Important details about residential complexes in Turkey

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Important details about residential complexes in Turkey

Residential complexes in Turkey are considered one of the most important real estate options in the country

Important details about residential complexes in Turkey
27th February 2023
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Apartments in residential complexes in Turkey have become very popular and the pace of this matter has increased significantly in recent years, as a natural result of the advantages and positive aspects that can be obtained that you cannot find in other options.

Binna real estate in this article, will talk about some details related to this type of real estate.

Important details about residential complexes in Turkey


Residential complexes in Turkey are groups of buildings designed to live in and consist of apartments, offices and shops, usually surrounded by a wall and often contain facilities that provide distinct entertainment services, and the Turkish state has enacted laws to manage residential complexes to guarantee the rights of both real estate owners and the board of directors the complex of these laws also ensure smooth transactions and decisions for foreign investors, buying an apartment in a residential complex can bring great returns. The new buildings within these residential complexes are known for their high modernity.


Services within the tranquility complexes in Turkey

Among the services offered by these residential complexes are hot water service, air conditioning, and other services for which fees are paid. In addition, each complex also contains a high-quality domestic plumbing system, such as a sewage system. The complexes also feature a variety of features, such as its proximity to important social services and facilities, and easy access to commercial markets.


Prices for apartments in residential complexes

The location is an important factor in determining the price of the apartment, as the upper apartments overlooking the sea cost much more than those located far from the beach. The diversity and abundance of residential projects in the area provides opportunities for all segments of society to find affordable housing. The engineering designs of Turkish buildings and modern complexes play a major role. In the pricing of the apartments, as well as the presence of services within the complex.

 Home decoration and furnishings, in addition to whether the property is commercial or residential, can also affect the price, and finally, the prices of smart villas or apartments in residential complexes are usually higher than the prices of regular apartments due to their luxurious features and attractive designs.


The importance of investing in apartments in residential complexes

Residential complexes offer many benefits to those who live in them, such as access to recreational facilities, maintenance services, and cleaning services. In addition, investing in apartments within residential complexes can be more profitable than investing in individual apartments, as these complexes are well managed and provide a safe environment and are service-oriented.

For those looking to rent out the properties they have purchased, investing in an apartment within a residential complex is a particularly attractive option due to the high demand for these types of properties.

Residential complexes in Turkey

Are there downsides to buying an apartment in a residential complex in Turkey?

Investors must consider the risks associated with this type of investment, and these include legal issues related to property, such as the lack of title deed (Tapu), as well as the possibility of low real estate prices. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the infrastructure and services provided in the residential complex will meet Investor expectations, In addition, apartments within apartment complexes are often more expensive than apartments in regular buildings.


The best cities in Turkey for residential complex apartments

Istanbul, Antalya, Trabzon, and Izmit are among the most important cities for buying apartments in residential complexes. Istanbul has a high population rate and a wide range of modern residential complexes, which makes it the number one city for real estate investment in Turkey.

Antalya is famous for its modern residential complexes and tourist attractions, which also makes it an ideal city to buy an apartment. Trabzon is located in southeastern Anatolia and offers apartments for sale with modern amenities and features.


The most important areas of Istanbul to buy apartments in residential complexes

Esenyurt is an area located on the European side of Istanbul, and it is one of the best areas to buy an apartment in the city. The area is home to many modern residential complexes that offer reasonable prices for all types of investors. These properties come with a variety of amenities such as shopping malls, cafes, and parks. The properties are also located in a convenient location with access to public transport such as the Basin Express motorway as well as being close to the city center.

The Beylikduzu region has many luxury complexes that are worth considering, and they are of a modern and modern urban style and contain many service and recreational facilities such as schools, universities and shopping centers, and according to specialists, the current time is the best for ownership in them, as prices are low compared to other regions, but during In a short period of time, you will find that prices have actually increased significantly, which makes it an ideal opportunity for the buyer to collect high returns and to take advantage of the price difference between the purchase period and the next period.

One of the most famous areas of Istanbul and the most containing distinct residential complexes is Basaksehir, which contains many projects of an upscale urban style that attracted investors from different countries of the world, especially the Arabs, until it won the title of the rich Arab region, and on the investment level, it gained its strength from its proximity It is noticeable from the new Istanbul Airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal, and Basaksehir is one of the newly established areas, but this did not affect the level of its real estate competition with other areas, and even surpassed it in many stages.

Surely you have heard about the Basin Express area, which is considered one of the most important areas of Istanbul, as it includes dozens of important residential complexes and has become a meeting place for businessmen and rich investors from everywhere, and prices in it will rise significantly as a natural result of the great demand for it on the one hand and as a result of its development on the other hand.


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