Types and Features of Real Estate in Istanbul

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Types and Features of Real Estate in Istanbul

The different forms of real estate in Istanbul and the advantages of each

Types and Features of Real Estate in Istanbul
17th July 2022
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The Turkish state has recently been on top e of real estate investment, and the Turkish government has made double efforts to develop a comprehensive plan aimed at raising the country's investment and economic level, and because of that, the real estate market in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable boom and recovery, and many who wish to invest in real estate are looking for the types and advantages of real estate in Istanbul.


About real estate in Istanbul

The Turkish city of Istanbul is considered the capital of tourism and economy in Turkey, and it is a global center for trade and investment of all kinds, especially real estate investment. The real estate investment market in Istanbul has witnessed a great development in the past few years, due to the increasing demand for Turkish real estate, because of its great diversity, which makes everyone who is looking for a certain advantage in real estate finds it in Istanbul real estate.

The field of real estate investment in Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular is a successful investment step by all standards, as it guarantees the foreign investor a high and good profit return, which is what every foreign investor is looking for in any country.


Types of real estate units in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by the multiplicity of forms of real estate units, where there are many types and forms, so if you aim at real estate investment, you must be fully aware of the different types of real estate, as real estate units in Turkey are divided into two main branches, each of which includes more complex and detailed types .Within each of them, there are more complex and detailed types, which are old real estate, that is, they were sold before, and the other branch is new real estate, and a huge number of types fall under these two branches, as the following lines explain to us.


Residential real estate or apartment complexes in Turkey

These properties are very popular in Turkey, as they contain many houses and residential units, and are spread in the Turkish states more widely than other types of real estate, and are used for the purpose of housing and residence or for investing through a monthly or annual return, and residential complexes include what follows:

-First, housing units within the residential complex, which are more expensive than those units in ordinary real estate, due to the availability of high-level service facilities, such as security services, gardens and playgrounds.

-Secondly, housing units outside the residential complex, and these apartments are in independent buildings, and the price of the apartments in them is affordable, but they do not contain many service facilities such as those apartments located within the residential complexes.

-Thirdly, the old apartments, which are apartments that are located in buildings that were built more than twenty years ago, and the price of these apartments is according to the view of the apartment, the location of the building and its age as well.  

-Fourth, studio apartments, these apartments are characterized by a very small area, and are suitable for the residence of one or two people at a maximum.

-Fifth, duplex apartments, which are rather large apartments, and consist of two floors connected to each other by a special internal staircase, and due to the internal division of them, they are one of the most preferred types for families with a large number of members.

-Sixth, the triplex apartments, which are large apartments, consist of three floors, connected to each other by an internal staircase, and are suitable for large families.

-Seventh, the villas, which are independent real estate units, and each villa consists of two or three floors, and is characterized by containing a private garden and a private swimming pool, and they are abundant in high-end places, and it is worth noting that they are considered expensive than other real estate units.

-Eighth, penthouses, which are apartments on the last upper floor of large buildings, and feature a large terrace and a distinctive view of the outdoors.

-Ninth, the townhouses, which are small villas in space close to each other, and the townhouse buildings are characterized by a single architectural design, which adds a touch of beauty and splendor to the place and consists of one or two floors.

-Tenth and finally, twin House buildings, which are two villas completely identical in design, but each has a separate entrance and garden from the other, and is often shared by two families.


Advantages of buying luxury real estate in Istanbul

There are many advantages that you get when you buy luxury apartments in Istanbul, we mention some of them as follows:

-Living in a very elegant atmosphere, as staying in a place like Istanbul guarantees you a lifestyle of luxury and sophistication.

-Istanbul is a very lively city, so the Turkish government is always interested in developing its infrastructure.

-The city has all the services it needs such as schools, universities, shopping centers and entertainment venues, as well as hospitals and health centers.

-A high-quality and advanced transportation network, which guarantees you a very easy and effortless movement.

-If you aim for profit, then you should think about real estate investment in Istanbul, as it is a global tourist city, which guarantees the investor a very high and good profit through real estate investment.

-Finally, the Turkish city of Istanbul is cheaper than its counterparts in Europe. When you try to buy a property in any European city that has the same ingredients as Istanbul, you will find that it is very expensive.


Are lands considered profitable real estate units in Istanbul?

Lands in Turkey are generally considered as very distinctive investment units, and one of the most important types of profitable real estate investment, which many foreigners aim at, and the land in Turkey varies as follows:


They are lands with fertile soil, which are used for the purpose of agriculture, and are exploited as farms or gardens, and are considered to have a high profit return, especially with the existence of a distinct climate in the Turkish state that allows the cultivation of many crops that are then traded.


Residential land

They are lands that are used for construction, whether they are owned by the Turkish state or people, and provide a guaranteed return of investment, especially if they are sold after a period of time, due to the rise in real estate prices in general in Turkey in recent years.


How do I search for luxury real estate in Istanbul?

If you want to buy a luxury property in Istanbul, you should read the following lines, where we explain some of Istanbul's very special places.

Sariyer area of Istanbul

It is a very important area in Istanbul, located in the European part of it, and is characterized by a stunning and charming view of the Bosphorus Strait, and Sariyer is one of the ancient regions in Turkey, and there are many luxury residential complexes in it, and it is considered a tourist destination for many tourists around the world, so it includes many historical monuments, such as the Rumeli Hisar Castle and the Amirjan Garden.


Besiktas area in Istanbul

It is the most important areas of Istanbul, located on the European side, and the Besiktas region combines tradition and originality, modernity and sophistication together, and real estate prices in it are somewhat high, compared to some other areas of Istanbul.


Beykoz area of Istanbul

 It is a very important area of Istanbul, located in the Asian part of it, and is characterized by its overlooking the rivers and bodies of water, which added to it a wonderful and unique aesthetic feature. Life in Beykoz is very quiet and comfortable, and stars, artists and businessmen have considered it a favorite area in Istanbul.

Are there luxury palaces in Istanbul?

Of course, as there are many luxurious palaces in Istanbul, as palaces in Turkey belong to the Ottoman sultans, and they were constructing palaces, housing and living in them, where the Ottoman civilization was valuable by all standards. 

But nowadays, the palaces have a variety of uses, such as renting them out to film production companies, or converting them into luxury restaurants as well, and other forms of investment distinctive for the palaces.

Palaces have become one of the few types of real estate in Istanbul in the past years, due to the significantly high price.


Are there smart apartments in Istanbul?

During your search for apartments and real estate in Istanbul, you will find the term smart apartments, which has recently spread in Turkey, and smart apartments have become one of the most important luxury properties in Turkey.

Smart apartments are apartments with very modern technologies that allow you to control everything that goes on in your apartment with your mobile phone, as the system of these apartments depends on the electronic system, which is a special application on your mobile phone.

Through this application, you can control everything, as you can open or close the window, open or close the door, turn on or off the lights, and other things, all with the click of a button.

It is obvious that smart apartments are high and expensive, as they provide the quality of modern and highly advanced technical services, and their price is often compatible with the capabilities they offer you.


Hidden advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul

There are many advantages behind buying any type of property in Istanbul, but there are several somewhat hidden advantages that many do not pay attention to, we explain them as follows:

-Getting real estate residency, which is a renewable residency for the duration of owning a property in Turkey, and is aimed by many foreign investors who buy real estate in Turkey.

-A huge financial profit rate, where real estate investment in Turkey in general and the city of Istanbul in particular is a trump card and an opportunity for any investor, due to the increasing demand for real estate in Istanbul, and also because of the huge and international projects in Istanbul, such as Istanbul Third Airport, and New Istanbul Canal.


Commercial real estate in Turkey

Real estate units that are used for the purpose of investment or trade, or the establishment of certain projects, such as shops and stores, hotels, restaurants and cafes, and medical buildings such as private hospitals and health centers, as well as shopping centers.


Industrial real estate in Istanbul

It is a common type of real estate in Turkey, and is considered a favorite by many foreign investors, due to its low total cost, as the industrial property is usually in the outskirts of cities and remote areas, such as factories and stores, and also includes warehouses and research centers, and is one of the types of fixed income sources for its owner If he rented it for the purpose of real estate investment.


Advantages of buying real estate in Asian Istanbul

There are many advantages that are unique to Asian Istanbul, as it is characterized by its charming nature and green spaces that give the place a special elegance and sophistication, and Asian Istanbul is a haven for anyone who wants to live away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

Real estate on the Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by calm, comfort and relaxation, and a highly developed transportation service is available, which makes transportation to and from the center of the city very easy.

It is worth noting that Istanbul, the Turkish Asian city, has all the vital service facilities, such as shopping centers, hospitals and health centers, as well as schools and universities, not to mention entertainment venues and clubs.

 The Asian Istanbul is also characterized by a highly developed infrastructure, and this structure is a very important investment advantage, adding real estate in that region a great value.

Based on all that has been mentioned, it has become clear that real estate in Asian Istanbul is a very special investment opportunity for every investor.


Is there a possibility of installments when buying real estate in Turkey?

Among the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey and Istanbul, is the possibility of getting the property by installments, as there are many properties that are still under construction in Turkey, and the installments are often over three or five years of paying the amount required to be paid in advance, and the first payment is usually 35% of the total property price.

Is there a possibility of long-term installment?

Another very important advantage of Turkish real estate is the possibility of long-term installments, which may extend to ten or twenty years, and this advantage is available in government real estate projects.


Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey in installments

There is no doubt that the installment service provides the owner of the money with an opportunity that he will not have to freeze the capital he owns due to the purchase of a property. Rather, because of the installment service, he can purchase more than one property with the same total value of one property, and then a high profit return can be achieved by selling the property upon receipt.

The installment service is very suitable for people with limited income, who do not have the value of a ready-made property and pay for it in cash.

It is worth noting that most of the installment offers in Turkey are for projects that are still under construction, but there are some projects that offer an installment service to own ready-made properties, but the amount required to be paid in advance is higher than the properties under construction, often 40% of the total property value.


Is it possible to buy a property in Turkey with a bank loan? 

One of the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey is the possibility of buying real estate through a bank loan, where the bank, instead of you, buys the property and pays its financial value. The property is registered in the name of the investor, then a mortgage sign is placed on the property by the bank, and when the investor or property owner finishes paying the full value of the installments to the bank, the bank immediately raises the mortgage sign on the property.


Advantages of buying a property in Turkey through the bank:

The process of buying real estate in Turkey through a bank loan is characterized by the low amount required per month for the installment, compared to other methods, where the repayment periods are long-term, starting from five years and may last for ten years sometimes in some banks, but there is a defect in this method, which is the increase in the total value of the property compared to other methods that include direct installments through a construction company.


Steps when buying luxury real estate in Istanbul

Initially, you should search among all the available options to determine the type of property that suits your needs and the capital you own, and to know all the available options, you must use a well-known real estate company, which has a good reputation, in order to save a lot of time and effort.

After viewing all the available properties, you should visit the area and the place where the property is located, study all the conditions of the property in an organized and detailed manner, and then decide whether it is the right property for you or not?

At the conclusion of our article, we should emphasize the importance of real estate investment in Istanbul, and in Turkey in general, and we hope that we have provided a sufficient and adequate explanation of all the necessary information about the types and advantages of real estate in Istanbul.


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