Common questions about real estate residence in Turkey

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Common questions about real estate residence in Turkey

Features of real estate residence in Turkey and conditions for obtaining it

Common questions about real estate residence in Turkey
18th February 2023
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Real estate residency in Turkey is considered one of the most important types of residency at all, as it can be granted easily and its holder can benefit from a wide range of advantages. In addition to all that, it can be renewed annually, and due to the multiplicity of questions about it, we have chosen in this article to answer some of them.

What are the advantages of obtaining real estate residence in Turkey?

Obtaining real estate residence in Turkey is a great advantage for those seeking to live in the country, as this document grants the owner's family, including the wife and children under the age of 18, residence rights. Moreover, it is easier and faster to renew annually compared to other residence permits.


How is the application for real estate residence?

To apply for a real estate residence permit, applicants must submit the original passport and title deed in addition to booking an interview. The most important benefit of obtaining a real estate residence permit is that it allows its bearer to enter Turkey without the need to obtain a visa and can be renewed as long as they own the apartment, and this makes the matter more suitable for them to stay in the country for long periods of time.


What are the conditions for obtaining real estate residency?

The minimum acceptable real estate price to obtain a real estate residency document varies according to the size of the city. In major cities, the minimum real estate price is $75,000, while in smaller cities, the minimum acceptable real estate price is $50,000. In order to obtain real estate residency, an individual must Purchase and register title deed documents in the Land Registry Directorate. In addition, certain nationalities are prohibited from granting real estate residence because they cannot own property in Turkey according to the law for certain reasons. Moreover, in some neighborhoods within Istanbul that exceed the number of residents allowed by the municipality, it is not possible to obtain residency in any case.


Is a specific type of real estate required for real estate residence?

Certainly, according to what Turkish law stipulates, it can only be applied for by owning a property suitable for housing, such as apartments and villas, while if you own commercial real estate, the matter will not be available, and in this context, the property must be far from the security or military areas, where it is forbidden for foreigners to own it. .


How much is the fee for issuing a real estate residence document in Turkey?

Obtaining a real estate residence document in Turkey is very simple and relatively inexpensive. The cost of the document is about $200, and the applicant must prove that his monthly income is not less than $500. In addition, they must have a bank account, and the required papers must be extracted and the tax must be paid or Residency application fee.


What documents are required to obtain a real estate residence document in Turkey?


One of the requirements for obtaining a real estate residence document in Turkey is to possess the necessary papers, including the original copy of the passport, a copy of the passport or any document that replaces it, a copy of the title deed, and the passports of the investor and his family, and the passports must be valid for a long period Not less than 6 months.


What are the notes about real estate residence?

If you want to obtain this residency, there are a set of notes that you must take into consideration, the most important of which is that if the applicant is under the legal age, then he must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The full fees must be paid in the local currency to the competent authority, and then a receipt must be received.


What is the benefit of real estate residence for investors?


Investors in Turkey can benefit from real estate residency in several ways. These residency permits provide investors with the freedom to move around Turkey without any restrictions. In addition, it provides investors with access to a number of services, such as tax exemptions and social security, which is particularly beneficial. For those who want to start a business in the country, moreover, real estate residence permits are also useful in providing legal protection to investors.

Finally, real estate residence permits give investors the opportunity to build a solid financial position by investing in and developing real estate for long-term gain.


When is the real estate residence document refused to be granted?

Real estate residence documents can be rejected for a number of reasons, including the appearance of forged documents in the file, incomplete documents, failure to meet immigration requirements, or the applicant's criminal record. The rejection may also be due to legal reasons determined by the Turkish government. If the application is rejected, it will notify the applicant or representative and provide them with a document to legalize their presence in Turkey.


Real estate residence or family residence?

 It is important to note that real estate residency is different from family residency; However, the owner of the property can grant family residency to his family members. Moreover, the real estate residency permits can be renewed annually as long as the owner maintains the property.


What is the importance of owning real estate in Turkey?

The most prominent of these advantages is the ability to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth $400,000 or more. This can provide investors with the possibility of obtaining a stronger passport and the ability to travel more freely throughout Europe.


In addition, foreign investors can take advantage of the country's relatively low cost of living and favorable exchange rates. Other advantages include obtaining a guaranteed stable and continuous monthly financial return and an increase in the value of capital or property over time. Moreover, the real estate property laws in Turkey are favorable to foreigners and encourage them. Investors also benefit from the distinguished geographical location of Turkey through its access to both Europe and Asia, and all these advantages combined together make owning real estate in Turkey a great investment opportunity for those looking for long-term returns.


In conclusion, we hope that we have answered your various questions and inquiries about real estate residency, its features and the mechanism for obtaining it. In case there are more questions, you can contact our real estate consultants who will inform you of all the information or visit our website, as it has been monitored in a number of topics.




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