The importance of the view when buying a property in Turkey

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The importance of the view when buying a property in Turkey

All the details that concern you about the importance of buying a property in Turkey with a sea view, we review in the following link

The importance of the view when buying a property in Turkey
15th June 2023
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Searching for an apartment or villa in Turkey needs an integrated process of exploring the real estate features, and among the elements that play a decisive role in the value of the property is the view, if you are looking to invest  in the real estate sector in Turkey and you must realize that one of the basic things that must be taken into account when searching for a property is the view that overlooks the outside and in this article, we will explore important details.

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey with a stunning view

  1. In the event that you prefer to enjoy a stunning view, buying a property with views of the sea, mountains, lakes or forests in Turkey will give you an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the nature surrounding you.
  2. Properties with stunning views are often highly valued, and that beautiful view can increase the value of the property in the long run and make it a good investment.
  3. Waking up in the morning and enjoying a beautiful view can add great value to your daily life experience and this view can be relaxing, calming, and contribute to elevating your mood and overall quality of life.
  4. When you want to invest in real estate in Turkey, properties with attractive views are often in high demand among tourists and investors and you can rent or sell the property in the future with expectations of good investment returns.
  5. When you own a property with a stunning view, you will often get more privacy, as the neighbors are farther away from you, allowing you to enjoy the view without disturbance or disturbance.


The reasons for the rush of foreigners to real estate in Turkey

  1. Turkey provides good investment opportunities in the real estate sector, as it is expected that the demand for real estate will increase in the future and thus increase its value and foreigners are investing in real estate to take advantage of this growth and achieve good investment returns.
  2. The citizenship and residency programs offered by Turkey are attractive to foreigners and by purchasing real estate at a specific value, foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship or long-term residence and this allows them to take advantage of the economic and social benefits of staying in Turkey.
  3. Turkey is located at the intersection of the continents of Asia and Europe, and enjoys an important strategic location, which makes it an ideal destination for international business and investments, as foreigners want to take advantage of this privileged location and provide new opportunities.
  4. Property laws in Turkey have become more facilitative and transparent, making it easier for foreigners to buy and own real estate legally and many laws and regulations have been amended to facilitate the process of buying real estate for foreigners.
  5. Turkey has a variety of local and international schools and universities, as well as educational institutions that offer curricula in Turkish and English.
  6. The real estate market in Turkey is known for its diversity, as it includes: hotel apartments, studio apartments, penthouses, triplexes, duplexes, townhouses, and villas.
  7. The country includes a vast network of various types of transportation, including: dolmus, metrobus, tramway, sea ferries.
  8. You can buy a property in Turkey in installments and distribute your installments over time periods agreed upon by the buyer and seller.
  9. The possibility of obtaining a Turkish passport after being granted Turkish citizenship and enjoying the rights of a Turkish citizen.
  10. Turkey includes many hospitals, private care, pharmacies and medical centers that provide the finest services to patients and the latest technologies.
  11. The country was distinguished by its solid infrastructure, as the Turkish government is working on constructing huge projects that work for the benefit of investors wishing to invest in real estate in Turkey.
  12. The Turkish environment is very close to the customs and traditions of the Arabs, which makes you feel as if you are in your country of origin.
  13. Living prices in Turkey are cheap compared to neighboring European countries.
  14. The country enjoys a mild climate throughout the year, which has made it a destination for tourists and visitors from all over the world.


How to choose an attractive view when buying a property in Turkey?

  1. Study the different regions in Turkey and determine the area you want to invest in and you may prefer coastal areas with sea views, central urban areas, or picturesque mountainous areas and determining the area will help you narrow your search.
  2. Search for real estate projects in the preferred area, search for properties that have an attractive view, such as apartments overlooking the sea or villas overlooking the mountains or overlooking the Bosphorus.
  3. Before buying the property, visit the actual location of the property and inspect the view, check if the view meets your expectations and provides the beautiful views you desire.
  4. You can cooperate with a reliable local real estate company in Turkey, who will have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you choose a property that has an attractive view and matches your requirements.

Study the development plans in the area surrounding the property and future development may affect the view and the surrounding landscape and look for future development projects that contribute to preserving the natural beauty of the area.

Types of real estate views in Turkey

Here is a list of the types of real estate views in Turkey:

Sea view real estate

Sea view property is one of the most sought after properties in Turkey, you can enjoy watching the blue waters and beautiful beaches from your home window or balcony.


Real estate overlooking the Bosphorus

View of the Bosphorus Strait is one of the most magnificent and desirable views in Turkey, the Bosphorus is a strait that separates the European and Asian sections of Istanbul, and is an important waterway connecting the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Aegean Sea.


Mountain view apartments

If you prefer tranquility and picturesque nature, the view of the property on the mountains may be the ideal choice, as you will enjoy stunning mountain scenes and wonderful landscapes in every season of the year.


City view apartments

Enjoying a view of the city is an important factor for many people and you will enjoy a view of the city's towers and bright lights at night, and you can see the city life from your home window.


Apartments overlooking forests and nature

If you love nature and tranquility, the apartment's view of forests and landscapes may be the ideal choice, as you will enjoy the superior greenery, fresh air, and the beauty of nature.


View of the lakes

The view of the property on the lakes in Turkey provides exceptional beauty and tranquility, you will enjoy the view of the calm blue waters and the surrounding landscapes.

Common questions

What is the importance of the view when buying a property in Turkey?

  1. The view gives additional value to the property and contributes to increasing its value.
  2. It gives you an attractive and comfortable look that improves your quality of life at home.
  3. May you be a source of happiness and relaxation, as you enjoy stunning views from your home.

Does the view affect the value of the property?

Yes, the beautiful and desirable view enhances the value of the property and makes it more attractive to buyers and investors.

Can the look affect the price?

Yes, properties with a scenic view are often more expensive than those without a view.


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