Types of lands in Turkey and the advantages of owning them

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Types of lands in Turkey and the advantages of owning them

Lands in Turkey are a unique opportunity for real estate investment. There are many types of them and each is characterized by certain details

Types of lands in Turkey and the advantages of owning them
20th May 2023
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In this article, we will discuss the types of land in Turkey and what it can offer to investors and travelers and so are you ready to explore the wonderful world of Turkish lands?

Land types in Turkey

There are many types of land in Turkey, which can be seen in the following paragraphs:

Types of agricultural land

  1. Agricultural land in Turkey occupies a large proportion of the country's total agricultural area.
  2. Turkey is considered one of the most important agricultural countries in the world, with its diverse terrain and rich nature.
  3. The types of agricultural lands in Turkey vary from one region to another.
  4. This type of land also includes agricultural lands that are cultivated for the purposes of human and animal nutrition, such as grains, fruits and vegetables.
  5. There are different types of agricultural lands available in Turkey, including irrigated lands and dry lands, and these types differ with regard to the soil and the quality of the yield.
  6. Investors can benefit from agricultural lands in Turkey by investing in agricultural and productivity development projects, in cooperation with the Turkish government, which encourages investment in this important sector.


Types of residential lands

  1. Land for residential construction: This type of land is intended for residential construction and is very popular with investors, as villas and houses can be built on it.
  2. Apartment lands: These lands are among the most important types of residential lands in Turkey, where entire residential communities are built on them, including apartments of different styles and sizes.
  3. Residential complex lands: These lands provide a safe and comfortable residential environment for living, and include residential towers and residential complexes that contain many common services and facilities.
  4. Luxurious housing lands: This type of land is for luxurious and exclusive areas that include luxury villas and homes, and are distinguished by their exquisite designs and the presence of their own gardens and swimming pools.
  5. Real estate investment lands: These lands may not be intended for housing, but they represent a good opportunity to invest in real estate of all kinds and achieve high returns.


Types of commercial and industrial lands

Types of commercial lands in Turkey include commercial centers, companies, shops, commercial complexes, and warehouses, as commercial lands are vital and important lands for investment in Turkey, as they provide great profit opportunities through high financial returns.


In addition, the commercial lands in Turkey are characterized by modern and modern architectural designs and are located in strategic locations such as the city center and main streets and this leads to attracting more customers and visitors and thus increasing income.


As for industrial lands, they are characterized by their large areas and low prices, and they are used to establish factories, light factories, workshops, and warehouses, as it is located in the designated industrial zones of Turkey, and it will be a successful investment for those who want to invest in these industries.


Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of land


Advantages: The agricultural land in Turkey is characterized by its fertile soil, and it is considered a good opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector, and good revenues can be obtained from it.

Disadvantages: Agricultural lands require great care and maintenance, and cannot be used for anything other than agriculture.


Residential lands:

Advantages: Residential land is characterized by the possibility of building on it and building a house or apartment for housing, and it can be used for rent or sale at high prices.

Disadvantages: The price of residential land in Turkey is high compared to the price of agricultural land, and it takes good planning and a large financial investment to build the house.


Investment lands:

Advantages: The lands designated for investment can be used in construction projects, and provide opportunities for obtaining very high revenues.

Disadvantages: Investment lands require huge and heavy projects, and require a large investment of money and time to achieve the desired profit.


How to invest in land in Turkey?

1 - The investor must conduct a deep and detailed research about lands suitable for investment in Turkey, and information can be obtained through real estate brokers or Internet platforms.

2 - It is also necessary to study the state of the real estate market in Turkey and predict future changes, as local economic and development experts can be sought.

3- Lands that provide investment opportunities, such as the development of residential, industrial, commercial or agricultural projects, must be considered.

4- Different methods of financing should be sought, such as real estate loans or joint investment between investors.

5- The laws and regulations that regulate investment in land in Turkey must be adhered to, as information can be obtained through the competent government agencies.

6- Possible risks in investing in land must be assessed, such as political, economic or natural changes that could affect the value of the land.

7- A clear plan of action must be defined to obtain the maximum possible return on investment in lands, and to set the appropriate path to achieve the desired goals.


Legal procedures necessary to purchase land in Turkey.

1- Obtaining the tax number of the person who wants to buy, by going to the private tax office in the area where the land is to be purchased.

 2- Ensure that the land to be purchased is valid and what it is, if it is agricultural, residential, or otherwise, through the real estate registry in its area and the municipality of the area.

 3- Preparing the land purchase contract in Turkish.

 4- Paying the amount of the land agreed upon between the two parties, through bank transfer or cash payment at the real estate office, while keeping the payment receipt.

 5- Registering the land purchase contract in the Land Registry and the Real Estate Department, and transferring the ownership of the land in the name of the buyer, after paying the required fees


Land prices in Turkey and the factors affecting them

Many factors may affect land prices in Turkey, the most important of which are: geographical location, land area, services available in the area, and real estate appraisal, as one may find some areas in Turkey considered low priced.


 Investing in lands, both agricultural and residential, is considered one of the best types of real estate investments in Turkey, in addition to the presence of parts of it in the continent of Europe and other parts in the continent of Asia, and the advantage of having large agricultural areas with fertile soil, abundant water, and a suitable climate for growing various types of crops and fruits.


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