How to Obtain Real Estate residency in Turkey?

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How to Obtain Real Estate residency in Turkey?

The mechanism and conditions for obtaining real estate residence in Turkey

How to Obtain Real Estate residency in Turkey?
27th July 2022
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Due to the desire of many foreigners around the world to settle and reside in Turkey, the Turkish government has worked to provide many ways through which it is possible to reside legally in Turkey without being subjected to any violations, and this is one of the aspects of the support provided by the Turkish government to all those wishing to reside and settle on its land.

Through this article, the editorial team at Binaa Real Estate Company will provide you with a detailed report on real estate residency and how to obtain it, and a lot of important information will be indicated in this context. We wish you a good reading.


How to get real estate residency in Turkey?

Did you know that one of the many advantages of real estate residency in Turkey is that it can be obtained quite easily and without having to face many difficulties or complications? Only the price of the property must be at least 75,000 US dollars, and the property must also be intended for housing. The foreigner must also not hold one of the nationalities prohibited from buying and owning real estate in Turkey, such as Syria, Armenia, Cuba, North Korea, Greek Cyprus, and finally, the property must not be located within a security or military zone, because the region that has these two characteristics cannot buy real estate in it.


 What are the advantages of real estate residency in Turkey?

Although this residency is short-term, this is no longer a problem because it can be renewed annually as long as the foreigner is the owner of the property and must still be using it for residence and accommodation.


Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

A wide category of people and foreigners are wondering if the aforementioned items related to the specifications of the property are the last, but in fact there is a lot of other information that should be taken into account and that we will talk about through the following article:

-Real estate residency is granted to family members in the case that they have a share in the property otherwise, they must obtain family, tourist or student residency if the children are students.

-After the foreigner obtains the real estate residency, his family can obtain the family residency, but under specific conditions, which is that the owner of the property is not married to more than one woman because only one of them can obtain it and after the second’s permission.

-As for the children, it is obtained only if they are under 18.

-You should know that there are no other conditions for applying for citizenship in terms of size, specifications or other details.


Documents to apply for real estate residency:

In order to obtain a real estate residency, there are many papers and documents that must be prepared, and through the following paragraph, you can view them in detail:

-Filling out a form with all personal information related to the applicant or his representative.

-Bringing the original copy of the passport or the document with which Turkey was entered.

-Extracting the tax number from one of the tax departments in Turkey, and this takes only a few minutes.

-4 personal photos.

-Valid health insurance, but for children under the legal age, they are not required to obtain it. If the applicant is under the age of eighteen, he must obtain a signature from his parents.

-The address of the current owner of the property or the place where he lives.

-The title deed and a copy of it shall be certified by the notary public.

-Earthquake insurance policy which can be obtained from one of the insurance companies in Turkey.


Stages of obtaining real estate residency:

In order to obtain real estate residency in Turkey, here are the steps that you must take, and through the following paragraph, you can view them in full:

-Visit the website set by the Immigration Department.

-Click on the selected section for those who wish to apply for it for the first time.

-Fill out the form that appears in front of you on the screen with the required information.

- Book an appointment at the earliest available time, and the exact time, hour and date must be adhered to without delay.

-The appointment document must be printed.

-Prepare all the required documents mentioned above.

-Pay all required fees and taxes.

-It must be checked that there are no defects or lack of papers or information to be submitted.

-In the event that all family members are to apply for it, a separate file must be submitted for each of them.

Finally, residency will be granted within a maximum period of three months.


Notes about real estate residency in Turkey:

There are a set of notes that must be taken into account when obtaining real estate residency in Turkey, and through the following paragraph, here are the most important details:

-The Turkish passport must be valid for at least six months. If the applicant is under the legal age, he must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

-All fees incurred must be paid in local currency and not in US dollars or any other currency.

- You must ensure that the payment receipt has been received and it must be stamped by the Immigration Department.

-There may be a shortage or defect in the papers or documents, so the applicant is given a period of 30 days until the deficiency is corrected.



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These are the most important details that interest you about obtaining real estate residency. You can constantly follow our website to see the most important developments regarding the Turkish reality, or contact our consultants to provide you with the help you need.


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