Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey Difficult?

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Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey Difficult?

Advantages and future of real estate investment in Turkey

Is Real Estate Investment in Turkey Difficult?
03rd August 2022
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 The real estate investment market in Turkey has become a resounding reputation throughout the world, and this is due to its advantages that make all foreign and Arab investors flock to it, and also because of the many facilities recently provided by the Turkish government in this sector.

 That is why many investors ask a very important question, is real estate investment in Turkey difficult? For a comprehensive detailed answer, please follow our article today.


What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey?

This vital sector in Turkey has many special advantages that made it a destination for many foreign and Arab investors around the world.

The real estate market has boomed significantly in recent times, and statistics indicate that a large percentage of the properties sold in Turkey have been sold to foreigners, and the following is a list of the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey


First: The possibility of obtaining real estate residency

Perhaps this residency is the best residency in Turkey, and obtaining it is very easy, and it only requires you to buy a property in Turkey and that this property be residential, that is, intended for housing, and this includes apartments, villas, and other types of real estate.

It is worth noting that this residency does not require a specific price for the property or a specific space, only that it be a residential property, and this residency is granted to the entire family, namely the wife and children under the age of 18.

One of the advantages of this residency is that it allows you to move and travel between all Turkish states without the need for a travel permit, and you can travel to and from Turkey easily and without a visa.

Also, the real estate residency permit holder enjoys all the service facilities that are provided to the Turkish citizen, such as educational and medical services, and it should be mentioned that it is an annual short-term residency, but it is renewed every year.


 Second: An opportunity to apply for a Turkish ID

Turkish citizenship has now become a dream and aspiration for many around the world, and one of the most important advantages of real estate investment in Turkey is that it gives you the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, with the following conditions:

-The total value of the property you purchased should not be less than $400,000. 

-Undertaking not to sell the property before the lapse of a minimum of three years.

-The property must be purchased from a Turkish citizen or from a Turkish construction company.

-The price of the property must be paid in full through a Turkish bank, and a receipt must be provided to prove it.


Third: The advanced infrastructure of real estate in Turkey

The Turkish government is making unremitting efforts to develop and modernize the country's infrastructure and has already established a number of projects that match the giant European projects, such as the new Istanbul Third Airport and the new Istanbul Water Canal.

This is in addition to the huge hospitals that provide world-class treatment services, such as Başakşehir Medical City, which is ranked third on the European continent.


Fourth: The brilliant future of real estate in Turkey

The most important factor in any investment process is the safety rate and the expected future. The Turkish real estate market is a very strong economic market, and it is expected to have a brilliant future, and to develop amazingly.


What about the forms of real estate investment in Turkey?

There are two main types of real estate investment in Turkey, which are as follows:

First: Residential investment in Turkish real estate

This type of investment is the first and ideal option for most investors, because apartments in Turkey are very popular, due to the increase in population density and the high number of immigrants to Turkey.

 The prices of apartments in some areas of Turkey have increased by one hundred percent, such as the Beşiktaş area, which is located on the European side of the Turkish city of Istanbul, as well as the Başakşehir area, which has recorded an increase in prices of 45%.

According to the expectations of real estate experts and economic analysts, apartment prices will rise in the next few years, after the completion of the new Istanbul Water Canal project and Istanbul's third airport.

With regard to the types of residential real estate, there are many types of apartments in residential complexes, which are considered more preferred than independent apartments, because they have a modern design and provide many vital services to the residents.

There are also penthouses, duplexes, and villas, all of which are luxurious and elegant options, but it is worth noting that the prices of these residential properties are somewhat higher than the regular apartments.


Second: Commercial investment in Turkish real estate

Some investors in Turkey resort to the type of commercial investment, and this is due to the distinction of the Turkish state and its superiority in the tourism sector, which has made it extremely important in all commercial fields.

Among the real estate suitable for commercial investment in Turkey are offices, shops, malls, luxury restaurants, cafes, and other commercial projects.

With regard to the prices of commercial real estate, they are considered relatively higher than residential apartments, but in return, a very high profit return can be benefited when renting them.


How to get an abundant return on real estate investment

Do you want to get abundant financial profit through real estate investment in Turkey? You can listen to important real estate advice. To achieve the highest financial return from real estate investment in Turkey, you should take the opportunity to buy a property at a low price, and then resell it after its price rises, thus achieving your goal of abundant profit.

You should also avoid buying in non-vital places, and this is to ensure that there is a buyer who wants your property when you think of selling whenever you want.


Ideas for successful real estate investment in Turkey

Before completing the steps of real estate investment in Turkey, you should review some ideas that you can implement, which are as follows:

First: investing through furnished apartments

Turkey is a first-class tourist country. Millions of tourists and arrivals come to it every year, some of them for tourism purposes, others for the purpose of receiving medical services, and some of them come for the purpose of work or university studies.

But the end result is that a large group of consumers are looking for furnished apartments, especially since most of them have temporary residence within Turkish territory, and therefore this investment idea is good and ideal to ensure a high profit.


Second: Investment through land in Turkey

It is one of the most important areas of successful investment in real estate Turkey, where you can buy a plot of land, and then build a residential complex or a commercial project, such as establishing a commercial company or a huge commercial mall.

Perhaps this idea is one of the most profitable investment ideas in the field of real estate investment


Third: Investment through complete buildings

Some investors resort to buying a complete building and then using it for a huge commercial purpose, such as building a distinguished educational institution, hospital, health center, and other large commercial projects that are designed in the form of a complete building.



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 In conclusion, it became clear to us that real estate investment in Turkey in general is a distinctive and profitable investment step, and a successful project by all standards, and we hope that we have provided a clear and detailed answer to your questions about the real estate investment sector in Turkey.


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