Turkish citizenship for 400 thousand dollars

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Turkish citizenship for 400 thousand dollars

How can you become a Turkish citizen with 400 thousand dollars

Turkish citizenship for 400 thousand dollars
25th October 2022
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The Turkish government offers you Turkish citizenship for only $ 400,000, and this is included under the name of obtaining it through real estate investment, which is the most common and widespread method among the public interested in obtaining it, because it is the short way that leads to it.

In this article, get to know with us some details and information related to applying for citizenship and find answers to your various questions and inquiries. We wish you an enjoyable reading.


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate

The conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership were amended by the Turkish government in June of the year 2022 AD, and the value of the property(s) purchased must be 400,000 dollars so that you can apply for citizenship through real estate investment.

The question here is, is it sufficient for the property price to be four hundred thousand US dollars to be suitable for citizenship, or are there more other conditions that must be met? Of course, there are more conditions, the most important of which are:

- The property shall not be sold before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase.

- The real estate value must be paid through a Turkish bank.

- Purchase must be made from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish construction company.

- The real estate appraisal document must be extracted.

- You must verify that the property was not previously used in order to obtain it.

In this context, it should be noted that a breach of any of the aforementioned terms and conditions leads to the property being unsuitable for citizenship, so you must be careful in everything you do and it is advised that you seek the assistance of experts when applying for citizenship.


Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are many benefits to obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, as Turkey is one of the most powerful countries economically and politically, offering a 36th passport in the world and this makes travel much easier and gives its holder many opportunities and advantages.

 Other advantages of Turkish citizenship include access to quality education and health care, as well as all family members can obtain it and benefit from living on Turkish soil.

You will enjoy the same rights as Turkish citizens, including the right to vote and to run for important positions.

You will be eligible for social security and health care benefits in Turkey.



Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, there are some documents that you will need to complete the process and here is a list of the most important ones:

  1. A copy of your passport.
  2. A copy of your birth certificate.
  3. A copy of the marriage contract (if any).
  4. A copy of your divorce certificate (if applicable).
  5. Proof of residence in Turkey.
  6. Financial documents show that you can support yourself and your dependents financially.
  7. A criminal background check from your country of origin.


What are the most important problems of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Although obtaining citizenship is easy and completely safe compared to applying and obtaining other nationalities, there are some problems that you may face, most notably:

- The most common problem that foreigners face when trying to obtain Turkish citizenship is the language barrier. Turkish is a difficult language to learn, and most government officials will not speak English.

- Another common problem is the lack of understanding of the Turkish legal system as the process of applying for Turkish citizenship can be complicated, and many foreigners do not know where to start.

- In addition, the cost of living in Turkey can be high, and finding affordable housing can be difficult.

- You must have a job or other source of income in Turkey and this can be difficult to obtain if you do not have the right skill set or connections.

- You must have lived in Turkey for at least five years and this can be difficult for people who are not of Turkish origin or have no family ties there.


How to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage?

You may be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship if you are married to a Turkish citizen, provided you meet the following requirements:

* Be married for at least 3 years. * You and your spouse have lived in Turkey for at least two years. * You must prove that your marriage is real and not only for the purpose of obtaining Turkish citizenship. * You must pass the Turkish language test.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship through bank deposit

As of September 2018, foreign nationals who deposit at least $500,000 in a Turkish bank or buy Turkish government bonds of the same amount are eligible for Turkish citizenship.

The money must be kept in the account for at least three years.


Obtaining citizenship by buying government bonds

The Turkish government has recently introduced a new scheme under which foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing bonds or shares worth $500,000.

The scheme is open to all nationalities, and the process is relatively simple. There is no need to live in Turkey or to learn the Turkish language.


When is Turkish citizenship withdrawn?

Turkish authorities can withdraw citizenship from a naturalized Turkish citizen if they suspect that this person is a threat to national security, if he is disturbing public order, or if he is associated with any organization that conflicts with Turkey’s interests and in the case of any of these reasons, citizenship can be withdrawn but Not directly, as he is given a period of 3 months to back down from what he is doing.



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This was the most important information that interests you about Turkish citizenship. If you have more questions, do not hesitate before contacting our real estate consultant, who will answer all your concerns.

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, we will put in your hands a list of the most important offers and appropriate options to apply for, so that you can choose from them what suits you and meets your aspirations.


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