Buying a house in Turkey at an exceptional price

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Buying a house in Turkey at an exceptional price

There is a lot of opportunity to buy homes in Turkey and real estate at great prices

Buying a house in Turkey at an exceptional price
23rd February 2023
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What is encouraging to buy a house in Turkey is that there are still many distinctive opportunities with high and modern specifications and at a reasonable price, as it is said. This great diversity in the real estate sector has made the task easier and the buyer can control the matter, and this is what cannot be in other countries like Europe and America.

How to buy a house in Turkey at an affordable price?

If you have a limited budget, you should know that you must follow a certain strategy in searching for a property that meets your aspirations, because then not all of the exhibits will be a potential option for you.


Country houses

Real estate that is located in rural areas or in remote areas is the most ideal option for those looking for what suits their low budget. Large spaces, wide variety.

According to many specialists in the Turkish real estate sector, rural real estate or apartments are on an important investment date and are expected to record an increase in prices as a result of the great demand for them in light of the high population density.


Apartments under construction

There is a second opportunity for those who want to get cheap or affordable apartments, which are the apartments under construction, as you know that their prices are lower than the prices of ready-to-move-in apartments, and therefore it is an opportunity for people with medium budgets, and the good news is that their prices rise after the completion of construction work, which makes them a distinguished investment option.


Old apartments

Buying an old apartment in Turkey is a great option for those looking for a special price, as it is cheaper than modern and modern apartments and its investment future is good, especially if it is well developed and maintained so that it looks attractive to tenants.


Buying apartments in installments

One of the unlimited facilities that the Turkish government was keen to provide to foreign buyers is the purchase of an apartment in installments, as this will be paid in installments and stages without having to face any financial pressure, and many companies today make such offers in their desire to sell the largest possible number of apartments for their project as soon as possible. .


Choose slack times

Specialists advise the need to go to the Turkish real estate market during periods when the peak is low, meaning that sellers are eager to sell due to the lack of sufficient buyers or they are in a state of having to sell due to some circumstance such as travel and there is no way to wait for a customer to come willing to pay a high value in the property.

In this regard, you should know that it is smart to buy when prices are low and sell when they are high, as this is a successful plan for distinguished real estate investment.


Look for small spaces

The smaller the areas of the apartments in Turkey, the more this helps us to have an investment that offers high profits because it can be easily sold or rented when you wish because its prices are lower than the spacious apartments.


Hire a real estate company

When you buy a property in Turkey through one of the specialized real estate companies that has achieved a lot of fame recently, you will be saving yourself a lot of steps, effort and wasting time in the wrong place, and it also has strong relations with the most important construction companies and therefore you can get an important exceptional opportunity and high discounts.


The importance of buying homes in Turkey

There are a number of reasons that drive foreigners to own homes in Turkey, including the following:

Real estate prices in Turkey are still under control and are considered appropriate compared to other surrounding countries, especially European and American countries and some Arab countries.

Real estate in Turkey is on a date with a successful investment future, as prices are expected to rise significantly during the coming period, and thus this will be an opportunity for investors to benefit from the price difference between the buying and selling phases.

Turkey is considered a stable environment for living and permanent residence, where the various necessities of life are available.

If the property price is $75,000 or more, you can apply for a real estate residency, which is one of the most important types of residency in the country.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained through it if the price of the property is 400 thousand US dollars or more.

The real estate sector in Turkey contains many distinct options that cater to different tastes and budgets.

The Turkish government did not put many restrictions in front of the buyer, but on the contrary, it excelled in the facilities it provided to many countries.

Notes when buying a house in Turkey

There are a number of details that you should know about the Turkish real estate sector, because they help you get a distinctive choice and a suitable price, as follows:

Field tours must be taken within the Turkish market to get acquainted with all the options it contains, as this makes you far from choosing in a limited range.

Look at the legal status of the property, as there may be problems arising from it, and thus make the process of completing its sale difficult.

Be sure to deal with well-known companies, because new or obscure parties may be one of the methods of fraud and fraud.

Take into account all the costs that you will have to pay so that you are not surprised by what you did not calculate, and you find yourself in financial hardship.

Stay away from offers in which real estate is very cheap, as there may be problems arising from it, and in any case you must be accompanied by a successful lawyer.

If the goal is real estate investment, do not give up choosing a strategic location because the demand for it is very high.


In order to get a unique real estate opportunity, our team at Binaa Real Estate Company is always waiting for you to accompany you on an integrated real estate journey and to provide a range of exceptional services such as:

Assistance in obtaining real estate residence.

Follow the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Assistance in applying for a Turkish passport.

Benefit from years of experience in the Turkish real estate sector.

Answering your various inquiries about buying a property in Turkey.

You will save effort in random searches when you rely on BINAA real estate .

We will enable you to search for apartments for sale in Turkey in installments.

You can get apartments under construction.

Contact us at any time, our consultants are waiting for you to give you a list of available real estate offers.

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