How to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment?

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How to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment?

All you need to know about the mechanism and advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by real estate investment

How to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment?
22nd June 2022
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One of the most popular ways to obtain Turkish citizenship is real estate investment, especially in light of the many facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners wishing to obtain it, and it has become one of the most important common conversations among the public interested in this regard.
Through the following article, the editing team at Binaa Real Estate Company will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report on the subject of obtaining this citizenship by investment. If it is a topic of interest to you, you can follow these lines with us.
We wish you an enjoyable read.


How to apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment?

Despite the multiplicity and diversity of ways and methods of obtaining Turkish citizenship, real estate investment is considered one of the distinguished ways to apply for it .

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship:

1 - The value of the property must not be less than 400 thousand US dollars. The Turkish government recently issued a decision to raise the value of the real estate investment suitable for obtaining this citizenship from 250 thousand US dollars to 400 thousand dollars.
2 - After purchasing the property, a pledge must be made to not sale the property before the lapse of at least three years.
3 - The property must be purchased from a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company. If the purchase was made from a foreign party, then the property will not be suitable for applying for citizenship at all.
4 - It is important that the price of the property not be paid in cash, but must be transferred through one of the banks in Turkey to the seller's account and obtain receipts confirming that its value has been paid through the bank.
5 - The property must not have been used earlier in order to obtain it, and the property must be new.
6 - Extracting the real estate appraisal document that accurately determines the value of the property and prevents any manipulation of its price.


Why real estate in Turkey to obtain citizenship?

Many people and foreigners around the world wonder about the reasons behind choosing to invest in real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship over other methods?
In fact, there are a number of reasons that encourage any foreigner to choose real estate investment, the most prominent of which is the possibility of benefiting from the property in housing and stability, or it can be invested and obtain abundant profits through it by leasing it, as this provides its owner with a monthly and annual profit that is constantly increasing.
And add to your information that after the three years have passed, you will be able to sell the property and take advantage of the price difference that will arise between the two stages of buying and selling. One of the information that you do not realize is that real estate prices in general cannot be established for long on one case, but rather they rise constantly and record a noticeable increase between each From time to time, this ensures that your capital will therefore increase.

If you intend to achieve two goals at the same time, which are real estate investment in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship, this is available to you, but you have to choose a property that has the appropriate qualities for investment such as the vital and strategic location, the abundance of service facilities near it, the presence of important strategic projects and others.


The importance of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Certainly, the decision of many people to obtain this residence is not an absurd decision, as there are many advantages and positives that make any investor want to obtain it, and the following you can see the most prominent of them:
First: Its holder will be able to retain the nationality of the mother country to which he belongs, and then benefit from both of their privileges.
Second: Those who hold this nationality can also enjoy the full rights of a Turkish citizen, such as voting in elections and running for important job positions, whether in the public or private sector.
Third: The holder can enroll in Turkish schools, universities and educational institutions, as well as receive treatment in Turkish hospitals and medical centers at reasonable prices.
Fourth: All family members will obtain this citizenship, but the children must be under the age of eighteen.
Fifth: What you do not know is that whoever holds that nationality will be able to apply for the Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world.
Sixth: Its holder can work in the fields in which a foreigner is prohibited from working, such as pharmacy, veterinary medicine and law.

Among the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is the speed of obtaining it, meaning that the foreigner will not wait long before obtaining it, as the time period in which it may be issued is between 3 and 6 months as a maximum.
But if you want to get it through other methods, it may take longer than what was mentioned.


In this context, we must point out a very important thing, which is that there are many other motives that stimulate obtaining Turkish citizenship in addition to what was mentioned above, which are:
The Turkish economy, which is achieving rapid and significant growth.
Political stability and good relations with the most important countries of the world.
The infrastructure has developed significantly and there are many important strategic projects.
An important high-class tourist destination.
A fertile and suitable environment for real estate investment and obtaining the highest returns.
The many facilities provided by the Turkish government in light of all the difficulties imposed by other countries.


Binaa Real Estate Company offers you:

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To get more information about obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can constantly follow our website, so that we are keen to keep you updated on everything.


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