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Investing in real estate in Turkey | Motivating benefits for a better investment

Real estate investment in Turkey is a trump for many Turkish and foreign investors. It provides good profit returns and a chance to get Turkish citizenship.

A successful investor considers real estate investment in Turkey, as this country witnessed the sale of the largest number of properties last year, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority, besides the importance and prosperity of the real estate investment sector in Turkey.

This prosperity is a result of the facilities by the Turkish government to investors, besides the satisfactory profits achieved by the property, not to mention the golden investment opportunities and the chance of getting Turkish citizenship.

Through these lines, the Binaa Investment team, in light of its experiences in the real estate market, will tell you about investing in real estate in Turkey and its benefits and advantages; several tips will be provided to guide you through the best investing ways.

Investing in real estate in Turkey

When looking at the history of the Turkish real estate market in previous years, despite the crises that affected this sector globally, its growth and prosperity are noticed as the percentage of real estate sales increased, especially in areas close to transportation, business centers, and big projects.

Therefore, the profit in real estate investment in Turkey is achieved when you select the right property with the help of an experienced real estate adviser. The value of an apartment located in a vital area is not equal to apartments far from services.


Benefits of investing in real estate in Turkey

The benefits of investing in real estate in Turkey represent the upper hand that prompted businessmen to start their investment plans to reach their desired goal.

The benefits of real estate investment in Turkey are the following:

1-   Guaranteed profit return

The vigorous tourism in Turkey is one of the reasons for the good investment return in the tourist seasons in particular. Investing in real estate, which is very popular for rent in these seasons during the year, provides encouraging profits and satisfactory investment returns.

Where capital maintains - often - its actual value, it may also witness an increase in some cases, through reselling or leasing, which ensures an increase in the annual profit rate.

Not to mention that long-term ownership yields a good profit due to the high value of the property, the increase in capital, besides the added profit from renting the property becomes almost constant in light of the continuous rise in demand for rent in Turkey.

2-   The opportunity to get Turkish citizenship

Owning a property in Turkey worth more than 250 thousand US dollars will enable the investor to get Turkish citizenship, according to the conditions specified by the law, the thing that has a significant impact on increasing the demand for real estate ownership by investors.

3-   The Turkish government support for real estate investment

 The Turkish government has paid a great deal of attention to the real estate sector, through real estate promotion campaigns, called for by President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to activate real estate companies. The most important of which is the sale of apartments in convenient installments of up to 240 months.

Among the facilities provided by the Turkish government are:

  • Some real estate companies cancel interest completely, as directed by the President.
  • Excluding expatriates and foreigners from paying value-added tax when purchasing a property.
  • Reducing the percentage of prepayments from 25% to 20% for those who want to own real estate in installments.
  • Turkish law grants residency to a foreign investor and his family in return for purchasing a property there.
  • The foreign investor has the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for owning property worth more than 250.000 US dollars.

4-   The cheapest real estate in Europe

Real estate in Turkey is cheaper than in European countries. It suits different budgets, as well as the facilities which make real estate investment in Turkey a trump card that businessmen seek to own.


Significant tips by Binaa Investment for those who are planning to invest in real estate

We recommend those wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey, as follows:

  • Defining the primary objective of real estate investment.
  • Doing a comprehensive study on real estate investment before making the final decision.
  • Hiring an expert real estate consultant.
  • The investment is for a medium or long term as the profits of the investment lie in waiting.


If you are determined to invest in real estate in Turkey, we recommend you to contact our expert team in the real estate market in Binaa Investment to answer all your inquiries, and to look at the outstanding investment offers in Istanbul and Turkish cities, contact us!

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