions of its strength. If you are really interested in reading it, do not hesitate to follow the following lines with us.


Learn about the reasons for the strength of Turkish citizenship

The strength of Turkish citizenship depends on a number of factors. The country's thriving infrastructure has enabled it to become one of the world's most attractive destinations for investment and tourism. Over recent years, the Turkish government has invested heavily in the country's transportation, energy and communications networks, making it a great place to live, work and travel. .

Turkey's economic revival over recent years has also been instrumental in strengthening its status as a citizen and becoming one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with strong growth in sectors such as finance, construction, and technology. This economic development has enabled Turkey to offer its citizens an increasingly high quality of life and access to opportunities that weren't available before.

Finally, Turkey's strategic location between Europe and Asia means that it offers citizens a unique blend of culture and lifestyle options. From its vibrant cities to its stunning natural landscapes, Turkey is an ideal place to live for both locals and expats, and this diversity in culture and lifestyle makes Turkish citizenship particularly attractive. Especially for those seeking to experience many different ways of life.


Advantages of Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship provides many advantages to its holders, as it provides access to a variety of economic and political opportunities. Turkey is a rapidly developing country with a high standard of living, which makes it an attractive destination for immigrants seeking to improve their quality of life. In addition, Turkish citizens have the right to vote in local elections. and patriotism, as well as being eligible for certain benefits and services.

Moreover, Turkish citizenship provides its holders with visa-free travel to more than 110 countries around the world, including member states of the European Union and the United States. This makes it easy for citizens to visit family or conduct business abroad without having to obtain visas. Moreover, Turkish citizens have access to free education and health care systems, which gives them opportunities to stay healthy and get a quality education.


What do you know about citizenship through real estate investment?

First, the applicant must make a real estate investment of a minimum of $400,000 and this investment must be made in the form of one property or multiple properties, as long as the total amount of the investments is not less than the required amount.

Secondly, the applicant must keep this real estate investment for at least three years and during this period, the real estate may not be sold or transferred; However, it can be leased or used as collateral for other investments.

Third, if the applicant fulfills all other conditions for obtaining citizenship and fulfills his commitment to maintain his real estate investment for a period of three years, he will then be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. The application process usually takes about six months and requires an interview with the Turkish authorities.


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage

First, the individual must be a foreigner and have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years and the spouses must have lived together in Turkey under a legal residence permit for two years before applying for citizenship

Secondly, the spouses must provide evidence of their financial stability and this can be done by submitting documents such as income statements and tax returns from the last two years of living in Turkey. In addition, the applicant must have a valid health insurance policy in his name, as well as in the name of his wife.


Documents required to obtain citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship requires a number of documents and applicants must submit valid documents, including but not limited to the following:

  • Birth certificate.
  • Marriage certificate (if any).
  • Passport.
  • Proof of residence in Turkey for a period of not less than five years. This may include a valid residence permit, work contract or other official documents confirming residence in the country.
  • A medical report issued by an accredited Turkish doctor or hospital, proving physical and mental health.
  • Financial information confirming that the applicants have sufficient financial resources to support themselves. This may include tax returns, bank statements or other financial records.
  • A criminal record certificate from both the country of origin and Turkey, showing that the applicant has no criminal record.
  • Documents proving that the applicant has successfully completed Turkish language courses.


When is Turkish citizenship withdrawn?

The Turkish government can withdraw Turkish citizenship in certain cases according to the Turkish Nationality Law, a person may lose their citizenship if they are found guilty of serious criminal offenses or if they have acted against national security. Other reasons for withdrawal include if the person obtained their citizenship by providing false information or if it is considered a threat to public order and peace.

The Citizenship Law also stipulates that dual nationals, who have acquired another citizenship without the permission of the Turkish government, may also be liable to withdraw their Turkish citizenship and this applies even if neither country objects to the dual citizenship. In such cases, the Turkish government may take Procedures to revoke a person's nationality and require him to renounce his other nationality in order to regain Turkish citizenship.

Failure to fulfill certain military service obligations or failure to comply with tax residency rules can result in the initiation of cancellation proceedings against any individual.


Find out more details regarding the issue of nationality by visiting our website, where we monitor various topics and separate aspects.


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