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Şirinevler District

When looking for lively areas in Istanbul, Şirinevler district is surely one of them

Şirinevler District
10th June 2024
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Şirinevler District

When looking for lively areas in Istanbul, Şirinevler district is surely one of them. This area is located in the European section of the city, containing many vital advantages that attract those wishing to live, work, and invest in real estate in Turkey, advantages that you will learn about in this article.

An overview of the Sirinevler district of Istanbul

Şirinevler, which means “nice houses”, is a focal point with various attractions elements. Suppose you are not one of the residents. In that case, there is no doubt that you will pass by it or choose to visit it for many reasons, as the region is in the middle of the European part of Istanbul, close to the Sea of Marmara, and belongs to the Bahcelievler region, and is surrounded by the areas of Zeytinburnu to the east, Bagcilar to the north, Bakirkoy to the south and Yeni Bosna from the West.

This area is about 12 kilometers from the historic Fatih area and about 17 kilometers from Taksim Square. It is only 45 kilometers away from the new airport. These distances seem ideal for a fast-paced and energetic lifestyle, as residents prefer to fulfill their needs without wasting much time.

Şirinevler District enjoys a remarkable diversity in the financial segments of the population, as you will find merchants, professionals, and students, who find comfortable housing options that suit different income levels. Most importantly, the proximity to various markets, service departments, hospitals, schools, and other facilities.


Infrastructure and transportation in Sirinevler

It is enough to know that Şirinevler is located on the E-5 highway to ensure the vitality of its strategic location. Most importantly, it has a transportation line bearing the name Metrobus Sirinevler, which is a rapid transit line close to other Metrobus stations in Istanbul, saving millions of passengers from wasting time in traffic jams every day.  One of the most important stations nearby is Yeni Bosna station.

Other means of transportation in Sirinevler include:

  • Atakoy – Sirinevler Subway Station. The Sirinevler Metro allows you to reach the most famous sites, such as the Grand Bazaar within the walls of Constantinople in the Fatih area, as well as the Sultanahmet area, and other markets and famous landmarks.
  • Small and medium buses
  • Taxis
  • The area is also close to tram and bus stations in Istanbul.

The infrastructure in the area is generally characterized by the high quality implementation, as you will find various service facilities, both governmental and private, especially entertainment places. There are also branches of many Turkish banks, such as the Turkish State Bank Halk, and Deniz Bank, which is the fifth largest private bank in Turkey in terms of financial assets.

sirinevelr metrobus

Health services and hospitals in Şirinevler

Sirinevler enjoys an abundance of health and medical services, including government and private hospitals equipped with the latest standards, operating all the time, and providing translation companions into various languages. The most important of these hospitals are:

  • Bahcelievler Governmental Hospital, the medical staff covers various specialties, and the hospital has a lot of patients due to the strategic location close to markets and residential complexes. This hospital is open around the clock and handles emergency cases efficiently.
  • Memorial Bahçeli Evler Hospital, which is famous for the high-quality surgical operations in the fields of neurology, oncology, cardiology, bones, and eyes, and also includes doctors who specialize in psychology and nutrition.
  •  Al-Amal Medical Center, a treatment center for Egyptian doctors, includes clinics in the specializations of gynecology, obstetrics, internal medicine, heart, bones, eyes, skin, and respiratory system, in addition to a dental clinic, physical therapy, cupping, and a medical analysis laboratory.

Not far from Şirinevler, there are hospitals in nearby areas, the most prominent are:

  • Atakoy Private Hospital, is known for high-quality surgical operations.
  •  Safa Yeni Bosna Private Hospital, which provides quality services in various medical specialties.
  •  Dr. Saadi Konuk Teaching Hospital within the Bakirkoy region, which provides emergency ambulance services in addition to various therapeutic services, such as surgery, tests, and x-rays. In general, it is considered one of the best government hospitals in European Istanbul.

sirinevelr district

Educational services, universities, and schools in Şirinevler

Şirinevler attracts people to live there because of the excellent educational infrastructure, as schools for various educational levels are spread there. In addition to government schools, the area includes private international schools, namely Al-Bawasil Sudanese School and Baghdad National School, both of which have an excellent educational level.

The area is also close to government schools in the Zeytinburnu area, including Kadir Ceyhan Middle School, Ataturk Primary School, Celaleddin Gozusulu Primary School, Ataturk Primary School, Efendi Center Primary School, in addition to Future International Schools, Bahcelievler Branch, and Tulip International Schools. Bahcelievler branch as well. Easy transportation provides access to all these schools within 15 minutes at most.

As for universities, the region includes Kultur Istanbul University, which includes 8 colleges in the fields of engineering, business administration, arts, economics, law, and science, and grant bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

There is also a branch affiliated with Yeni Yuzyil University in Sirinevler, specialized with medical and health sciences, economics, and law. The campus in this area is distinguished by proximity to the Metrobus line, which increases the ease of movement and the attractiveness of the place for many students and their families.

The two aforementioned universities accept foreign students at acceptable fees, and registration conditions are easy and available.

The region also includes branches of some educational institutions, such as the Iqraa Foundation, which offers courses in the most important international languages, grants recognized certificates, and provides many scholarships that include discounts on tuition fees and financial allowance for university housing for students of different nationalities.

sirinevler real estate

What are the advantages of buying a property in the Sirinevler area?

From everything mentioned above, it is impossible to resist the temptation of owning an apartment in Sirinevler amid this amount of attraction, amenities and facilities, especially in terms of transportation, the easy transportation network, and the central location in the middle of neighborhoods and streets where movement does not subside. These are attractions that people searching for apartments for sale in Sirinevler ask for, and they will undoubtedly find what they want.

In addition to the transportation, education, and hospital facilities mentioned, here is what will make you consider this area as a practical housing option:

  • Proximity to the coastal strip, with a wide range of cheap prices for apartments, in addition to the high prices for apartments completely overlooking the Sea of Marmara, so you can live in Sirinevler and reach the sea within a few minutes by car.


  • The area includes a number of modern residential complexes, which provide the most important advantages of comfortable and modern accommodation for residents, as the engineers developed a summary of distinctive designs that combine beauty, mastery of construction, and harmony with the bustling biosphere of the area. The apartment spaces suit all tastes and needs, whether for families or individuals, with balconies that offer wonderful views of the beauty of Istanbul.


  • The strategic location in the middle of the most prominent areas with wonderful entertainment, cultural and tourism advantages, such as Kucukcekmece Lake, which will witness the starting point of the new Istanbul Canal project, Taksim Square, the beating heart of Istanbul, and the Fatih area with famous archaeological monuments that reflect the history of the ancient city, such as the wonderful Topkapi Palace. The Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. Do not forget the excellent transportation network that facilitates your access to all these sites, so you can enjoy the advantages of living in a huge city that combines nobility and historical authenticity, and modernity and modernity.


  • The region represents an indispensable centre for commercial and marketing businesses, as markets and malls are spread throughout it. It is sufficient for your business to be close to Sirinevler Square to ensure a strong start of expansion, as this square includes a number of stores representing the most important local and international brands in the field of fashion.


  • Proximity to the illustrious Atakoy commercial malls, where you can find the Atrium Mall in Atakoy, the luxurious nearby area, and it includes entertainment places for children, cafes with a quiet atmosphere, as well as stores selling the finest goods. You will also find Online Trend Shopping Centre, Galleria Mall, children's favourite Capacity Mall, and Kayalar Mall. For lovers of popular markets, there is the large Sirinevler Bazaar and Market, which provides all the necessities of clothes, shoes, textiles, accessories, perfumes, and household and electrical appliances.


  • The presence of appropriate infrastructure for housing basics, including schools, universities, institutes, hospitals, dispensaries and medical centres.


  • The availability of various price options for students, as youth housing rooms are available to them at good prices that provide them with a feeling of stability, the basic condition necessary for a successful academic life.


  • Sirinevler’s restaurant menus are the widest in terms of options, due to the large number of foreigners in the region, especially Arabs, with varying prices to suit everyone. Here, in particular, you will find many Egyptian restaurants, the most famous of which is Al Rawabi Restaurant, which is frequented by Arabs and Turks alike.


  • The area is adjacent to Atakoy, directly overlooking the Sea of Marmara, where the urban boom with modern designs is widespread, which has increased valuable opportunities for real estate investment in residential complexes that provide the finest service facilities, in accordance with the modern concept of integrated housing.

hotels in sirinevler

Hotels in Sirinevler

The area has many cheap, medium and luxury hotels, many of which provide food service and transportation to and from the airport. The most famous of these hotels:

  • Mon Sirinevler Istanbul: It is considered one of the hotels with a relatively low cost of accommodation, noting that it provides air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a number of luxuries in all its rooms, and it is only about three kilometers from Ataturk International Airport, which makes it a very desirable destination.
  • Paradise Airport Hotel: It provides excellent room service and modern furnishing, in addition to car rental services and transportation services to and from the airport, which is about three and a half kilometers away.
  • Green Garden Hotel: Many people prefer it for family accommodation, and it is distinguished by modern style, spacious rooms and comfortable suites. It offers views of wonderful garden from all rooms. It is less than three kilometers from Ataturk International Airport, and about one and a half kilometers from Ulubatli Hasan Park.
  • White Corner Hotel Istanbul: The White Corner Hotel is considered a five-star hotel. It provides all the basic and luxury facilities, whether in the rooms or other facilities, such as a currency exchange service, fax and photocopiers, and safes that businessmen need. It is three kilometers away from Ataturk International Airport
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