Details about owning villas in Turkey

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Details about owning villas in Turkey

Learn about the advantages and importance of buying villas in Turkey

Details about owning villas in Turkey
04th March 2023
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After Turkey became an observatory for tourists and foreign investors, especially Arabs wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, this led to an increase in the demand for villas, so every investor must know the details about owning villas in Turkey, especially since Turkey offers a variety of villas with different and stunning views. In addition, you can buy villas with ease, regardless of whether you are looking to obtain Turkish citizenship or to buy and rent them during the tourist seasons.

By reading our article, you will have a comprehensive guide on the importance of owning this type of real estate on Turkish soil.

Pros of owning villas in Turkey

Villas in Turkey have many advantages that make them one of the most requested types of real estate by foreign investors. The following are the features of these villas:

  1. Most of the villas overlook the sea and natural views.
  2. Life in villas in Turkey is more luxurious than real estate and residential complexes, and gives a wider space of comfort.
  3. Much greater profits can be made than from apartments when they are sold.
  4. In the event that the investor buys a villa under construction, he increases the percentage of his profits.
  5. The possibility of renting villas in Turkey and reaping monthly returns that are more than the returns that you can reap from renting apartments.
  6. You can buy a villa in Turkey at a value of 400 thousand US dollars and apply for Turkish citizenship, and you can also grant citizenship to all members of your family.
  7. The opportunity to obtain a real estate residency if you buy a small villa worth $75,000.
  8. Obtaining a Turkish passport after being granted Turkish citizenship.
  9. Take advantage of tax incentives.
  10. Villa prices in Turkey are somewhat reasonable and relative compared to European countries.
  11. Most of the villas are close to commercial centers, malls, restaurants, hospitals, and educational centers.


Tips when owning a villa in Turkey

The following are the most important tips and notes that must be known before buying villas in Turkey:

  1. Ensure the legal status of the villa, as there may be some problems arising from its reservation, such as: reservation or mortgage.
  2. Making sure of the view of the villa, whether it is on the sea or on the green spaces, or is it an internal view of the city.
  3. We recommend choosing the most modern and modern villas, as they will achieve better results for you than the old ones under construction when investing in real estate.
  4. If you want to invest in real estate, choose small spaces, because they are the most popular among those looking to buy villas in Turkey.
  5. Choose a strategic geographical location near strategic or vital projects, as this guarantees you that their price will increase significantly.
  6. Be sure to seek the help of real estate companies so as not to be a victim of real estate fraud as a result of your lack of experience and knowledge of the dimensions of the Turkish real estate market.


Steps to owning villas in Turkey

  1. Determine your goal and purpose of buying villas in Turkey
  2. Determine the purchase budget, the location to be invested near, the specifications of the villa.
  3. With the help of real estate companies that work to provide your needs, do not forget to check their reputation and credibility.
  4. Carrying out field tours to find out the state of the villa, its size and view, and the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms.
  5. Hiring a real estate agent to negotiate villa prices in Turkey.
  6. Watching websites to search for the best villas and getting a general idea of ​​the types and prices of villas.


Factors determining villa prices in Turkey

There are many factors that determine the prices of villas in Turkey, we will talk about them briefly through the following paragraph:

  1. Interior and exterior finishes for the villa.
  2. The extent of the luxury of the villa and its modern and modern specifications.
  3. Its proximity to public transportation.
  4. The location in which the villa is located, as the villas overlooking the Bosphorus Strait are more expensive than the rural villas.
  5. The villa's proximity to commercial centers and malls, and its distance from them.
  6. If it is near or far from service facilities, such as: universities, schools, hospitals.

Compare the price of the villa you want to buy with the prices of similar villas.


Types of villas in Turkey

Learn about the most prominent types of villas in Turkey through the following points:

  1. Tourist villas
  2. Country villas
  3. Urban villas
  4. Historic villas
  5. Modern duplex villas

villas in Turkey

Nationalities allowed to own villas in Turkey

In recent years, it has become easy to buy villas in Turkey, as Turkish governance allows all nationalities to own real estate in Turkey in general, but there are nationalities that are not allowed to invest in real estate in Turkey, such as: Syrian nationality, Armenia, North Korea, and Cuba.


Own villas in Istanbul

It is considered one of the most visited cities by foreign investors, despite the high prices of villas in Istanbul, indicating that it achieves high investment profits and guarantees continuous investment, because the regions of Istanbul will not lose their tourist importance, as they are the most famous regions in the world.


Buy villas on the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus Strait is one of the most important tourist areas in Turkey, as it is the largest destination for investors wishing to buy villas in Turkey, as the properties located on its outskirts or close to it are classified as important and most beautiful real estate in the world, and among the most important properties that are invested in are the villas offered for sale in Turkey on the Bosphorus.


Own villas in Turkey in installments

It has become easy to own villas in Turkey for those with low budgets. The following is the importance of real estate investment in Turkey in installments:

  1. You can live and settle in the villa before the installments are paid.
  2. Real estate residency, which is one of the most important types of residency, can be obtained through it.
  3. The opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship.
  4. Buying villas in Turkey by installments is an important alternative to renting a residence in Turkey.
  5. Benefit from the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners and Arabs wishing to buy real estate in Turkey.


From now on, you can communicate with our specialized advisors to help you find a villa that suits your budget, needs, and your family. If you are interested in the real estate sector in Turkey, visit our website to find out more information that will help you in the investment procedures.

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