Advantages of buying land in Turkey

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Advantages of buying land in Turkey

Pros and cons of buying land in Turkey

Advantages of buying land in Turkey
06th November 2022
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One of the goals that real estate investors in Turkey seek is to buy (land) as it is definitely a profitable option because its prices are increasing and rising over time, as well as because of the limited offers available.

If you want to learn about the dimensions of buying land in Turkey, follow this article with us, which will address many of its aspects and the details related to it.


Advantages of buying land in Turkey

They are an advantage that attracts investors to buy land in Turkey is the low price of these lands, especially when compared to the prices of these lands in other countries such as Europe. A foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying land on the same terms as residential real estate, that is: the total price exceeds the limit i.e. 400 thousand dollars or more.

Whoever wants to buy a land in Turkey must have a comprehensive and wide view of the comprehensive guides about the opportunities to buy or invest land in Turkey, the prices and legal methods and do not forget to take a look at the average price of land in Turkey and compare it with the money you have.


Conditions for foreigners buying real estate in Turkey

Many foreigners are interested in buying real estate in Turkey. However, there are some restrictions on foreign ownership in Turkey, such as that the property must not be located in a security or military area. Foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey is considered a big step, and its owner must study the Turkish real estate market before entering the world of investment and property.

One of the conditions that real estate buyers in Turkey must abide by is that the area of ​​his purchases should not be more than 30 hectares. It should be noted that if the property of foreigners in a region or municipality is more than 10%, the Land Registry and Real Estate Survey issues a decision prohibiting foreign ownership in it.


Types of land in Turkey

There are three main types of land in Turkey: agricultural land, residential land, and investment land. The following are details of each of them:

 Agricultural land is the most common type of land, making up the majority of the country's total land area and residential land is usually used for housing, while investment land is usually set aside for commercial or industrial development.

Turkey has a long history of agriculture and the country’s agricultural sector is still a vital part of the economy and therefore agricultural land is a very important asset, it is often seen as a safe investment and the demand for residential land is high, as Turkey’s population continues to grow and is considered Investment land is less common, but it can be a very profitable investment if the right property is chosen.


Tips when buying land in Turkey

When you are thinking of buying land in Turkey, there are some important tips and information that you should be aware of to avoid any potential problems. Specific areas and there are a few preferred places to buy this type of property, and it is important to research each option carefully before making a decision and it is also important to note that you can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying land in Turkey, which is an added bonus, so you will not have started your safe investment and even citizenship.



Reasons for a foreigner to buy land in Turkey

One of the most important reasons is that the country offers a variety of options for real estate investment and this allows investors to find the right opportunity that suits their needs and goals and another reason to invest in Turkish real estate is the country’s skilled workforce, this makes it an attractive option for companies looking to establish operations in Turkey.

 In addition, the presence of experienced workers in the real estate industry means that investors can expect to receive a high-quality service when investing in the real estate of that country. Finally, real estate investment in Turkey ranks as one of the best and most popular types of investments in the country for its direct impact on the economy and the state.


Steps to buy land in Turkey

Recently, investment in land in Turkey has increased due to the high prices of real estate in Turkey. However, before buying a plot of land in Turkey, you must consider the specifications of the land and here are some of the steps you should follow:

 First, the buyer’s nationality must not be among the five nationalities that are prohibited from owning real estate in Turkey, second, the property to be purchased must not be located near sensitive military facilities, and third: the seller and buyer sign the sales contract, and fourth, a foreigner has the right to own a maximum of 300,000 meters in Turkey As mentioned above and finally, the buyer should consult a lawyer to ensure that all necessary paperwork is available.


Buying a property in Turkey through a reliable company

The advantages of buying a property in Turkey through a reliable real estate company are many, and the most important of these advantages are the following: First, you will deal with a company that has extensive services and experience in the Turkish real estate market, which has a proven track record of success in gaining the trust of its customers and this will help you avoid many The pitfalls and problems that can occur while buying a property in Turkey and secondly, you will be able to choose from a wide range of properties offered by the company, in order to find the one that best suits your needs, budget and desires and thirdly, you will be assured of receiving professional advice and experts based on it.


You can now find in your hands a lot of investment and real estate opportunities and options in Turkey by communicating with our consultants at Binaa Real Estate Company, and do not forget to follow our website constantly, where we monitor the various topics that interest you to see in relation to the real estate market in Turkey.


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