Apartments for Sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

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Apartments for Sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

A charming view awaits you when buying apartments on the Bosphorus

Apartments for Sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul
07th August 2022
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The city of Istanbul is one of the most famous cities in Turkey, and even the most important in terms of location, economic and geographical reality, and this greatly affected the real estate sector in the region and affected investment in this sector. Istanbul contains several areas and places, and one of the most important of these areas is the Bosphorus area, which is the area surrounding the Bosphorus strait. Investors are always looking for apartments for sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and this is the reason for the great importance of these apartments.


Buy apartments on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

The Bosphorus area is considered one of the most beautiful areas in the city of Istanbul, and it has great importance on the geographical map from all sides, so the real estate movement in this area is always on a continuous rise and distinguished from the rest of the areas in the city.


Why the Bosphorus region

This region has all the ingredients that allow it to be the best areas of Istanbul in terms of real estate movement and the reception of investors from all over the world and not only from within Turkey, and among these elements that the Bosphorus region enjoys in Istanbul:

-Natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are essential in the ingredients of any region to be of importance in the field of real estate and the purchase of apartments. These ingredients are represented by the geographical location of the Bosphorus region, as this region is located in a strategic center in the center of Istanbul, so that it forms a link between the regions located on the European side of Istanbul and the regions located in The Asian side of it, in addition to the fact that this area is a great tourist center because of the many tourist elements in it, such as the large water sources and many water oases. This area is also characterized and described as a piece of paradise because of the green nature and the scenic views that characterize it, and this is what makes it an attractive area for tourists and investors who offer to buy apartments in the area and enjoy its features.


-Economical ingredients

The economic situation in this region is good, due to several factors that contributed to building a strong economy in the region and developing the economy of Istanbul, including:

-Provides job opportunities in all sectors and establishments.

-Rising prices of wages and daily income for workers in the public and private sectors.

-Cheap prices in general for all goods and merchandise in the region.

-The good numbers of tourists in the region, who contribute to the great demand for the economic centers in the region and support them.


-Commercial ingredients

Trade is the basis for attracting investors and those wishing to buy apartments in the Bosphorus area, especially if the intention is to establish a business in Istanbul.

This area has several advantages in the field of trade, namely:

-Commercial centers contain a wide variety of types and sources of imported and local goods and merchandise.

-A a number of famous malls and markets, which are visited by visitors from all sides due to their importance.

-Low prices for goods sold in malls.

-The possibility of establishing new businesses and facilitating the process of obtaining the required papers.


-Infrastructure features

This region is characterized by the strong infrastructure, and this strength is represented by several factors that this region possesses:

-A strong internal transportation network linking the Bosphorus area to all the neighboring areas within the city of Istanbul.

-Many highways pass through it, with which tourists to other cities of Turkey pass.

-Numerous service centers are available such as hospitals, mini health centers, government schools, institutes and other service centers that contribute to attracting investors to the region.

-Conducting daily cleaning campaigns to maintain the cleanliness of roads and real estate in the area.


The advantages of apartments on the Bosphorus that contribute to determining its price

The apartments in this area are characterized by several features that make them one of the first apartments that investors from all sides are attracted to and buy, and these features that this area enjoys:

*the view

The apartments located on the Bosphorus are among the distinctive apartments, and the most important thing that distinguishes them is their distinctive view, so that these apartments overlook the elements of the picturesque nature, there are apartments overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the most important and most beautiful landmarks of Istanbul, and there are apartments overlooking the large water oasis located next to the bridge, which adds a beautiful view to the view of these apartments, there are apartments overlooking green squares, public gardens, or important tourist centers in the area, and the price of any of the previous apartments varies according to its view.



Each apartment contains furniture, but the furniture varies from one apartment to another. There are apartments whose furniture and furnishings are well taken care of in terms of quality, source and number. On the other hand, there are apartments with ordinary furniture in small numbers, good to medium quality, and a local source, and the difference in furniture in each apartment contributes to the difference in prices between the apartment and the other.


*Urban design

Urban design is the first pillar considered by those who want to buy an apartment in the Bosphorus area, so the government has given the design great importance, and made matters in the hands of a group of engineers to carry out a beautiful urban design, especially in modern residential complexes, and the design was borrowed from the historical monuments in the city Istanbul, and that the different urban design of the apartments affects the price difference between the apartment and the other.



The space of ​​the apartment is a major factor in determining its price, and this area varies from one apartment to another, but most apartments in the Bosphorus area have a large area, even enough for a large number of family members, and this affects the field of tourism, as tourists are always looking for large areas to buy.


The best areas to buy apartments on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

What distinguishes these areas is the several strong offers that include all types of real estate, including offers on apartments of all kinds that meet most of the requirements of investors .

We will try to show the most important areas in which you can find apartments for sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

-Sariyer area:

This area is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus, but the prices of apartments in it are among the most expensive in the real estate markets in Istanbul due to the great importance it enjoys. It is one of the most luxurious and distinguished European regions. The apartments in it are of the high society class, due to the important location that it enjoys, and that it is close to the important centers in the city of Istanbul, and therefore buying an apartment in such an area requires good planning and an appropriate budget. But, if the process is completed, this will bring positive future results to the buyer.


-Beykoz region:

It is one of the most important areas with great views of the Bosphorus Strait. It is located in the Asian part of Istanbul. It has wide green spaces, and therefore the apartment for sale in this area will be expensive.


- Beşiktaş region

This area is located in the European side of Istanbul, which means that most of the apartments for sale will have European designs, which will be dominated by luxury and sophistication, and therefore their prices will be relatively high.


-Uskudar Region

This region is considered one of the most vital areas of Asian Istanbul, as it is the favorite for families in Istanbul, in addition to being one of the most important tourist centers for tourists from all over the world, which means that apartments for sale on the Bosphorus in the Uskudar area will be expensive due to the increasing domestic and foreign demand.


How to buy an apartment on the Bosphorus

In order to be able to buy an apartment on the Bosphorus, you must follow several steps within certain stages until the purchase process is officially completed within the government departments in Turkey.

Stages of the buying process

There are several stages that must be followed by those wishing to buy an apartment in the Bosphorus area, and these stages must be followed with caution and awareness so that the buyer does not face real estate problems that are not needed:

1-Searching for a real estate company

The first stage that a person wishing to buy an apartment on the Bosphorus, especially if he is a foreigner and does not know the method of buying in Turkey, is to search for a suitable real estate company for the purchase process, due to the multiplicity of real estate companies in the region, especially Istanbul, so he must inquire about the best real estate companies in the region in terms of honesty in the transaction and safety, and after the inquiry is made, you choose a specific real estate company that suits the purchase process and so as not to run into problems with the company.


2-Communicate with the company

After a certain real estate company with a well-known name is selected, you must contact the company and ask it about the types of real estate in the area and receive the company's online guide that helps you in the process of buying an apartment in the area.


3-Request apartments with specific specifications

After communicating with the real estate company that was selected for the purchase process, you must determine the characteristics that you want to have in your apartment that you want to buy, and submit these specifications to the company in order to search for you apartments that have the same required specifications, and these specifications are the location of the apartment, its view, area, degree of furnishing, and surrounding centers.


4-Presentation of the apartments by company

Here comes the role of the real estate company so that it searches for apartments that have the same specifications required by the buyer, and displays these apartments to the buyer by means of photos or videos, and leaves the choice to him in the process of choosing one of these apartments and informing the company in order to start signing contracts and buying the apartment officially.


5-Visiting the apartment  

After the process of showing the apartments by the company, the buyer may find a big difference between the pictures and the reality after the purchase process, so he has to visit these apartments and see them on the ground in order to make sure that he is not deceived by the company or see a difference in the features required in the apartment. There are companies that hide the defects in the apartment when they are shown on the photos, and some investors who buy before they visit the apartment on the ground, are deceived and defrauded by the company or the owner of the apartment.


6-Final choice

After the buyer visits the apartments on the ground, then he must choose one of these apartments, but after he takes the opinion of his family or relatives, he must inform the real estate company of his choice in order to start the stage that follows this stage.


7-Signing the required contracts

After the larger process of choosing and approving the appropriate apartment is completed, then the stages of writing the purchase contract between the seller and the buyer are completed, but the buyer must read the purchase contract well, especially the items placed in it, because in the case the buyer signs a contract, cannot be retracted or canceled according to the laws of the country, it is a great opportunity for some sellers to deceive, so you must pay attention to the terms of the contract and its duration, after which you must sign it and pay an amount of the price of the apartment called the deposit.


8-Receipt of title deeds and keys

After signing the purchase contract at a competent notary or in a government department, the seller and buyer must take some legal procedures and pay the fees resulting from the purchase process within government departments, the buyer extracts the apartment's "Tapu / title deed" papers, which are one of the most important papers that prove the ownership of the apartment to its new owner, after which the full amount is paid and the keys to the apartment are received.


9-Opening the electricity and water meters

In the event that the electricity and water meters have not been opened for this apartment before, you must pay the fees for opening the meters, which are paid once in a lifetime. Opening the electricity and water meters allows the buyer to benefit from their services in the apartment with the payment of the monthly fees.


The most important types of apartments on the Bosphorus in Istanbul

Here lies the strength of the real estate market in Istanbul, which is its ability to meet the needs of different customers in the possibility of providing offers that meet the investor's desire to buy a certain type in a specific area, and therefore we can say that there are different types of apartments for sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, including:


It is a type of apartment that is characterized by luxury, as it is apartments dedicated to capitals and other businessmen and can be located in the areas overlooking the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul.


- Duplex apartments:

This type of high-end design apartments with large spaces is two adjacent floors designed with high-end designs and equipped with the latest technologies. This type of apartments is spread in most areas of Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus.


-Townhouses apartments

They are large apartments designed closely to the villa system and equipped with a set of facilities such as home gardens and overlooking balcony, and therefore buying this type requires a budget, but in return you will have the most beautiful views.

These apartments are usually spread in the Asian and European parts overlooking the Bosphorus.


-Smart apartments

They are the apartments in which all household appliances and protection systems are connected to one system to be controlled remotly and thus integrate modern technologies with the real estate world, which has recently spread, especially in the European areas of Istanbul.


-Residential complex apartments

It is a type of apartments that share with another a set of common services, which are located within a residential complex and one that has spread a lot in Istanbul in response to the increasing demand for apartments by Turks and foreign investors, due to the many advantages it offers.



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These are the most important points of interest for those who want to buy an apartment on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, the most important areas that offer apartments for sale on the Bosphorus in Istanbul, the great advantages that are available to those who think of buying one of these apartments, what are the necessary steps to complete the purchase and how to become an owner under Turkish law.


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