Buying an apartment in Turkey is easy

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Buying an apartment in Turkey is easy

Important details about buying apartments in Turkey

Buying an apartment in Turkey is easy
27th February 2023
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The issue of buying an apartment in Turkey may preoccupy you, especially if this is your first experience, as you will lack a lot of information and details about this matter, and this is what prompted us in Binna real estate to prepare the following article that will talk about some of the most famous methods that must be followed when buying, and notes  will be highlighted to avoid getting into trouble.

Ways to buy apartments in Turkey

The real estate market in Turkey includes many suitable real estate options, diversity includes design, type, and price, meaning that there is room for everyone to find what suits him.

Buying apartments in installments

Buying apartments in installments in Turkey provides the investor with a number of advantages, such as the ease of paying the value of the property in installments over long periods of up to 10 years or more, and the opportunity to reside in their properties even if they do not own their full price. Moreover, there are many offers available for buyers who choose payment by installments, such as no down payment and interest installment options. In addition, there are premium apartment models available so investors have a wide range of properties to choose from.


Buying apartments under construction

Investing in real estate under construction in Turkey can be a great opportunity for investors, as it provides the possibility of obtaining the property at a low price and then benefiting from the installment plans offered by construction companies. Moreover, investors have the opportunity to customize the property according to their needs and control the building materials, cladding and room division. In addition, when purchasing a property under construction, investors can be sure that the property is not subject to mortgage, rent, or any other matters that may hinder its purchase or sale. Finally, apartments for sale in Turkey within such a project provide an opportunity to quickly obtain a title deed and enjoy the expected returns from the investment.


(These are the two most popular ways to own real estate in Turkey. Contact our advisory team at Binaa Real Estate and get a list of all offers available for sale.)


Where to buy an apartment in Turkey

In terms of the geographical location, the locations in which you can own real estate in Turkey vary, and below we will talk about the two most important main locations.

Buy apartments in the city center

One of the main advantages of such a purchase is the convenience of having all amenities such as restaurants, public transportation and other businesses in close proximity. In addition, studio apartments in Turkey are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to downsize and move closer to the city center. Istanbul offers a strategic location. The city provides residents with magnificent views of the Bosphorus or Istanbul and its tourist attractions and special facilities that provide them with comfort and convenience.


Buying apartments in rural Turkey

Prices in the countryside are still lower than in cities and major buildings, while the Turkish government has taken measures to make real estate investments in Turkey more accessible and has been able to keep prices stable, with picturesque beaches, beautiful weather and a variety of properties available. Potential buyers should note that there is a shortage of Employment opportunities in rural areas compared to other regions.


Steps to real estate ownership in Turkey

Firstly, it is important to find an experienced real estate agent in Turkey who is familiar with the local market and can help guide the buyer through the entire process, and secondly, two fresh personal photos and a title deed are required to register with the Land Registry Directorate.

Organizing documents and papers to complete the ownership transfer procedures Finally, all these steps must be completed exclusively in the Title Deed Department to successfully complete the ownership process.


Papers required to buy an apartment in Turkey

 This includes a valid passport and two new passport photos. A translated passport is also essential, as it is the official document that represents you in Turkey. After the investor retains the property for him, he must move to the stage of preparing the papers with the help of a real estate agent. Finally, both parties must book an appointment at the Land Registry Directorate to complete the ownership transfer procedures.


Real estate appraisal document when owning apartments in Turkey

This document has been prepared by some companies licensed by the Turkish government, it is valid for three months from the date of its issuance and it will provide information about the market price of the property and the appraisal report is very important for those who want to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property and in addition, it can be used as a guide to protect the rights of investors against any potential disputes that may arise during the acquisition process.


Reasons for the interest of foreigners to buy an apartment in Turkey

Buying an apartment in Turkey can be a great investment opportunity for many, thanks to its attractive tourism power, low taxes, and low real estate prices, the possibility of renting an apartment during the multiple tourist seasons throughout the year provides a profitable return on investment. Moreover, living in a residential complex may be appropriate for many, because of its advantages compared to apartments, real estate prices in Turkey also rise, which earns the investor a certain percentage of profit. In addition, the cost of buying an apartment in Turkey is much lower than the cost of buying in Europe or the European Union, which makes it an attractive option for those with a limited budget. .


What is the problem of real estate fraud when buying an apartment?

It is a deliberate deception in order to make money illegally, and take advantage of the lack of experience of buyers in the real estate market. Common practices include fictitious real estate that exists only on paper, lack of credibility and concealment of real estate defects, and in order to avoid all this, the expertise of a specialized real estate company must be sought. It has a lot of experience in the Turkish sector to provide you with the right options without any risks.

In order to get a unique real estate opportunity, our team at Binaa Real Estate Company is always waiting for you to accompany you on an integrated real estate journey and to provide a range of exceptional services such as:

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Answering your various inquiries about buying a property in Turkey.

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Contact us at any time, our consultants are waiting for you to give you a list of available real estate offers.



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