updates about Turkish citizenship 2023

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updates about Turkish citizenship 2023

The most important updates about Turkish citizenship laws at the beginning of the new year

updates about Turkish citizenship 2023
05th February 2023
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There are always amendments regarding the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship, and this is a topic of interest to all foreign businessmen and investors who wish to obtain dual citizenship in order to improve the level of their work, investments and lives before anything. And at the beginning of this year, the concerned authorities issued important updates regarding them. This is what we will know in this article.


The latest amendments regarding Turkish citizenship

If you are one of those lurking about the news of Turkish citizenship and the real estate sector in Turkey, you will realize that obtaining it through real estate investment is the most followed, as it is faster and safer, and the positive results with it will not be just another citizenship besides the first, but in addition to that a real estate investment that generates a lot of profits over time.

Find out about the amendments that have been made in this regard now:

1 - The required amount in one property

Certainly, you know about the basic condition that must be met for the property to be suitable for applying for Turkish citizenship, which is that its price is not less than 400 thousand US dollars, in addition to keeping it for at least 3 years before there is a possibility to sell it or dispose of it, and previously it was no problem That this amount is distributed over more than one property, and it is important that the total price of the property combined together not be less than it, but with the last amendment, this is no longer possible at all, and it must be a single sale contract.


2- Refusing the co-owner's real estate

According to the old law of Turkish nationality, a foreigner can apply to obtain it if he owns a share in a property if its price is identical to what is stipulated in the constitution, but after the amendment this is not possible and the real estate that is subject to the title of participation is not a candidate to grant its owner citizenship even if it is identical to On the price side or even more than that.

What we conclude from this amendment is that the property must be owned by one person only.


3 - Real estate plans are completely unacceptable

Many people, especially foreigners, resort to buying off-plan real estate in Turkey, as the price is much lower than the integrated real estate, but these will not be authorized to grant their owner Turkish citizenship.

So what real estate is suitable for granting Turkish citizenship? It is the one that is completed in construction or at least its construction work has begun, i.e. it is still under construction.


4- The owner of the property for the last three years should not have been Turkish

According to the Turkish constitution, if the property was owned in the last three years by a Turkish individual or even a company, it will not be suitable for obtaining citizenship through it.


5 - Notes on real estate appraisal

One of the basic conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is that the real estate appraisal document be extracted from one of the entities licensed by the Turkish government, but there is a new condition that must be added to the list, which is that the report must be extracted after starting the transaction and purchase procedures, and any report before that will not be appropriate and the buyer will have to get another.


What is the purpose of these changes regarding nationality?

With the high demand for buying real estate in Turkey, it was found that more than 40% of them aim to obtain Turkish citizenship in response to the unlimited facilities provided by the Turkish government, and these amendments are only in order to make the matter more organized and selective.


What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Obtaining Turkish citizenship offers a number of benefits to individuals and families alike, and compared to many other countries, the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship is relatively simple and this can be particularly beneficial for those looking to relocate or seeking to expand their business opportunities.

Turkish citizens can also travel without a visa or with a visa on arrival to more than 100 countries and regions. This makes it easy for Turkish citizens to travel and pursue business opportunities around the world.

In addition, Turkish citizens get access to education and healthcare services, as well as social security benefits. These benefits make living and working in Turkey more attractive than other countries, especially for those looking for stability and security in their lives.

Finally, obtaining Turkish citizenship provides an opportunity for individuals and families to have access to a vibrant culture shaped by centuries of history. From delicious cuisine and stunning landscapes to vibrant cities and welcoming people, obtaining Turkish citizenship opens a whole new world of possibilities for you.

Papers required to obtain Turkish citizenship

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, applicants must submit the following documents:

- A valid passport and a copy of the national identity card.

- Copies of title deeds, or proof that the applicant has purchased a property in Turkey.

- Completed application form for Turkish citizenship.

- Photocopies of bank statements showing proof of payment for the purchase of a property in Turkey.

- A signed and notarized declaration stating that the applicant has no criminal record.

- Two passport size photos.

- An official document proving that the applicant has sufficient funds to support himself and any dependents in Turkey.

- Proof of health insurance coverage in Turkey.

- A tax certificate proving payment of all taxes related to the property.


Real estate building service to obtain Turkish citizenship

We are committed to providing personalized and expert services to our clients in their pursuit of a Turkish passport and our team of experienced professionals is available to guide you through the entire process, from determining the eligibility criteria to completing the necessary paperwork and submitting it for approval. We will work with you to ensure that your application meets all requirements and is dealt with efficiently and effectively..Let us help you make your dream of obtaining Turkish citizenship a reality.


Turkish citizenship by bank deposit

Among the methods available for obtaining Turkish citizenship is to deposit $ 500,000 in Turkish banks and not withdraw it for three years, and this is a suitable option for those who like bank deposits as a way to invest and preserve capital as it is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in government funds or investing in real estate for an amount of $ 400,000 or more, with a commitment not to sell it for a period of not less than three years and after obtaining Turkish citizenship, investors can take advantage of the investment and tourism opportunities available in Turkey and in addition to the educational and work opportunities that can be taken advantage of, it seems that obtaining Turkish citizenship by bank deposit is worth the time, effort and money needed to achieve it


Tourism and investment opportunities after obtaining citizenship

After obtaining Turkish citizenship, many tourism and investment opportunities are available in Turkey as you can enjoy the sights of famous tourist cities such as Istanbul, Antalya and Bodrum, and enjoy the sandy beaches and wonderful marine activities as it is also possible to benefit from real estate investments and job opportunities available to holders of Turkish citizenship, as Turkey has one of the largest economies in the world and is developing greatly in all fields thus, Turkish citizenship gives its holders an opportunity for investment and economic growth, and provides job opportunities, education, freedom of movement and commercial dealings around the world and therefore, it is worth the effort, time and money to obtain Turkish citizenship.


Arabs dream of obtaining Turkish citizenship

Obtaining Turkish citizenship is a dream for many Arabs, as Turkey has become an ideal destination for many who seek to obtain a Turkish passport, and this comes after the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship have become easier and more flexible, whether through real estate investment, a bank deposit, or other options and after obtaining Turkish citizenship, this opens the way for many tourism and investment opportunities in Turkey, as well as education and work opportunities available to its holders and therefore, obtaining Turkish citizenship is worth the effort, time and money spent in this regard.


Is citizenship worth the time and money spent?

After reviewing the previous information, it can certainly be said that obtaining Turkish citizenship is worth the effort, time and money spent and therefore, if investment, residence, study or practical purposes require obtaining Turkish citizenship, this will be a necessary and greatly beneficial step.

Some of the benefits associated with Turkish citizenship include the freedom to travel to many countries without a visa, as well as the good investment opportunities and real estate returns offered by the Turkish real estate market as for those who wish to study or work in Turkey, Turkish citizenship provides appropriate opportunities and facilitates dealing with official agencies and commercial institutions.


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